Matchday 28: Erzgebirge Aue vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-3

Posted: April 12, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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“Libera Te Tutemet Ex Inferis”

…and the ground trembled and the earth shook…The beating Aue received in this match day was more than relentless. Wave after wave after wave, Sankt Pauli dominated every inch of the field and kept hammering and hammering poor Aue until they could take no more. A message from them to our upcoming rivals could be “Save yourself from hell” (translation to the latin title…Go watch Event Horizon damn it)


We literally didn’t manage it to make ourselves comfortable in our seats and Sankt Pauli delivers the first punch. First minute in the game and Zalazar executes a foul kick.  Ball passes through every Aue defensive and ends with Zander who explodes, going for a splendid header, sending the ball behind Männel and into Aue’s nets. 0-1 for Sankt Pauli and the party had just begun. Aue tried to react on 5’ with two distant shots. One from Testroet and a rebound shot from Nazarov. Stojanovic falls true both times and repels the danger. On 7’ a high pass to Burgstaller slightly misses him. Guido had eyes fixed on target, ready to execute but Aue defensives blocked the ball literally the last moment. On 18’ Guido again dribbles around Aue’s defensives. Enters the box and losses the ball. No foul here and the game continues. All Sankt Pauli so far with Aue trying to react to Sankt Pauli’s fierce start but finding no luck as Sankt Pauli kept hammering. Zalazar had his own thing going, taking the ball from the middle and having fun with Aue’s defensives being unable to follow him. Marmoush and Burgstaller carrying the torch giving nightmares to Aue’s defense line doing literally anything they wanted. On 36’, Rodrigo Zalazar passes through everyone in the middle and sends to Burgstaller. Männel rushes and catches the ball seconds before Guido became dangerous. On 40’ again Marmoush tries to become dangerous but fails to control the ball properly. One minute later, Testroet attempts a shot but goes some meters away from Stojanovic. Totally controlled with Stojanovic not even breaking a sweat. Final moment in the game comes on 45’ with Paqarada attempting a shot/pass but goes way above Männel’s crossbars.

Second half underway and again, early enough Sankt Pauli ensures Aue that their beating wasn’t over yet. 49’ and Burgstaller leaves the ball to Rodrigo. Devastating shot just outside Aue’s box leaving them without any response. Rodrigo has spoken. Some minutes later, on 56’, a foul kick from Paqarada and Zander is the last man in the line of Aue’s defensives. Unnoticed, he extends his foot sending the ball in their nets for the second time on his personal counter and third time for Sankt Pauli. 0-3 for the Boys in Brown. Two minutes later, on 58’, Marmoush receives the ball dribbling around Aue’s box. Finds his space and shoots nicely but Männel repels. Sankt Pauli would not allow Aue to catch a breath. Zalazar and Paqarada would push forward either with distant passes or with straight forward attacks built from the center and down to the flanks or directly to Aue’s box. On 69’ after a corner kick for Sankt Pauli, Kyereh shoots on the spot. Männel does the save of his life sending the ball out of bounds. Aue had really nothing to show in this second half other than their goal on 73’. Baumgart sends a sneaky pass to Testroet where we fails to control. Testroet sends the ball to our nets but that was all there was to it. Later in the game, on 80’, Daschner is a breath away from turning the score into an easy 1-4. Dittgen sends the pass and Daschner takes his time, controlling the ball and going for the shot sending the ball awfully higher than needed. Game ends with Zander attempting a shot against Männel but again he keeps the score as it was.

Sankt Pauli was more dominant than ever. Every inch of the field was us, dissolving Aue’s game plan in every aspect. Their defense was mostly in blocking Burgstaller, forgetting that Guido not only scores, but also passes and creates opportunities for the others. Tried to block Marmoush too but they forgot that Sankt Pauli has answers now. With every Aue defensive fixed on Guido and Marmoush, Zander found his way through and scored twice. Zalazar’s goal was just Rodrigo being Rodrigo. The punisher! Judge, Jury and executioner himself. In other newz…Our defense was exquisite. They were caught off-guard just once but besides that, all of them worked cohesively. A granite wall, diffusing Aue’s front line! No more comments on it. This is what we want to see and I am sure that this is what the boys will deliver. Next Saturday our game is against Würzburg. Moral is higher than ever from the BOSS IN HAMBURG! FORZA SANKT PAULI!!! ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Dittgen for Marmoush (67)

Daschner for Becker (67)

Aremu for Benatelli (67)

Reginiussen for Burgstaller (83)

Matanovic for Kyereh (89)

Match goals: 

0-1 Zander (1′, Header, Zalazar)

0-2 Zalazar (49′, Right Foot Shot, Burgstaller)

0-3 Zander (56’, Right Foot Shot, Paqarada)

1-3 Testroet (73’, Right Foot Shot, Baumgart)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

Match highlights here 

Further reading:

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