Matchday 15: FC Sankt Pauli vs Holstein Kiel 1-1

Posted: January 11, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Ass Woopin!

“Go to Millerntor”, they said. “Three points without a drop of sweat”, they said. “Easy peasy lemon squeezy”, they said…These are exactly the thoughts most players from Kiel would have on their way back home. Most of them couldn’t realize what hit them. Were these furious demons, the Sankt Pauli that played against Würzburg and Fürth? So awesome to see the players that entered Millerntor with arrogance, leaving shaking and wobbly after the ferocious 90’ ass woopin they received. This is Millerntor you idiots….what were you thinking?


Basic eleven with many new faces for this matchday. Marmoush and Burgstaller upfront, Dzwigala on defense and Stojanovic as the basic goalkeeper. Early action with us, on 8’. A nice pass from Kyereh to Marmoush ends with the second shooting against Gelios. His shot is repelled and then Becker on the rebound header has the same luck. Rebound again for Burgstaller who passes back to Marmoush who shoots but this time the ball goes a bit more left than it should. A mini siege of Kiel’s box proving that Sankt Pauli was there to make a statement. Kiel replied on 14’ with a really dangerous flank. Fin Bartels sending a nice pass to Serra in front of Stojanovic. Buballa though, places his leg before Serra changing the course of it, sending it out of danger. On 21’ Marmoush once again controls nicely and attempts a break on Kiel’s defense. Passes the ball but Mühling is there to save Kiel, stopping it. On 26’ another dangerous moment for Kiel when Burgstaller reaches for a header but luckily for them it is weak causing no threat for Gelios. Besides our midline doin great, our defense followed in the same pace too. Everyone knew his place and whenever necessary, Stojanovic was there to save our nets. Like on 33’ when a flank of Kiel ends with Lee shooting. Ziereis repelled the shot but the ball  ended to Serra’s foot. His shot was repelled by Stojanovic. Same luck had Meffert’s shot on 34’. First half ends with Sankt Pauli and Paqarada in particular. Free shot on 44’ that ends a bit above Gelios’s upper crossbar.

Second half underway and right from the start of it, Sankt Pauli dictates the pace. On 52’Kyereh marches into Kiel’s box. Dribbles around Kiel’s defensives, sending an exquisite pass to Marmoush who shoots on the spot and opens the score for Sankt Pauli. Great pass from Kyereh, keeping all of Kiel’s defensives on him and a great shot from Omar Marmoush, proving Timo right for his choice. On 57’, Marmoush again takes initiative and dances around 3 Kiel defensives, leaving them behind him. He dribbles another one and sets himself alone before Gelios. He shoots but this time Gelios repels it with his shoulder. Although we had the first say, Kiel remained dangerous. All they needed was a moment of sloppiness. Bartels finds this one on 62’. He sees Mees placed among our defensives. Sends a high pass in the heart of our defense where Mees finds his way and with a header makes the score even. On 66’ Zalazar goes for the answer with a free kick really close in Kiel’s box. He hits the wall and then sends the rebound shot at the wall again. We were pushing forward to Kiel’s box although Kiel was barricaded behind making it hard to find our way to the nets. On 88’ Zalazar sends the ball in Kiel’s box and after a couple of exchanges it ends with Becker. Becker is in a great spot but fails to shoot in time letting a great moment go to waste. Almost four minutes of extra time with us stuck in Kiel’s box, and Kiel trying to defend their nets from a second goal. Final whistle puts them out of their misery!

1800 degree angle here. I would dare to say that this is the U-turn we’ve been discussing about the entire time. Kiel was second in the ranks and wanted a victory here badly to catch up with the first. Sankt Pauli made it look like we were the first teaching them young kiddos how to play the game. Clever game plan by Timo building up a strong midline with Zalazar, Kyereh and Marmoush in the same line, having Benatelli and Becker behind them for back up, helping with the defense also. Defense was never looking better. We had a couple of moments of sloppiness but we were 85% there. Intact and everyone knowing their place. Great game from Stojanovic as well if we consider this was his first game wearing our colors. The first time after a while that we see Sankt Pauli fully functional. Defense, midline and front line was full of piss and vinegar. Such a hard on watching Kiel barricaded in their box in the last 10’ sweating to preserve this draw by all means. Such a hard on watching Sankt Pauli having the first say and hammering relentlessly a team considered to be Alpha in our league. We can only look up from here and on. Next game is Saturday against Hannover. Kiel’s blood still stains our knuckles and this is how we march against Hannover. Relentless and fearsome! FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!WE ARE HAMBURG. ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Matanovic for Burgstaller (79’)

Dittgen for Marmoush (79’)

Flach for Dzwigala (79’)

Daschner for Kyereh (90’+2)

Match goals:

1-0 Marmoush (52′, Right foot shot, Kyereh)

1-1 Mees (62′, Header, Bartels)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Zalazar (2),Dzwigala (1)

Match highlights here

Further reading:

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