Matchday 01: VfL Bochum vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-2

Posted: September 23, 2020 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Unexpected but more than welcome!!!

Not even the most productive sci-fi director could see that coming. With us being dead most of the game, everyone thought the loss as a definite outcome. Sankt Pauli though proved everyone wrong not only by turning the table to a draw but almost leaving Bochum’s field with the three points of victory in our pockets. Didn’t happen of course but I guess one point is better than none right?


First half underway and Bochum proves to be more ready and decisive than us right from the start. 5’ and Tesche  finds Zoller. The second, shoots few meters away from our nets but Buballa is there blocking the ball. VfL complains about illegal hand use from Daniel. No issue at all though, as Daniel was pulling his hand to the side before the ball hit him! No intention for mischief so the game carried on. Couple minutes later we try to answer. On 8’ Dittgen attacks from the right and tries to send a dangerous pass inside Bochum’s box, but Riemann is there securing the ball. On 15’, another dangerous moment for us ends in Himmelmann’s hands. Zoller sends a high pass to our box. Avevor fails to to send it away and the ball ends to Holtmann. He shoots but Himmelmann blocks it once again! Bochum comes closer in opening the score on 18’ when after a corner from Zulj (ball passes through most all our defensives standing before it of course), and just before Tesche sends the ball to our nets, Ohlsson uses his foot and sends it to yet another corner. Ohlsson tested his foot against Riemann on 20’. Weak and predictable shot that caused no threat to Bochum’s keeper! 26 minutes in and Zulj is on a free kick. A bit far but still dangerous. His shot is closer to Avevor’s head who fails to make contact. Ball ends in our nets with Himmelmann unable to react! Nothing special after that. Just us constantly failing to organize a presentable attempt to threaten Bochum’ and them keeping it mostly to the midline.


Second half underway and Bochum tries to finish the game early enough. 46’ and  Ganvoula against Avevor finds it easy to pass to Zoller. The second shoots but luckily his shot ends way far from our upper post. This kind of seemed to wake us up. We moved deeper into VfL’s defense and our midline kind of started to find its pace. On 70’ our first really good combination that almost worked. Kyereh sends to Becker and pushes himself deeper in VfL box. Becker sends a nice lobe back to Kyereh who fails to control it the way he wanted. His shot ends a bit more left from Bochum’s left post. On 76’, Bochum laughs again at our defense. A mistaken pass from Avevor to the midline brings them back to our box with most of our players to the other side. An easy one-two between Ganvoula and Zoller leaves the second with the ball in his feet and no defensive on him. Shoots and doubles the score for Bochum. When everyone thought though that our midline would break, Sankt Pauli proved us wrong and pushed forward. 84’ Zalazar sends to Lankford. Labropoulos fucks up on an attempt to send the ball with his chest to Riemann. Ohlsson  shoots unsuccessfully but the rebound shot ends with Kyereh who shoots hard and sends the ball in Bochum’s nets. Without them realizing what happened, on 86’ Daschner pinches the ball exquisitely almost close to the midline sending it to Kyereh who is unstoppable. Kyereh shoots and evens the score. Despite the fact that our midline seemed to be finally working, our defense kept fucking up. 87’ and Bochum on the counter attack. Zulj finds Tesche easily messing up our defense line but Himmelmann is there saving the day.  That was it for VfL though. And as if that was not enough, Kyereh almost nailed a hattrick on 90’ when Paqarada sends a direct ball from the right side, finding Kyereh who tries to shoot bus he is just a tad behind it failing to place his foot properly. Final whistle 3’ after 90 sends both teams to the lockers leaving all Bochum fans frozen stiff, wandering how the hell that happened!

Defense man. How are we going to survive this season with our defense sucking ass? We never….NEVER had such a bad defense. NEVER! These guys where nowhere to be found in the field. Constantly chasing after the opponent who just passed through them, having one or two bright moments to the entire game. The team is new, I get it but…c’mooooon man…..Our defense is hilarious. Timo Schultz has a shitload of work to do with them. On the other hand Kyereh shined out of nowhere yesterday. In a game where we had to play without basic strikers (Both Tashchy and Makienok are injured), Kyereh with the aid of the midline (after they finally found their pace) seemed to be doing really well, almost giving us a win inside Bochum. Another thing that shined bright is that the team works better when we decide to play with direct passes. Through balls to break the opponent defense line. Whenever we tried to go that way, it worked. We keep choosing though to play with high balls from the flanks. I just can’t get that part in my head. You got a plan that works and another one that doesn’t. What you do is simple. Keep on working on the one that bares fruit. How hard can that be?  The Covid break fucked us up, no doubt about that. Luckily no one is loud enough to support a theory of Sankt Pauli climbing to Bundesliga 1 so I guess we are all in the same page. This season is all about survival. Let’s hope the Covid break got the other teams harder than it got us. So let’s stay strictly to the facts. First game of the season and a tie inside Bochum, especially after the catastrophic 4-2 defeat on the Pokal game against Elversberg, is not exactly bad. Best of vibes and all our positive energy to the boys in Brown this Sunday against Heidenheim. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Becker for Knoll (65′)

Zander for Wieckhoff (77′)

Daschner for Dittgen (77′)

Ziereis for Avevor (83′)

Lankford for Ohlsson (83′)

Match goals:

1-0 Zulj (26′, Right Foot Shot)

2-0 Zoller (76′, Right Foot Shot, Ganvoula)

2-1 Kyereh (84′, Right Foot Shot, Daschner)

2-2 Kyereh (86′, Left Foot Shot, Daschner)

Spectators: 3421

Sankt Pauli cards: Ohlsson(1), Avevor(1), Paqarada(1)

Match highlights N/A (bloody hell)

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