Matchday 14: SpVgg Greuther Fürth vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-1

Posted: January 4, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Not a single inch further!!!

Roses are red , violets are blue, Sankt Pauli lost again and this has to fuckin stop! Our downhill seems to have no end and after our new defeat against Greuther Fürth things are looking sooo bad. Looks like we’re caught in a swirl here, we can’t get our heads out off. Fürth was better all the way. Or….It is just that we were sooo disgustingly bad!  Attitude is the name of the game here and right now we got none!


First game with our new defensive, Adam Dzwigala, in the starting eleven. The early moments pass with Zalazar trying to set up a game plan. On 4’ he is blocked by Meyerhöfer. Although his block looks rough, Meyerhöfer makes it out of it with just a couple of words by the ref.  Both teams are fighting the midline battle. On 10’ Lankford with a header clears a dangerous flank from Raum. First dangerous moment from Fürth comes on 16’ with a distant shot from Meyerhöfer ending a bit away from Brodersen’s right crossbar. Fürth keeps on earning meters in the middle and this brings them closer to our box. On a mini siege around it and after a shot from Jaeckel on 23’, Knoll uses his chest to block but then the ball hits his hand. Penalty kick and on 24’, Green opens the score for Greuther Fürth. As if this wasn’t enough, on 27’, Brodersen makes a terrible mistake letting the ball slip from his grip while trying to block it. The ball ends with Nielsen and he easily turns the score into an easy 2-0 against empty net area. Half hour in the game and we find ourselves behind in the score by two and unable to threaten Fürth at any level. On 44’ Knoll passes to Makienok but the second fails to act quick, losing the ball. Last moment in this dreadful first half was on 45’+2 when Leweling attempts a distant powerful shot. This time Brodersen acts right, jumping in time, sending the ball out of our nets.

Second half underway and right with the start of it Buballa takes Paqarada’s place in the team’s formation. Not much changed though. Under no circumstance could we find our way inside Fürth’s box. Fürth on the contrary had it really easy with ours. On 63’ Nielsen comes close to the third goal for them when after us being unable to drive the ball away , Meyerhöfer sends a nice high pass to where he was. Nielsen’s header luckily ends way from our left crossbar. Anxious reflexes from our players in their attempt to claim the ball from Fürth who seemed to want a third goal. Aremu receives a yellow on 66’ for slapping (unintentionally) Leweling in the face in an attempt to earn the ball. On 73’ Lankford sends to Ohlsson but his attempt is blocked. When all seemed lost though, Flach on 82’ gives us new hope. Zalazar on a corner and the ball ends with Flach, 25 meters away from Burchert’s nets. Shoots in the spot a dynamite and sends the ball in Fürth’s nets. This of course changed nothing. Some minutes later, on 86’, Abiama scores a third goal which luckily is cancelled as he was caught offside. Last moment on the game belongs to Fürth again. 90’+3 and Hrgota shoots nicely giving the ball a fine twist, almost bringing down our right crossbar. The final whistle in the game shortly after that sounded so liberating!

Nothing new here. Nothing we haven’t already said although this time we had it lot worse! It is really depressing to see the team you love look so hopeless. Everyone looked so lost. Maybe not in the first half so much but in the second we lost the plot for sure. 2 shots in the entire game against 23 by Fürth. Need anything more? Players running around with the ball, not knowing what to do with it. Midline broken and a team in general that could not communicate in any level. Flach’s goal, although impressive, wasn’t enough to wake us up! First game where we had almost zero attempts on goal. That alone says enough… So…With this and that…. You can find us in the second last position in the ranks. Three points away from the third last and four away from the fourth. With us though not being able to score a goal, it looks sooo distant. Matchday after matchday we are driven away from the second league and closer to the nightmare of the third. We’re one game short though and this game could be the one to step on for the change of our attitude. Würzburg Kickers on Wednesday and this time we need to win. No draws here and no soulless efforts. We need to destroy Würzburg and regain some of our long lost moral! Fingers crossed! FORZA SANKT PAULI. ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Buballa for Paqarada (46′)

Matanovic for Makienok (61′)

Kyereh for Daschner (61′)

Flach for Aremu (78′)

Burgstaller for Lankford (85′)

Match goals:

1-0 Green (24′, Penalty Kick, Right foot shot)

2-0 Nielsen (27′, Left foot shot)

2-1 Flach (82′, Left Foot Shot)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Knoll (2), Paqarada (2), Aremu (2), Ohlsson (4)

Match highlights here

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