Matchday 27: FC Sankt Pauli vs Eintracht Braunschweig 2-0

Posted: April 6, 2021 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Eat this EBS!

source:, ©️Witters

Last Monday home game, at least for a while (to be abolished from next season), without anyone inside to shout “Scheiß Montag”, with a hell of snow towards the end (augmented Hamburgerwetter) and a Sankt Pauli that did whatever they liked with EBS for the opening 40′ and spent the 2nd half in maintenance mode, playing around with their prey, like Sylvester playing with the corpse of Tweety (EBS outfit helped here). Not bad, not bad at all for weekday evening entertainment 😎


Before going any further here, a small remark. EBS had a couple of absences due to COVID cases which appeared on Friday. Both sides were against game taking place (not for sporting reasons of course) and, as DFL decided to go ahead with the game, there was a joint decision that no delegates from both clubs will attend the stadium as a form of protest towards the handling of the situation by DFL, during one of the toughest phases of the pandemic in Germany. Of course this is a complex conversation, question if football should be played at these times is a tough one, with obvious arguments against and some more related with the survival of the clubs in favor. Certainly too big for in here, let’s jump back to the fun part.

WHOA! Aggresive brown white attitude really paid up this time and from the very beginning! 1-0 already on 7′, thanks to Marmoush who did everything, made it all the way to their box (they should never leave him unattended with such space, no matter where he was 😎), had some fun there with the EBS defense and eventually finished the job, giving them a good spoiler of the final outcome. And of course the Egyptian Magician didn’t stop there (how the fuck we’re going to replace him?), he did another big trick on 14′ with an excellent take-it-and-score pass to Kyereh who didn’t have the slightest problem to dribble Fejzic and finish both the attack and EBS! 2-0 already on 14′ against despicable EBS, not ashamed that I immediatelly got wet with handball level scoring fantasies but unfortunately a combination of jinx and inefectiveness deprived us of such pleasures. Excellent FCSP development on 18′, ending up to a Paqarada cross from the left to (again unattended, they didn’t learn) Marmoush who saw his “finish him” header (from 6m, he didn’t even had to jump), instead of ending to 3-0, banging on Fejzic‘s upper right post before deflecting to safety (for them). Burgstaller managed to miss on 35′ the goal that not even me in Feldarena under the influence of various substances would miss and Benatelli on 44′ could do much better with the magic Marmoush pass than he eventually did. Where was EBS all this time? Busy, suffering…


They had a parade last weekend in Egypt, transferring the Ancient Gods to the new museum. Fortunately, they missed one who escaped and now reigns at Millerntor, 1-0, 7′ 😇 (source:, ©️Witters)

2nd half started in style. Zalazar tried his luck on 48′ from within the box and slightly to the left under pressure but Fejzic was there and saved EBS from the 3rd one. He actually repeated it against Burgstaller (wasn’t his day yesterday 😅) on 52′, keeping EBS alive – if this one was in, game would officially end for EBS somewhere there. ANOTHER big one for FCSP on 54′, with a fast counter attack – Kyereh moved directly towards the goal, passed to Marmoush to the left at the right time, Marmoush did his stuff again but this time the final shot wasn’t it, ended up just by Fejzic‘s right post. FCSP still on the driver’s seat but no 3rd goal after the initial storming entrance, despite the chances that were there. Another good one on 73’, this time with Daschner (right after his entrance in the pitch) who took advantage of the EBS defensive mess, put his leg on the right time but Fejzic was again there to save them as he was again on 79′ to deflect to a corner a really dangerous Becker shot just outside the 16yd box, without him score would be certainly higher. Our last chance (under a sudden hell of snow!!!) by Matanovic (in on 88′) who managed to dribble Fejzic on 90′ but went too much to the right and eventually out of balance, resulting to a really unlucky finish. EBS appeared on the match on…92′ (they had another one on 60′ but eventually offside was awarded) with a shot from 8m which ended up really close to Stojanovic‘s left post. Full time, 2-0 instead of 7-0, well done you Boys in Brown 😎

Ohaha, we fucked them up alright 😆 90′ of full entertainment, lots of chances all along the game and lots of creative football, especially in the first half. Considering where we were in Xmas, the feeling of watching carefree your squad playing good football and being able to have fun with our attackers missing unthinkable chances was almost unreal. Guests were properly served, hopefully Sandhausen and Osnabrück (hmmm…) will move their ass and we will not have to see EBS again soon, an excellent evening overall, thank you Timo, crew and squad!

Now 8th place (at the moment, Hannover has -2 games), 38 pts (2 below the 40 milestone, which seems that it will not be required anyway), what to do now? Exorcising demons would be a good idea and we have one coming ahead. It’s Aue away on Saturday. Only 2 (!) victories over them (at home 2020, away 2013), they properly kick our ass whenever they find us 😅 This is an excellent chance to start finally putting some order, we have nothing to lose, we have a kick-ass squad and a morale high up to the sky, let’s go and rob the house, forza Sankt Pauli ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Knoll for Dzwigala (62′)

Dittgen for Marmoush (73’)

Daschner for Kyereh (73’)

Aremu for Becker (88’)

Matanovic for Burgstaller (88’)

Match goals:

1-0 Marmoush (7′, Right foot shot, Burgstaller)

2-0 Kyereh (14′, Left foot shot, Marmoush)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Kyereh (3), Zander (3)

Match goals here

Further reading:

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