Matchday 11: FC Sankt Pauli vs Erzgebirge Aue 2-2

Posted: December 14, 2020 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Chin up!…Could be worse

Umm…Yes…Not exactly a win, but at least something to stop this barrage of losses we’ve been encountering the last four matchdays. Actually we haven’t been able to collect a single point since our draw against H$V. First point now finally, against a team proven to be a bad demon when it comes to face them. 2 wins, 4 draws and 10 losses in the last 16 games.  Another draw added to the list but hay…Holding our chin up! One point is better than none huh?


First half underway and the new faces in the basic eleven leave us skeptical but still…In Timo we trust so…Matanovic and Tashchy up front and Brodersen protecting the nets were the new additions in our basic opening formation. The early action for this first half was ours. 2’ and after a corner kick from Zalazar, Kyereh with a header sends the ball to Ziereis. Header from Ziereis as well but sent above Männel’s upper crossbar. On 10’ though Aue proved us being too slow to regroup. Counter attack from Hochscheidt after winning the duel against Becker. Hochscheidt sends to Krüger and he sends forward to Testroet who shoots and opens the score board for Aue. All they had to do is find one moment of weakness from us and open the score. Laid back low after that. Not much effort from them but not much from us either. Mostly midline battles and attempts that never bared fruit. On 13’ Ziereis injures his right groin area and is substituted by Buballa on 15’. On 21’ Tashchy tries to work with Matanovic but Gonther (former FSCP) is there and repels the ball early. On 30’ Matanovic leaves the ball for Becker. His shot is blocked. The rebound shot from Paqarada is led to a corner. On 34’ Kyereh attempts a nice shot almost from Aue’s penalty area but the ball is send above Männel’s nets. On 41’ Matanovic sends to Kyereh who goes for a nice attempt to shot but is repelled from Aue’s defensives. Benatelli receives and sends to Becker whose shot slightly misses the inner net area of Aue, leaving a couple of meters away from their right crossbar. One minute of extra time and then the ref sends the players to the locker rooms leaving us with the opportunities and Aue with the goal!

The tables turn in the second half considering the early action. As soon as the ref blew his whistle, Aue almost scores the second. It is 49’ and Hochscheidt in a nice and dangerous shot out of our box. Brodersen is there though blocking his shot. On 59’ Sankt Pauli proves that we still had tons of fuel to go. Zalazar starts the plot, sending to Becker. Becker hides the ball nicely and send to Matanovic. The kid shoots splendid but Männel is damn lucky as the ball finds his inner sleeve(It was the inner side of his elbow actually) and slows it’s course down, allowing him to block it. Then again Zalazar steals the ball and sends to Becker on 69’. Becker slides the ball to  Matanovic. Igor shoots nicely giving the ball a bit of a twist, passing it  behind Männel, heading for the nets but again he is lucky to see Gonther shooting the ball away. 72’ and the ball lies with Kyereh. Daniel fires a dynamite, hitting Männel’s right crossbar. Payback’s a bitch they say and on 78’ Krüger proves it right. Aue was nowhere to be found after their early moment on 48’. Then out of the blue, Nazarov sends a 35 meter pass to Krüger who tricks Brodrsen in getting out of his area. He shoots a lobe above him, doubling the goals for Aue( After consulting with the var as originally the goal was whistled as an offside). And yet… their laughter wouldn’t last. On 81’ Knoll on a corner kick. A splendid header-pass from Makienok to Dittgen and the second shoots and scores. Same scenario on 89’. Knoll on the free kick. Lawrence goes for a header but finds the crossbar. Makienok on the rebound shot, evens the score. 4 minutes after 90’ the ref shows the way to the lockers for the last time!

We’re just hoping this draw will wake them up. Really needed the victory here to be totally honest. We probably deserved it too! In the end we were almost there. Deep in their box, hammering them with constant shots. Kyereh, Tashchy and Makienok fired really awesome shots against Männel who seemed to have all sorts of luck on his side. The shot from Matanovic just got blocked by Männel’s elbow and the dynamite from Kyereh slammed the outter side of his right crossbar. Luckily we scored two goals after that and earned at least this one point. It’s a good thing we saw Simon Makienok finally wake up. Entered as a substitute for Kyereh and he send the pass for the first goal and scored the second. This is what we need to see from you Simon! Keep it up man! We have a big problem in regrouping quickly. The two goals we suffered where counter attacks from Aue and we were just too damn slow to cover our defense line. Timo’s all seeing eye is there though watching it all! We’re in a really tight corner here amigos! 8 points in all, from the start of the season and being second last, having a three point difference from the third and fourth (from the bottom and up) is not what we expected at all. If the team proved something in this game though, is that the fighting spirit is not gone. Lost the lead by two and still…we never quit. Next game is on Wednesday against Würzburger Kickers. A team that has it way worse (last in the ranks with 4 points) and it is a good opportunity for us to start gaining some lost ground here. FORZA SANKT PAULI. WE ARE HAMBURG!☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Buballa for Ziereis (15′)

Daschner for Tashchy (63′)

Knoll for Zalazar (80′)

Dittgen for Paqarada (80′)

Makienok for Kyereh (80′)

Match goals:

0-1 Testroet (10′, Right foot shot, Krüger)

0-2 Krüger (78′, Right foot shot, Nazarov)

1-1 Dittgen (81′, Right Foot Shot, Makienok)

2-2 Makienok (89′, Right Foot Shot, Lawrence)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Buballa (2), Lawrence (2), Tashchy (1), Knoll (1)

Match highlights: not found, here are our goals from Twitter

Further reading:

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