THANK YOU ☠️☠️☠️ Round II/The Day After

Posted: August 9, 2020 by Zouz in FCSP Players, News, Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Following the “frantic” week right after the end of the season, when 9 brown white said farewell in different ways, things moved in a relatively slower pace. Has been more than a month since then, things started happening in between. Now, that we have a first picture of what’s happening, let’s say some more goodbyes and have a quick look at the new people on board 🏴‍☠️



Sobota, Flum, Müller, Carstens – they’re all going to be missed in different ways and for different reasons. What can be said about Waldi? Always there, always passionate and 6 years of memories, some of them indelible. Would really like him to stay some more but, in a time of radical restructuring, things like this are a necessary evil. If Jos was still on board and with the temper we have (🤣) the colossal FUCK OFFs would already echo up to Millerntor (tbh, there would be fuck off chants regardless what he was doing) but, with Timo Schultz setting up almost from scratch the future as we speak, this can never be the case, we’ll just keep the good moments and move on. Waldi will not be forgotten, he has already earned his YNWA privileges and the good news are that by now he has already found a place at a competitive club (Slask Wroclaw) back home. It’s goodbye Waldi, you’re always be a friend here, all the best to you mate 🏴‍☠️  It’s also goodbye to Johannes Flum after 3 years (hasn’t found a club yet, best of luck here), honored his contract, honored the jersey, would be nice having him on board but…read above… Aaaah Korbi… We never kept secret here our preference for this guy, really really sad seeing him go. He has no club yet like Flum but, if we have things figured out right, he never saw football as a primary career, all the best Korbi, whatever you do! Things seem to be a little different with Florian Carstens who was sent on loan for a year to Wiesbaden. Considering his age (not yet 22) and his chance to have lots of football time in a quite competitive (Hell!) environment, wouldn’t be a surprise seing him back again next year, so it’s an “auf wiedersehen” for now boy, have a good season, we’re watching you 😎

Special mention to André Trulsen who’s no more a part of the coaching stuff but he’s and will always be a prominent member of the brown white family, with or without a role. Our most sincere respect and appreciation…

OK, what now?

Things look different. Really. In a good way. After a period of radio silence which was about restructuring the coaching team first, news started progressively coming in. What the news are? That Timo Schultz has the full support of the Club to do “whatever he likes” and that he has good ideas about a more exciting FCSP in the pitch (yeah, alright, Jos said that as well 😆), based on a team for the long term approach and not spasmodic plans in order to promote now. Lots of youth coming in, a good portion having been promoted from the youth departments and only one loan so far (more on that below). To briefly summarize, we have Senger (20), Viet (21) and Wieckhoff (20), all defenders, all coming from U23, the first two were actually promoted from the very first week. New entries are Daniel-Kofi Kyereh (24, centre forward, from Wiesbaden), Leart Paqarada (25, defender, from Sandhausen), Dennis Smarsch (21, keeper, from Hertha) and Maximilian Dittgen (25, left wing, from Wiesbaden – seems that we have set up a proper partnership with them, more active than the one with Stoke (RIP, good) but without saying it 😎). There’s also a loan for one year, Rodrigo Zalazar (will turn 21 this week, midfielder from Eintracht) and a really interesting story that goes along. This youngster, being at his last birthday a fuckin’ wanker…published himself a happy birthday selfie…in front of the Auschwitz camp (!!!). Of course, it didn’t take long to be clear that the entire thing was result of his pure ignorance in combination with his really young age and the fact that he’s not a European (to us makes perfect sense, we have seen that stuff happening with…Germans ^ ^). What’s interesting is that, regardless the issue having been cleared, Club did not overlook it, made it part of the deal and had him formally committed towards the right direction, see below (coming from the German Club twitter account, never made it in the English version, don’t ask us why…)

Good. Having done that earlier would have helped us avoid cases that we don’t want to remember. And to the fellow Paulianers on the social media “challenging” him to participate in the memorial day etc, don’t worry, he will be there and he will actually be first row 😎

Back to the squad affairs, looks like we’re building a young, amibitious and aiming for the long term squad, having good roots and connecton to the neighborhood at the same time. How the hell anybody wouldn’t like that? Sounds promising, sounds exciting, sounds also FCSP. Nevertheless, there’s a big risk factor here that shouldn’t be overlooked in any case, the challenges of this very first season, the more difficut part of the journey, this will be no bed of roses, under the worst case scenario, this could be a season ending up again with us fighting for survival. That’s why stopping all the big ambition crap and really staying behind the squad through thick or thin is more important than ever. We make it alright this season? Only way is up.

It’s now construction time, let’s give the Boys in Brown time to work, if anything happens, we’ll be around. Enjoy your summer at the Age of the Pandemic, forza 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

PS: We don’t deal with rumours, we deal with solid stuff. Finn Ole Becker is going nowhere, not this season 😎☝️🏾

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