DFB Pokal, Round 1: SV 07 Elversberg vs FC Sankt Pauli 4-2!

Posted: September 14, 2020 by Zouz in 2020-21
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source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️ Witters

Yeah, yeah, it’s the Pokal, expectations were zero etc, etc, still there’s a “but” here. Expecting nothing much from the squad, even when facing a club playing two divisions below and considering disqualification more than possible is one thing. Watching your club, getting not just disqualified but tortured big time as well by such an opponent is another thing and certainly feels tougher…


First official obligation in an anyway awkward season and everybody can understand that the expectation bar wasn’t really high. In fact pre-game was more about meeting after some time our buddies from the Athens Club (we paid them a visit at their venue, Locomotiva) and exchanging news than discussing the possible outcome of something that no one in the venue had the slightest clue on. Good vibes, a cozy space, all ingredients for an easy going entertaining football afternoon in place.

Elversberg had the first chance in the game (3′, Schnellbacher tried to “hang” Himmelmann from some 20m but ball ended up just over the crossbar) but we were lucky enough to go ahead with our first action in the game (Knoll 7′, easy finish following a Paqarada cross). Unfortunately the joy from the early FCSP lead didn’t last long, Elversberg made immediately clear that they’re not to be dragged around by our sorry asses and within one hour had turned the “easy” afternoon to an embarrassment extravaganza. Aggressive pressing paid up on 17, they stole the ball, organised the attack in zero time and this time Schnellbacher had no problem to execute Himmelmann from close distance for the equaliser, 1-1 and the party had just started… Brilliant fuck-up by Himmelmann on 21′, poor head clearance (didn’t have a lot of choices) by Ziereis, first shot by Suero Fernandez on the crossbar and the rebound shot (from close distance but also from an acute angle) by Tekerci almost licked our left post before sliding out to safety… No problem for Elversberg, 2-1 came on 26′, just like in a lazy training session, with Dragon just pushing in from close distance the ball received after a distant free kick from the right by Dacaj and our entire defence watching frozen. Elversberg keep pressing, us nowhere to be found and a new chance on 29′, following a corner and a poor clearance, fortunately this time Schnellbacher‘s 16m shot went directly on Himmelmann who repelled the ball, rebound shot high over the crossbar. An incredible miss by Dragon on 37′ (sent the ball to Hell all alone from 6m) and off to the dressing rooms trailing only 2-1 instead or 4/5-1, with only Elversberg existing in the field and us wondering how FCSP will handle this first challenge…

The joy of delusion on 7′ (source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️ Witters)

Answer was given early enough in the 2nd half…by Elversberg. Corner from the left, first header by Dacaj, second header by Fellhauer and 3-1 on 48′ with the entire FCSP being in the box but nobody really home… Only response by FCSP a pale Dittgen header on 52′ and 3 substitutions on 60’… Elversberg of course had a completely different response system than us, 4-1 by Schnellbacher on 67′, finishing from 2m a counter attack, with our entire defence watching in shambles… Could become even more spectacular on 72′ but Suero Fernandez managed to send the penalty awarded (Avevor to Neubauer) high up to the sky, saving us from further humiliation. Benatelli‘s goal on 78’ (shot from just within the box) couldn’t sweeten the pill. A zeibekiko dance move instead of a shot and a delayed shot on Lehmann by Daschner on 81′ was our only chance to get back in business, nothing happened, goodbye (as usual) DFB Pokal with a really strong kick in the butt…

This looks like 4-1… (source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️ Witters)

A tragic appearance by a non-squad and this is not an exaggeration. Really. It’s not about the defeat, an early disqualification by an inferior in theory team has become almost part of the standard plan in the last years. It’s about watching FCSP being played by Elversberg the way a cat plays with its half dead prey, dragging it around for fun. No defence, no ability to exchange a second ball and of course not even a discussion about creative play, there are simply no words to describe yesterday’s sad spectacle. And the saddest part? Nobody expected such an outcome beforehand but nobody really seemed really surprised while all this was unfolding in front of us…

The good news? There are none but there are a couple of excuses. Devastation caused both by Luhukay (sport and morally wise) and COVID19 (financial disaster probably worse than a relegation) has led us in kind of uncharted waters. Alright, we didn’t expect it to be that bad but we were all expecting trouble at a certain degree. Trusting Timo Schultz (personally willing to go ALL THE WAY with him) can be seen both as a bold move with a first look but seems necessary when looking under the surface. Being in such a financial strain, doesn’t leave lots of space for transfer moves, this is what we got and this is the right way to go, not only in terms of financial ability but also in the base of building again an FCSP that looks more like FCSP, in this sense I was (and still am) personally really happy to see the arrival of lots of FCSP youth in the profis. Alright, we have a cheaper, more inexperienced and less ready team comparing to previous seasons – so do most of our opponents. Heard a lot of talk about certain relegation if things go this way in the league, I say things will NOT go that bad. This squad needs time to become a team and gain experience as well. AndyChristos mentioned yesterday at some point that he saw that coming (not in such an extend of course) already from the last pre-season friendly. I will disagree with my man, for me not even yesterday was enough in order to reach conclusions about the league, will prefer to see how situation develops step by step…

…starting from next Monday and our opening league game away vs Bochum. The one week to work on weaknesses may sound short but is much more than nothing, especially considering the short life that this brand new squad has. Not only expecting a slight improvement, expecting also a Bochum…less dangerous than Elversberg. If we leave the pitch next week with some 4 or 5-0 on our backs, comment section is open for me to collect the eggs and vegetables, in the mean time let’s give the Boys in Brown some time, forza Sankt Pauli ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Wieckhoff for Senger (35′)

Benatelli for Aremu (60′)

Zalazar for Paqarada (60′)

Makienok for Knoll (60′)

Daschner for Tashchy (75′)

Match goals:

0:1 Knoll (7′, Left foot shot, Paqarada)

1:1 Schnellbacher (16′, Right foot shot, Suero Fernandez)

2:1 Dragon (26′, Right foot shot, Dacaj)

3:1 Fellhauer (48′, Header, Tekerci)

4:1 Schnellbacher (67′, Right foot shot, Suero Fernandez)

4:2 Benatelli (78′, Right foot shot, Ohlsson)

Spectators: 500 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Ohlsson(1), Dittgen(1), Tashchy(1)

Match highlights here (need Adblocker deactivation if active)


Further reading:


Not to forget! 

Athens Club has since some time out for sale a t-shirt for the support of the Lavrion Kourdish refugee camp, a place that they constantly and actively support for the past 5 years or so, without any fuss or publicity but with continuous and consistent shipments of food/goods instead. Anybody dropping by Locomotiva, do the right thing and get one of these, they come pretty cheap (8 euros) and are for a really good cause 😎

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