Matchday 24: Karlsruher SC vs FC Sankt Pauli 0-0

Posted: March 8, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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One Point but still…Our Game!

After the glorious H$V ass woopin, the Boys in Brown visited Wildparkstadion to show Karlsruhe how the others felt when their time had come to face the beast called Sankt Pauli. Hats off for KSC for standing their ground although we got to pick the moments in the game. Against a tight defense we managed to score no goal this time. The game though was ours. Our defense prevailed, showing great signs of improvement and our midline managed to dissolve KSC gameplan. They might have had ball possession but don’t let yourself get fooled here! We got to pick the shots!


First half underway with the first moment in the game belonging to us. On 7’ Zalazar sends a distant pass to Burgstaller. Guido shoots but his shot finds Kobald’s foot. Ends with Kyereh though. Daniel dribbles a bit more than he should and shoots a bit lousy with Gersbeck repelling it. What a great chance for an opening goal from Sankt Pauli. We were the hunters here. KSC had ball possession but really when your opponent has you turned into a dog chasing his own tail, laughing at you…well…You can keep your ball possession. Especially in this first half we dominated the midline and did whatever we wanted with KSC being unable to follow our pace.  On 10’ Aremu tests his foot against Gersbeck but his shot is blocked. All KSC had to complaint about was supposedly an extended arm from Reginiussen on 14’ while on an air duel against Hofmann. VAR proved them wrong though as our Norwegian defensive did not touch the ball. On 19’ Burgstaller again on another shot against KSC. This time his shot was not able to threat as it was kind of weak allowing Gersbeck to block it properly. The action proceeds and the ball ends with Marmoush on 31’. Omar dribbles through KSC defensives and shoots a dynamite against their nets. A bit more high and a bit more right than he originally planned though. Great shot and another great moment from us in the game. On 36’ a great pass for Burgstaller goes to waste as Bormuth is there sending the ball using his head, back to Gersbeck. First half ends with us of course. Kyereh on 43’, dribbling downhill to KSC box. Right before he became dangerous though, Wanitzek falls and tackles exquisitely saving KSC from further trouble!

Second half underway and on 53’ KSC becomes dangerous for the first time when Lorenz finds space to shoot but Ohlsson is there to block his ball with a tackle. KSC once again protests for illegal hand use from Ohlsson but the VAR once again proves them wrong.  A moment later Paqarada takes initiative. Shoots nicely but his shot although distant and heavy, is not so precise, ending away from Gersbeck’s nets. Just like the first half, the best chance in the second half belonged to us! 57’ and Kyereh passes to Paqarada. Leart sends to Benatelli who shoots nicely against Gersbeck, who barely makes it to extend his foot and send the ball out to safety. Great moment for Sankt Pauli who seemed to shake the ground against a KSC who seemed wobbly. No matter how dazed they ware, they needed to react. Somehow, Goller is left alone with the ball on 60’ running downhill to our left flank. Stojanovic falls true though and repels the shot. On 72’ Zalazar attempts to break into KSC defense without much luck though. On 79’ Stojanovic once again shows his class. Falls true and repels a dangerous shot from Hofmann. Ball is later sent away from Paqarada. Our defense appeared really improved blocking KSC formation , grounding them to zero and of course acting properly on one or two occasions they managed to break through. Last moment in this game comes on 86’ with Dittgen running downhill against KSC box. Turns the ball in for Zander and the second sends to Zalazar. Rodrigo shoots nicely but a bit of target. 3 minutes of extra time and the ref whistles for the last time sending the players to the locker rooms.

Yes…Sometimes things don’t work out. We had our moments that’s for sure. Guido had his shot, Omar had his shot, Rodrigo had his shot, Daniel-Kofi had his shot. What can I say? The bastartds got lucky. Our shots could find no aim and those that did, somehow ended in KSC feet. Sometimes the damn thing just won’t go in! No big deal. We can try all we want as long as our defense line is solid and guess what? Our defense looked more solid than ever in this matchday. Granite!  Zero fuck ups…Can you believe that? Timo is making it work! Paqarada, Lawrence, Reginiussen and Ohlsson created a cement wall crushing every attempt KSC had in finding their way to our nets. And the few times they managed to make a shot, Stojanovic was there. We knew Timo would find his way to make it work. We knew it would happen eventually. It is just too bad we lost all this time until it worked but who cares? We still have enough games to see our beloved Sankt Pauli dictate their ways of proper football! Next game is with Paderborn in Millerntor on Monday. Bring it! The boss in Hamburg awaits! FORZA SANKT PAULI! ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Dittgen for Benatelli (69’)

Zander for Marmoush (69’)

Matanovic for Burgstaller (85’)

Daschner for Kyereh (85’)

Match goals: 


Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Ohlsson (6)

Match highlights here 

Further reading:

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