Matchday 02: FC Sankt Pauli vs FC Heidenheim 4-2 !!!!

Posted: September 29, 2020 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Playing with our food!!!

So this is how it feels huh? Been a long time since we dominated a game this much. Sankt Pauli dictated the pace in every inch of Millerntor. Led Heidenheim to many mistakes and ended up destroying their moral at first and ending up celebrating upon their dead corpse. Oh yes they scored two goals too…(Bahahahaha).


First half underway and the truth is that the first moments belonged to FCH. On 10’ a mistake from Paqarada ends with Schnatterer shooting hard. His shot though ends a couple of meters away from Himmelmann’s right post. 5 minutes later, on 15’, our defensives play with fire, letting Thomalla dance around our box with the ball, attempting a flank. Himmelmann secures the ball before it became even more dangerous. Our mid and front line seemed to be working perfect. Still our defense kept making one mistake after the other. On 20’, Heidenheim again in our box. One-Two action between Pick and Schmidt after Paqarada lost the ball. Avevor falls to the wrong side and leaves the ball exposed for Schmidt whose shot luckily ends away from our nets. On 26’ though it was game over for FCH. Benatelli leaves for Kyereh and the second fires of a dynamite, executing Müller. 1-0 for Sankt Pauli and the party had just begun. Clock shows 34’ and Knoll on the free kick. Ziereis looks like he is touching the ball pushing it closer to the nets. The ball actually finds Schmidt and ends inside the nets. 2-0 for Sankt Pauli from what appears was an own goal for Heidenheim but definitely Ziereis had his part in it. The only reaction to that from Heidenheim was on 37’, a strong shot from Kerschbaumer 18 meters away from Himmelmann. Futile attempt from the Heidenheimer as the ball ends way above our upper post. Sankt Pauli ended up taking their souls. Their midline crashed and all you could see for the rest of the first half was Sankt Pauli messing around with Himmelmann like a cat does with its prey!

Early enough on the second half, Sankt Pauli proved that what happened in the first was not by accident. 46’ and Kyereh shoots hard but his shot is repelled ending to Wieckhoff. The kiddo shoots and executes Müller turning the score to an easy 3-0. Sankt Pauli dominated the midline with FCH having sparks here and there. Mostly when our defensives allowed them to. On 57’ Avevor kind of redeems himself when he blocks Kerschbaumer’s shot before it ends in our nets! About time we saw some brilliant moment from our defense! On 60’ Otto’s header ends a bit more right from Himmelmann’s right post and on 62’ a shot from Mohr ends in our outer net area. Heidenheim had the numbers when it came to counting the shots but they were all hopeless and futile. Sankt Pauli was the boss here! On 70’ Dittgen on a counter attack shoots against Müller. The second repels it but the counter ends back to Dittgen’s chest crossing the line before Busch saves it. 4-0 for Sankt Pauli. One team in the field. It has been a while since we saw Sankt Pauli dominate a team this bad! On 77’ we almost went for 5-0 when Dittgen sends to Kyereh but Kyereh was not in the right position absent keeper. Knolls’ shot after that ends up in Heidenheim defensives. The game was over. Heidenheim had nothing to lose so they pushed forward earning two goals. Not that it made a difference! On 78’ a blind spot in our defence (how did that happen??) leads Kühlwetter in scoring the first and on 80’ our defensives where observing Mohr as he scored the second one almost the same way! Time was running out for Heidenheim as for what remained, Sankt Pauli regained control leaving no room for FCH to even think for a third goal. Last moment in the game though belonged to them although it went to waste. 90’+3 and Otto sends a shoot way way above our upper post.

Ok this is what we want to see. Sankt Pauli creating all kinds of hell, especially inside Millerntor. Still. This is the moment of truth so if we let the smoke of victory clear up, we will find many moments were Heidenheim could have turned the game. Our defense once more had it bad. It might not be this obvious cos at some point the midline literally exhaled fire and along with our front line kept hammering poor Müller and left no chance to the Heidenheimers to unfold an attempt to threaten. But once they kind of pulled back and Heidenheim gained couple of meters from our side of the midline, it was then when the problem’s started. Two goals for them and both of them where the same scenario. Defensive mistake from us, the ball ended to a Heidenheim player lurking and us observing them shoot and score. First it happened with Kühlwetter  and then with Mohr. Timo Schultz appears to be working really hard, trying to fix this new Sankt Pauli and so far he is doing excellent. I am more than certain that he will find a way to make those poor corpses we have in the defense look like presentable Sankt Pauli defensives. Let’s see how things will work against Sandhausen this Friday. Until then…..FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!

Line Up:


Aremu for Benatelli (69′)

Daschner for Zalazar (69′)

Flach for Wieckhoff (85′)

Becker for Knoll (85′)

Makienok for Kyereh (87′)

Match goals:

1-0 Kyereh (26′, Left Foot Shot, Benatelli)

2-0 Schmidt (34′, Own Goal, Left Foot Shot, Knoll)

3-0 Wieckhoff (46′, Right Foot Shot)

4-0 Dittgen (70′, Chest, Knoll)

4-1 Kühlwetter (78′, Left Foot Shot, Mohr)

4-2 Mohr (80′, Left Foot Shot)

Spectators: 2.226

Sankt Pauli cards: Aremu(1)

Goals can be found here in split videos (this season haven’t started well ^ ^)

Further reading:

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