Matchday 25: FC Sankt Pauli vs SC Paderborn 07 0-2

Posted: March 16, 2021 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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A fine day to screw up

2nd consecutive game without a victory, 2nd consecutive game without Burgstaller scoring and a home defeat after a couple of months in Millerntor… “So what?” says the Scum, play on 😎


Short intro here for a mention to the special jersey worn yesterday, a jersey so good at the level it made our Twitter admin (my sorry ass) to forget the UA logo and post the fucker, good stuff 😊

The good stuff ends somewhere here, SCP got really early in the driver’s seat with a poisonous counter attack having Führich as last recipient of the ball, who managed to beat Stojanovic for the 0-1 on 7′, Lawrence was debited with the own goal, simply for arriving too early and trying an unsuccesful tackle right on the line. A good challenge to turn around the game after such a cold start, we simply didn’t respond to it. It wasn’t about SCP throwing the “lucky punch” and then retreat, they kept dominating the game all the way until 35-40′. Score could be 0-2 already on 21′, when Srbeny marched uninterrupted from the center to our box and tried a shot that ended up just wide Stojanovic‘s right post, and things became even more difficult when a (bollocks) penalty was awarded to SCP on 27′. Thankfully penalty was called off but the reason was as ridiculous as the penalty, an offside at the beginning of the incident, play on after 3-4′. FCSP appeared in the incident table for the first time on 40′ with a Paqarada diagonal free kick from the right which forced Zingerle to a corner save. There was some pressure and a couple of shot attempts but that was all, half ended “prematurely on 45+4′ after a head clash between Zander and Antwi-Adjei, nothing serious, maybe a couple of stitches for both 👍🏾

2nd half expected with lots of anticipation and, with the very beginning of it, seemed that things could change. BIG chance for FCSP on 48′, with Marmoush firing and aiming from some 20m, directly facing the goal, forcing Zingerle to a BIG corner save. Indeed things were looking like have changed, it wasn’t rainning opportunties but we managed at least to regain control of the game that belonged almost completely to SCP during the first half. This almost paid up on 65′ but, incoming with some momentum, Benatelli wasted the excellent Burgstaller pass with a shot from the heart of the box that ended up somewhere. And while we were thinking that something’s gotta give, there you have the FCSP we all love and cherish and hadn’t seen for a while. SCP corner from the right, a lame Schonlau header, the fuck-up of the week by Stojanovic (no worries, chin up!), 0-2 for SCP and practically game over on 69’… Nothing really significant until the end, not only because 0-2 executed our morale but furthermore due to the fact that SCP (serious all along the match) didn’t give us any rights to believe that we can do anything. There was actually one COLOSSAL chance on 90′ and it was for them. Indescribable Sunday League scenes with some SCP players running full speed ahead towards Stojanovic, observed from distance by some brown white guys having already accepted their fate (0-3). The others did, Stojanovic didn’t and, thanks to him and some majestic SCP screw ups, eventually humiliation was avoided. FT, 0-2, it’s alright, could be more 😅

69, game over (source:, ©️Witters)

Would happen sooner or later, can’t win them all, at least not yet 😎 No complaints from the squad, wasn’t a loss due to some really pathetic performance, it was a defeat against an opponent that was simply better in the pitch. No dirty tricks, they were fast, they used the offensive pressing that Timo loves to use succesfully against us, they kicked our butt fair and square in a few words. Thank you, congrats, we’ll kick yours next time 😎

No damage done (except maybe promotion ambitions shattered 🤣), not even to our morale (don’t know if that makes me an insensitive bastard, nevertheless I wasn’t even slightly bothered (with the exception of some “human” reactions during the game 😄) with this), play on. Plan is regroupping and a trip to Osnabrück to get us back on the pink path. OK, these guys need the win really hard but they seem to be by far the weakest squad of the league during the 2nd round, they will need some big help from us in order to do it. No favors, just football, let’s go down there and kick some ass, forza ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Aremu for Zander (46′)

Makienok for Paqarada (75’)

Dittgen for Zalazar (76’)

Daschner for Benatelli (76’)

Matanovic for  Kyereh (89’)

Match goals:

0-1 Lawrence (7′, Left foot own goal, Führich)

0-2 Schonlau (69′, Header, Thalhammer)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Aremu (4), Ohlsson (7)

Match highlights here (really short, only the goals actually, too bad, missing the 90′ incident)

Further reading:

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