Matchday 19: 1.FC Heidenheim vs FC Sankt Pauli 3-4!!!!

Posted: February 2, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Timo….What Demons have you created!!!

….and the funny thing is that there was a moment, Heidenheim believed they would leave with one point. I really feel sorry for them. You could see the sparkle in their eye after they scored the third. You could see the comfort they felt that at least they would leave the field with a draw. One point was better than none for them, the way the game unfolded…Oh how little they knew about Timo. His orders were clear. Noone leaves Voith-Arena unless we secure the three points of victory! And so it happened…


First half underway and Sankt Pauli as usual breaks the silence with Guido Burgstaller who tends to become the usual suspect. 3 goals in the last three matchdays and this one was no exeption. 3’ and Becker sends the ball to Kyereh who slides it to Burgstaller. Guido controls with the shoulder and shoots with his right foot. Goal for Sankt Pauli and 4 goals in the latest 4 games for Guido. Föhrenbach’s attempt to block it was futile as all he did was send it away while it was deep in the nets. Guido though was not over. On 10’ he sends a left footed dynamite against Müller but this time it gains a bit more height than it should, ending a little above Heidenheim’s upper crossbar. Game proceeds and while it all seems to work perfect, on 15’ and after a corner for Heidenheim, Kleindienst’s header finds Stojanovic sleeping. Hands down and the ball goes in the nets. 1-1 reminding us that our defense was still an open wound. On 18’ Sessa shoots nicely but this time Stojanovic explodes and sends the ball to a corner, extending his hand. Sankt Pauli pushed forward and brought the heat in Heidenheim’s box once again. On 30’, Kyereh on a free kick. Clever enough to shout the ball low. It goes under the wall and into Müller’s left corner. 1-2 for Sankt Pauli. We were dominant in the midline and would not allow Heidenheim unfold any attack. Mostly attacking with Zalazar, Kyereh and Paqarada the rest of the first half carried on with Heidenheim trying to find a way to our nets and with us on total control.

Early in the second half, Heidenheim finds their way through to our nets. 48’, and they pass the ball through our sleeping defense. Kühlwetter is left alone with the ball with Ziereis on his tail. Ziereis falls to tackle but not timed well leaving Kühlwetter alone to shoot. 2-2 and Heidenheim evens the score for the second time. Still we had the first say in the game. On 50’ Becker leaves for Burgstaller who shoots properly but Müller blocks it this time. Our mid and frontline where steaming fire. On 54’ Marmoush on another free kick. This time Müller had besides the 4-5 men standing in the wall, an extra guy lying behind their feet. Scared shitless is what we call that…Marmoush’s kick ends away from their nets though. On 72’ a top class play from Sankt Pauli. Zalazar dribbles around Heidenheim players, sending the ball to Paqarada. Leart sends a pass deep to Burgstaller who sends to Becker with his shoulder. Becker shoots on the spot and turns the score into a 2-3. Five minutes later though our defense betrays us once again. 77’ and Heidenheim finds the way through them. A pass from Kühlwetter breaking through 4 of our defensives and ending to Kleindienst who shoots again for the 3-3. Third time they turn the score even. This was OUR game though. Clock showed 87’ and Dittgen with the ball on his feet sends to Zalazar who breaks into Heidenheim’s box, shooting exquisitely, sending them to the mat. Rodrigo did not just score a fourth goal. He took their soul with it. Five minutes of extra time and still we had the first say. Last moment in the game belonged to us. 90’+5 and Dittgen almost turns this into a 3-5 when he marches alone with the ball all the way down to Heidenheim’s box. Shoots but Müller falls down and blocks it.

Sankt Pauli is turning into the team with the fiercest front line in the league from being the exact opposite a couple of weeks ago. Some time ago we were discussing bout how we were unable to place the damn thing in the nets and the last two match days we ended up scoring two and four goals against teams that are high in the table. Damn dude…Timo is creating a nightmare for the rest of the teams in the league. A freakish monster ready to devour whatever’s comin’ at it. You scored a goal huh? Sankt Pauli has an answer ready for you comin’ in a sec. This is how easy they made it look! Heidenheim kept making the score even and Sankt Pauli just scored another one. And another one….and another one….Until we finally left them all bloodied up in the mat trying to figure out what had hit them. Like all the rest… Of course the fact that we score easily nowadays should not distract us from the fact that our defense while showing signs of improvement, clearly needs a lot of work. There are moments when you feel safe watching them block almost anything, and there are others where you find them all sleeping like drunken Mexicans under a mid-day’s sun. Our keeper although not bad, looks like he is drawn into this mid-day siesta swirl. Defense in general looks like they need a lot more improvement but I am sure Timo is already preparing his potions for them. Yes …Just like the one he used turning our front line from toothless yorkies into rabid and relentless pitbulls. Sandhausen will feel our bite this Friday. Needless to say that there is no easy game from now and on. We need a lot more points to feel safe so what we wanna see this Friday is our beloved Sankt Pauli ripping the skin of poor Sandhausen and feeding it to them…FORZA SANKT PAULI. THE BOSS IN HAMBURG ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Aremu for Smith (59’)

Dzwigala for Zander (75’)

Matanovic for Burgstaller (76’)

Buballa for Paqarada (82’)

Dittgen for Marmoush (82’)

Match goals:

0-1 Burgstaller (3′, Right foot shot, Kyereh)

1-1 Kleindienst (15′, Header, Sessa)

1-2 Kyereh (30′, Right Foot Shot)

2-2 Kühlwetter (48′, Right Foot Shot, Sessa)

2-3 Becker (72′, Left Foot Shot, Burgstaller)

3-3 Kleindienst (77′, Right Foot Shot, Kühlwetter)

3-4 Zalazar (87′, Right Foot Shot, Dittgen)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Paqarada(3), Smith(1)

Match highlights here 

Further reading:

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