Matchday 20: FC Sankt Pauli vs SV Sandhausen 2-1

Posted: February 6, 2021 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Sack Schultz, sack Oke, sack the board!

Yeah! It may ended up a little more adventurous than we would like but mission eventually accomplished. Victory over SVS, gap from the relegation zone increased and the most important thing, which derives not from our place in the table but rather from the attitude of this squad: we have stopped looking below us, head is high, gazing above. It’s looking good 😎


We got in the game in our usual (lately) aggressive manner but this time it wasn’t effective and it didn’t last for long. First occasion of the game a Zalazar free kick on 1′, right into the grasp of Kapino and the first BIG ONE on 5′ by the usual suspect, Burgstaller! A brilliant long diagonal Zalazar ball to Burgstaller, who went a little astray but dribbled Kapino and tried for the goal, Kapino found the ball with his left leg enough to divert it and send it towards Rossipal who sent it away with his head right on the line! Important detail: in case ball was ending in, goal probably wouldn’t pass the VAR test, Burgstaller was slightly offside when he receiced the ball 😎 Unfortunately, not much after the spectacular entrance and, in fact, SVS moved foward a little and got kind of control of the match for the following 10′ but without any consequences, their top highlight a Behrens dangerous header, fortunately a little over our crossbar. From this point onwards, not really much until the end of the 1st half. A long Paqarada (after 6 years in SVS this must not have been really easy) free kick right over Kapino‘s crossbar on 18’, another Zalazar shot again into the hands of Kapino…and our biggest opportunity in the 1st half (ARGH!) on 43: a super Zalazar diagonal assist bringing Marmoush into the box (slightly to the left) facing Kapino, he maybe did a few extra steps before attempting, thing is that he approached really close and fired from an acute angle, giving the chance to Kapino to save the day for SVS. To the dressing rooms with 0-0, slightly below (increased lately) expectations but with 45′ in our disposal to achieve a goal and our goal.

The 43′ incident (source:, ©️Witters)

2nd half started with almost absolute FCSP domination but with nothing significant coming out of it, can only recall a Zalazar me-against-the-world moment on 54′, when he managed to eventually get rid of everybody in the right edge of the box and pass a dream take-it-and-score, parallel to the goal posts, assist which unfortunately nobody was there to convert to a goal. The Gordian knot was finally cut on 67′! A Marmoush shot outside the box, deflected on an SVS leg sent the ball right of Kapino‘s posts where Becker arrived first and, with an immediate parallel to the posts ball over neutralized Kapino, found Kyereh in front of the empty net for a goal that not even I would miss 😆 1-0 for FCSP and before celebrations by brown white wackos all around the globe chill out, 2-0 on 72′!!! Burgstaller (who else) the culprit, deflecting right in front of Capino a Kyereh shot for our second – Kapino couldn’t believe it (Burgstaller was right in front of him) and he directly got up screaming for offside but his defense had betrayed him 😎 Wild outcome and it became even more wild when SVS scored immediatelly afterwards (74′) and got straight back in business… Diekmeier cross from the right to (all alone) Rossipal in the top left of our box, direct shot/pass (whatever) from Rossipal where Behrens got his leg first and left no options to Stojanovic… This evolved really fast, still I have the feeling that Rossipal shouldn’t be alone there… Even worse than the goal were its consequences, it was like psychology was reversed, SVS naturally tried and eventually got the upper hand, imho opinion, we made it easier for them by retreating and waiting for them (not really smart). The good news is that nothing came out of it, there was a lot of suspense, a constant feeling of pressure but, aside a weak Bachmann shot, easily taken care of by Stojanovic, and a real chance on 92′ with a Schmidt attempt from really close distance but under strong pressure by Ziereis, ending up right next to Stojanovic‘s left post, guests protested for a penaly there but, sorry guys, this is not what penalties are made of. Full time whistle in general relief and a bloody 6pter at home!

67′, Finn Ole Becker has just done his magic and, by the looks of him, he seems perfectly aware of it 😎 (source:, ©️Witters)

Watching in relief the celebrations taking place in the pitch following the end of the game, for some reason my head went immediatelly (not the first time but today, after this milestone, it just hit home) to the December AGM where certain people asked for the removal of almost everybody in order to save the season… We’re all FCSP fans here, there are no “now, fuck off back in your box” or something words for these people, we all live under the same roof. I just hope that all these people have now some more trust to the Club and have understood that what makes us what we are is our different way of doing things and, despite having marketing (this is also a Club direction of course but too big of a topic for here) making us more and more looking like a brand instead of a football club, we overall do quite well when comes to action. This squad will move on to the future with Timo and this is the way to go. You’re on board, happy days for everyone. You’re not? In such a case, you should maybe think if FCSP is the thing for you. There are quite some clubs that are not FCSP but are still decent enough and have bigger success perspectives than us, one of these clubs could be the way to go for you…

Current plan (with all the patches applied to face the odds) is mainly about building based on our own people, hence buidling based on our culture. There’s simply no FCSP without the “cultural” element, losing that we’ll become eventually a club like all the others (read above) with some “alternative habits”. We have gone astray from this path for sometime, now that we’re again on the right direction there should be no stepbacks.

So, we move on ahead and…upwards in the table by the way (😎). This climbing exercise passes through Nürnberg. Going there and hold our ground will be nice, robbing the house will be lovely and, the way things look lately, something like that looks quite feasible. You’re allowed to have sentimental moments when seeing Mats, we don’t have any, it would be something having him back on board but he chose FCN and, thankfully, seems that we do just fine without him. Let’s go there then, do what we do well lately and we’ll take it from there next week, FORZA SANKT PAULI  ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Zander for Ohlsson (78′)

Aremu for Smith (79’)

Reginiussen (welcome!) for Marmoush (84’)

Dittgen for Becker (84’)

Makienok for Burgstaller (90’)

Match goals:

1-0 Kyereh (67′, Right foot shot, Becker)

2-0 Burgstaller (72′, Right Foot Shot, Kyereh)

2-1 Behrens (74′, Right Foot Shot, Rossipal)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Kyereh(2)

Match highlights here 

Further reading:

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  2. Harro Julius Petersen says:

    Great article on the match!
    Greetings from Hamburg!

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