Matchday 05: SV Darmstadt 98 vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-2

Posted: October 27, 2020 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Ok what we’ve been saying from the start of the season is coming true. The team has changed in attitude 180° and more. With the first half belonging to us and the second to Darmstadt, I can’t say we were that good to deserve the victory. We never quit though even when we found ourselves chasing Darmstadt who was leading the score by 2. This is how we want to see Sankt Pauli man! Never quitting no matter what. Face all bloody, teeth missing , all bruised up but having fists up in the air and screaming “Come Get Some”!!! ATTITUDE bro!

First half was ours. Early from the start we show serious skill messing up with Darmstadt’s defense which seemed kind of lost. 7’ and Zander receiving from Ohlsson, shoots literally a breath away from Schuhen but the ball hits the outter net area. Five minutes later, on 12’ Dittgen falls after Bader comes against him, claiming the ball. Ref originally shows the penalty dot but after consulting with the VAR he cancels it. No harm done and we keep on pushing for an opening goal. Our attacks mostly unfold from the midline and end up with Zalazar and Dittgen flanking and sending direct passes mostly but on some occasions high lobes downtown to Darmstadt’s box. On 26’ Dittgen sends a high lobe in Darmstadt’s box, finding Becker. The second shoots on the spot nicely but Schuhen once again saves their nets by sending the ball away! Schuhen does the same thing on 39’ blocking a shot-pass from Kyereh. Darmstadt was nowhere to be found in this first half with us dominating every inch of the field. That though did not stop them from earning a penalty kick on 45’. Kempe is brought down illegally from Becker. VAR break and right after that the ref points at the white dot. Dursun executes in the most ridiculous way possible but Himmelmann fails to block it . 1-0 for Darmstadt and slightly after the ref whistles for the last time in this first half!

Second half underway and the tables turn. Many mistakes in the midline give the opportunity to Darmstadt to come at our box and actually take over possession. On 56’ they’re on the hunt and Dursun  shoots but Himmelmann repels nicely. Four minutes later, on 60’, Dursun sends to Skarke who fires off a dynamite almost untroubled but Himmelmann repels it once again. Our midline had lost communication with the frontline and that gave them chances to unfold attacks against our box where our defense tried to hold up. On 76’ Kempe executes a free kick and Dursun receives the header and sends the ball to our nets once again! That seemed to wake us up a bit. On 80’ Lankford sends a direct pass inside Darmstadt’s box. Daschner almost fucks it up but Benatelli takes over and shoots sending the ball to their nets. That was it. Almost every Sankt Pauli player  after that inside Darmstadt’s box desperately seeking for a second goal. Flank after flank we try to break their defense. Every Darmstadt player was in their box, barricaded trying to maintain the score as it was those last minutes. On 90’+3 though they bring down Daschner illegally. Ref sees that and double-checks with the Var. White dot pointed and Zalazar executes on 90’+5 sending the ball to their nets! Final whistle right after that. 2-2 and this would be the fairest result possible for this matchday!

5th Matchday and here we are proud of what our boys have accomplished so far. We’ve always been saying that. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose! All it takes is to see them enter the field and have the winner’s attitude. Never quit and never back up! Feisty and cocky. That’s who we are damn it. The first half was entirely ours and the second of course belonged to Darmstadt for the most of its part but still…the final moments we found ourselves again and turned a certain defeat into a rightly earned draw. The team under Timo’s guidance is improving matchday after matchday! The next one though is special. Against H$V. The hated enemy. The forever second in a city that is totally Brown-White! Last year we beat those bastards in both fields (in-out). Last year we were the undisputed boss. Let’s do the same this year starting from Volksparkstadion this Friday! All vibes and positive energy to the BOYS IN BROWN. So…Once again, until everyone gets it! H$V DIES THIS FRIDAY! HAMBURG IS BROWN WHITE! FORZA SANKT PAULI!☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Tashchy for Ziereis (65′)

Daschner for Kyereh (65′)

Lankford for Zander (72′)

Benatelli for Knoll (78′)

Paqarada for Dittgen (78′)

Match goals:

1-0 Dursun (45′, Penalty Kick, Right Foot Shot, Kempe)

2-0 Dursun (76′, Header, Kempe)

2-1 Benatelli (80′, Right Foot Shot, Daschner)

2-2 Zalazar (90’+5, Penalty Kick, Right Foot Shot, Daschner)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Zander(1), Buballa(1), Benatelli(1), Zalazar(1)

Match highlights here

Further reading:

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