Matchday 23: FC Sankt Pauli vs H$V 1-0!!!

Posted: March 2, 2021 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Last moment funeral service

Gehst du durch’s Viertel, Hörst’s jeden rufen,
Liest es auf Schildern, Wänden und auf Stufen,
Schwarz, weiß und blau, mag keine Sau,
FC Sankt Pauli, euer Supergau!



This one actually had even elements of pre-match atmosphere 😇 To begin with, there was an early afternoon attempt from some H$V scum (NOT with a capital “S”, aside yesterday, rumours say that they have become really cheeky lately and are “visiting” the neighborhood really often for graffiti purposes, taking advantage of the COVID situation) to tear down the big banner deployed at Paulinenstraße (outside the Fuck-Your-National-Identity building, see below). This didn’t went really well, they had to abandon the place, leaving behind a ladder and their license plate data 😎

No further escalation was reported (fate of the car to be known in the future maybe), evening was mostly about a pyro welcome to our bus (👍🏾) and a spectacular fireworks show that impressed even Daniel Thioune (a big “wow” with a smile looking at the sky, while greeting Timo 😆)

Derby could had started in a shocking way but the Südkurve posts (thrice last week, twice yesterday) have evolved to a part-time (45′) cornerstone for our defense 😅 A Kittel direct free kick from Hell (30+m) sent the ball all the way to Stojanovic‘s left junction (couldn’t do shit about it), Stojanovic got up in time to prevent the goal from the rebound shot by Ambrosius by repelling to corner, that was close… Kittel repeated this from slightly closer again on 12′, again really dangerous, Stojanovic repeated this time what he did earlier with the rebound shot. Our opening good chance was an excellent Zalazar shot (imagine a diagonal line from their posts to their right box corner, extending 5-6m out of the box) that ended up JUST wide Ulreich‘s left post. Another shot from Burgstaller on 17′ (same orientation but just into the box), this time straight into Ulreich‘s grasp. A setpiece foul from the right for H$V on 21’, ball deep in the heart of our box where Jung (all alone, Lawrence “was fishing” 😅) fired the bouncing header…again to the Südkurve crossbar 😅 This foul signified also the substitution of Ziereis a few minutes later (28′) with Reginiussen. Philipp too militant, even for the derby, already with a yellow from 11′, came quite close to a 2nd one there, Timo did the right thing to pull him out. WHAAAAAA!!! BIG ONE FOR US on 23′, deep Zalazar free kick into the heart of the box, direct Burgstaller interference, ball to Ulreich and a small chaos in there before someone clears the ball, ARGH! Two great minutes for Marmoush 28′-29′! In the first occasion, he flew high behind the far post to recover a lost Zalazar cross from the left, bringing the ball right in front of the line, where nobody had followed for the decisive push. Immediatelly afterwards he had a very dangerous shot, from within the box to the right, having first distributed vomit bags to the H$V defense, it’s amazing what this boy can do with the ball at his legs. Nothing really spectacular until the end of the half but still a really intense game with both squads going for the win and a pace that had you on your toes for the bigger part of it.

Marmoush – poetry in motion (source:, ©️Witters)

2nd half started with a really controversial decision, a penalty awarded to FCSP for a Jung foul to Zalazar into the box. Decision was called off following VAR review, a really marginal decision for a really marginal situation, I wouldn’t award it personally but there are a few others in my crew that would happily do it, whatever, game on. Game evolved in a less spectacular way comparing to the 1st half, nevertheless the feeling that something could happen at any given point was always there. Terodde had his goal on 66′, of course it was directly called off without protests for handball but, considering the fact that he found himself alone if front of Stojanovic following a setpiece before the handball, this can be easily classified as a dangerous one. They also had a Dudziak (hello 😎) shot, easily blocked by Stojanovic on 67′. Good chance for us on 69′ with Ulreich blocking in 2 phases a Burgstaller shot from within the box to the right and, in terms of opportunities that was it. Game was still intense but the closer was getting to the end, the more possible a draw was looking, something that at the end of the day shouldn’t really bother us, to be a champ you have to beat the champ, otherwise belts stays where it is ^ ^ So with this and that and clock having reached 88′, DOOOOOOOOOOM for H$V!!! Classy diagonal lobe from Zalazar into the box to Zander (just in for Becker), Zander knowing that he’s too far to the right, instead of trying on his own, cut the ball towawrds incoming (with some momentum) Kyereh who fuckin’ executed Ulreich, H$V, their friends, their Rangers friends and all their associates, GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shocked by the pleasant outcome watched the last minutes which had to offer…absolutely nothing (😆), only this idiot Leibold managed to get himself a well deserved red and watch the promotion deathmatch vs Kiel on TV. Full time whistle, game over, HAMBURG IST BRAUN WEISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

Nothing to be said here, header picture tells all the story. General Schultz (with high external advisory from Millernton Maik, who suggested the “execute them late” match plan, Timo you rock 🤣👍🏾)  completely dissolved the opponent. They were dangerous, they are a good squad with a smart coach but all their chances (not so many actually) came from direct free kicks or setpieces (hmmm). We were the better team, unlike lots of other times, we didn’t get in the pitch to “steal” the game, we got in the pitch to beat them and this is exactly what we did. Afraid even to think what we could do to them, having their money to spend… KO on Rd 12, City Belt stays here, fuck off, goodbye 😎

OK, now what? What’s left to conquer? The nightmare of relegation just two months ago seems a distant memory, City Championship stayed home, seems like we are out of (obvious) targets. No, we’re not, there’s some more good football to be played, some more improvement to take place (next season, WITHOUT becoming obssessed, we think BIG) and…maybe conquer the unofficial 2nd round title 😅 (this is practically total bullshit, but I have noticed more than one friends talking about it, so it’s eventually about “making fans happy” 😆). At the end of the day, playing for FCSP it should be enough on its own, let’s go Karlsruhe on Saturday (dangerous opponent there) and kick some ass, 12 points away from promotion playoffs with 11 matches to go (🤣), FORZA SANKT PAULI, C’MON YOU BOYS IN BROWN  ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Reginiussen for Ziereis (28′)

Buballa for Paqarada (78’)

Matanovic for Marmoush (87’)

Zander for Becker (87’)

Match goals:

1-0 Kyereh (88′, Right foot shot, Zander)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis (2), Marmoush (2), Reginiussen (1), Benatelli (4), Burgstaller (2)

Match highlights here 

Further reading:

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