Matchday 21: 1. FC Nürnberg vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-2

Posted: February 15, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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We are the wolves among the herd!!!

Yeeeeah baby! Sankt Pauli are the bad boys in the hood nowadays. The hoodlums. Comin at your town, bustin the opponent team’s teeth in, drinking all the booze at the local bar and returning home, holding the opponent banners upside down…What a game man! Is there a better way to end your week other than watching the terror in the opponent’s eyes after our Boys in Brown are done with them? Trainer Klauß’s frustration after his loss was a sight for sore eyes. Stop whining little one! Much more important people than you have shared the same fate and many more will….


First half underway and although we seem confident, FCN has the first big moment. 9’ and after a free kick from Geis the ball stays with Dovedan. Dovedan shoots from close distance but Stojanovic is there repelling a dangerous shot. A dangerous moment that ended with Ziereis sending the ball away. Our midline got busy after that. 15’ and after a free kick for us and the ball ends with Burgstaller whose shot has no luck. Guido again on 23’ , attacking from the right and sending a nice high pass in front of Mathenia. Zalazar jumps for the header but misses it. The ball goes to Kyereh. He passes to Paqarada who shoots but the ball goes a bit far from FCN right crossbar. Our midline was pumped, feeding with the proper passes the front line. Zalazar mostly but Becker also being really active. On 29’, a corner for Sankt Pauli and after a couple of headers, the ball ends with Burgstaller. Guido shoots but the ball hits Mathenia’s upper crossbar. FCN owes a lot to Mathenia’s luck these first moments. On 35’ Marmoush tests his foot against FCN but his shot is blocked. On 38’ a top class act from the Boys in Brown. Zalazar sends a great pass to Burgstaller. Guido controls and sends to Kyereh. Kyereh sees Marmoush ready to fire and passes to his right. Marmoush shoots but the ball goes a bit more right than it should. Burgstaller sees that and cleverly uses the inner side of his foot changing the course of the ball sending it straight to the nets, but Mathenia is lucky once again as the ball hits him and gets repelled. Guido though was a hungry wolf that had just smelled blood. Wouldn’t let this thing go away so easy.  45’+1 Marmoush with the ball at his feet sees Burgstaller pointing at him. Sends him an excellent pass and Guido does what he knows best. Executes Mathenia

Second half underway and FCN’s anxiety is obvious early enough. We owned the center and whenever they tried to go for an attempt, they would easily lose the ball. On 64’ the ball is brought back to the field from Sankt Pauli really quick and sent to Kyereh who goes deep in FCN box. Mühl has no other way to stop him, other than bringing him down illegally. Rightfully earned penalty for Sankt Pauli, executed by Marmoush on 65’, doubling the goals on our behalf. On 73’, Mats Möller Daehli with the ball at his feet. The ex Sankt Paulianer sends a nice pass in our box. Our defense repels but the ball is brought back with a lobe. A header from Borkowski but Stojanovic secures the ball between his gloves. Two minutes later though, on 77’, the same plan again for FCN seems to work. Almost a copy paste. Mats Möller Daehli sending out to Latteier and he goes for the high pass. Borkowski sends a header to where Stojanovic can’t reach. 1-2 and this is all FCN did for the second half. This and a shot from our ex comrade.  82’ and Mats Möller Daehli on a nice shot but Stojanovic is there blocking the ball. The answer from the boys in brown on 88’. Zander plays nicely and passes to Ohlsson. Sebastian sends to Matanovic who shoots on the spot but Mathenia blocks the ball once again. Last big moment in the game from us. 90’ and Reginiussen steals the ball, marching downhill to FCN box. Passes to Dittgen who shoots but the ball goes millimeters away from Mathenia’s left crossbar. Five minutes later the ref whistles for one last time sending both teams to the lockers.

The team goes straight as an arrow man! Our front line is FULL OF PISS AND VINEGAR! Attacking in waves and keeping a constant pressure, choking out the opponent’s defense till they get their weak spot. Once they get it, it is a matter of time until they score. Burgstaller (the usual suspect), Zalazar, Marmoush, Kyereh, Becker…you name it! Timo has finally turned our attack plan from the flanks where it used to be, to the center. Sankt Pauli attacks mostly from the center downtown and then it is either going to the flanks only to be brought back to the center again or it is directly distributed in the opponent’s box for 1-2 action until the shot. Can’t go wrong this way I’m tellin you. Now…as for the defense. Progress is made definitely. Especially in this match day, Nürnberg could not unfold any sort of attack. 4 defensives in a row and Smith in front of them held tight and dissolved FCN’s frontline. With a bit more work in this path I believe the defense will soon reach the level, our frontline is! Timo knows. Timo sure knows!!! Next game is Saturday against Darmstadt. We have gained some points separating us from relegation zone but still we cannot catch a breath. We got long way to go. Besides….Who said these lads want to catch a breath. Every game they look hungrier than ever….Poor Darmstadt….Hahaha….Only one team in Hamburg and this is us…FORZA SANKT PAULI!!! ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Aremu for Smith (50’)

Dittgen for Marmoush (79’)

Zander for Kyereh (85’)

Reginiussen for Becker (85’)

Matanovic for Burgstaller (85’)

Match goals:

0-1 Burgstaller (45′+1, Right foot shot, Marmoush)

0-2 Marmoush (65′, Right Foot Shot, Kyereh)

1-2 Borkowski (77′, Header, Latteier)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis (1), Lawrence (3), Matanovic (2)

Match highlights here 

Further reading:

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