Matchday 08: SC Paderborn 07 vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-0

Posted: November 23, 2020 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Time to wake up!

Another mediocre performance from our beloved Sankt Pauli, succeeding the previous one, despite the break and our victory against Bremen in the friendly game that followed! Timo is working hard in making this new team look solid. Easier said than done of course with all those new faces in the basic eleven. A first half, kind of split between the two and a second half mostly on Paderborn’s side is all there was in this matchday.


First half underway and actually we like what we see. Our midline working well pushing forward, creating tension in Paderborn’s defense with them trying to handle the pressure. On 9’ early action with Ohlsson shooting nicely but his shot bounces on Makienok who kind of got in the way. Kyereh tries to go for the rebound shot but Zingerle secures the ball before Kyereh becomes dangerous. Couple moments later, action still with us, trying to keep our momentum. On 12’ Lankford sends a high pass to Dittgen. The latter fails to receive the header as he wanted, sending the ball away. Paderborn reacted to that pressure trying to bring the game from the midline back to our box. On 16’ they are marching with Antwi-Adjei against our defense line breaking it easily, opening a nice pass for Srbeny who luckily fails to receive it, being way back. It was annoying to see our mid and front line struggling to maintain a pace and our defense failing to keep up. On 19’ Makienok brings the ball by header in Paderborn’s box and Ingelsson uses his hand to block it. A clear penalty for us and after consulting with the VAR, the ref points at the white dot. Zalazar executes on 20’ but is unlucky as this time he chooses to aim low at the center where Paderborn’s keeper repels it with his feet although he original went for his left side. A favor we let go, but returned on 38’. Ingelsson in our box and although Lankford originally goes for the ball, he ends up bringing him down illegally. Ref points at the white dot. Srbeny shoots the penalty on 39’. Himmelmann repels it but Srbeny rushes for the rebound shot and sends the ball in our nets, opening the score for Paderborn. A final shot for this first half came on 44’ from Lankford. Well executed but unlucky as the ball ends a bit more left from Paderborn’s left crossbar.

Second half starts and Paderborn looks more confident. On 54’ Justvan get’s freed from our defense line’s always watching eye (Nooooooot!!!) and passes to  Srbeny who manages a shot that luckily goes a bit far from Himmelmann’s right crossbar. On 56’ one of our defensive bright moments of stupidity, we’re sooo used to lately. Avevor with the ball at his feet and all he had to do was send the ball downtown. He is too slow though and too sleepy to realize Srbeny was around. The second steals the ball easily and sends a pass to Führich who shoots nicely, untroubled, doubling the score for Paderborn. Looking bad after that. Really bad man! Paderborn kept a low profile controlling the midline, based on out offensive incapability to score. Proven right from Makienok on 73’. A nice pass to him while he was left almost alone against Paderborn’s nets. Ball exactly where he needed it. His shot though was utterly hopeless, way above Zingerle’s upper crossbar. That…and Tashchy’s goal on 82’ that got cancelled as Daschner was caught offside, conclude the action for this second half. Nothing changed until 90’ and three minutes after that, the ref whistled for the last time in the game, sending the players to the lockers and us back to our thoughts.

I mean….Yeah..I can copy and paste the conclusion from the latest two-three matchdays and post it here. Most of it would still go. Yes it is not about lost points, which of course we need if we wanna remain in the second league….and of course it is not about gaining points to get competitive so we can have our shot in the first league. Fuck that shit..Who cares. We are Sankt Pauli man! We’re really beyond that. It is beyond football and every Sankt Pauli fan knows that. So why would a bad result bring us down ? It is still early in the season and we have so much time ahead to gather all the points we need to secure the stay in the league. AS LONG AS we start playing some ball. Yes it came to that. Not pointing fingers to anyone and not trying to put the blame somewhere! We need though, to start facing our weaknesses as a team. And yes… Some players need to get their shit together. Like….Really bro!!!…GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!!!! The entire team from the midline to the front line moves as one, aggressive and decisive and still…the defense line is only able to make any opponent die from laughing. Basically this is the only thing Timo, still can’t get his head around. Constantly changing his approach. This time he used four defensives, breaking the three person defense line he used almost from the start. He needs assistance from the players as well though. So we suggest the ones sleeping to wake up soon….And by soon we mean NOW. Wake the fuck up man! Still early to make it back to a safe zone. Next game is this Friday against VfL Osnabrück in Millerntor. Home game! A really nice point for a U-Turn in this downhill we’re taking don’t you think? FORZA SANKT PAULI! HAMBURG IS STILL BROWN WHITE!☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Daschner for Zalazar (62′)

Aremu for Dittgen (62′)

Knoll for Ohlsson (77′)

Zander for Becker (77′)

Tashchy for Kyereh (77′)

Match goals:

1-0 Srbeny (39′, Right Foot Shot)

2-0 Führich (56′, Right Foot Shot,Srbeny)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Kyereh(1), Avevor(4)

Match short highlights here

Further reading:


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