Matchday 29: FC Sankt Pauli vs Würzburger Kickers 4-0!

Posted: April 18, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Knock Knock!!!

Ok…Würzburg stood no chance. A team that sees Relegation as an inevitable outcome of their nonexistence in the field, came to Millerntor hoping to at least hold a clean sheet. Yeah right! One thing’s for sure….We could maybe be a bit less rough but…consider this as payback for the first round when despite the fact that you knew the game was getting cancelled you let us roam the city all day and let us know just two hours before the deadline. Really funny…I don’t see you laughing now! Stick that to your scull you bozos. You don’t mess with the Boys in Brown unless you are willing to take a beating!


Action early enough for Sankt Pauli. 4’ and a ball stolen in the midline from Würzburg ends with Marmoush who marches downhill in Würzburg’s box. Shoots and the ball finds Kraulich’s ankle who tries to block, changing its course, ending inside their nets. 1-0 for Sankt Pauli and the party had just begun. On 17’, Zalazar after messing around with Würzburg defensives, finds a spot and shoots but the ball is repelled, ending with Dittgen. Maximilian tries to push it to the nets but all he does is send the ball out of bounds. One minute later, on 18’, a corner kick from Zalazar ends to Ziereis’s feet. Ziereis shoots but the ball finds Würzburg legs and gets repelled. Benatelli is there though sending the rebound inside Würzburg’s nets for the 2-0. Würzburg was clearly lost. The bad start was succeeded from an even worse response from them. Wobbly and unorganized they tried to push forward but this was no way to come against the machine called Sankt Pauli. On 22’ Becker passes cleverly to Paqarada. Leart leaves the ball roll in front of him and sends a 22 meters distant thunderbolt in helpless Würzburg’s nets. 3-0 for Sankt Pauli who showed no intention to back down. Ball locked in the midline and from there building up all our game play. One or two times that Würzburg made it past our midline they were easily blocked by our defense. It is 30’ and we have 60% ball possession, 9 shots on target and 3 goals. This pretty much sums up the first half. The only time Würzburg could say was close to a goal was on 36’ when Kopacz shoots a strong but way off target shot against us. Stojanovic didn’t break a sweat!

Second half underway and Sankt Pauli picked up from where we left. Clock shows 50’ and Paqarada sends a nice pass to Kyereh. Daniel does not even think to dribble. Shoots on the spot from distance, turning the score into a 4-0. On 59’ Dittgen almost makes it for the 5-0 when after a pass from Daschner he is chasing after the ball before it reached Giefer. Misses his chance but falls, feet first, on Giefer receiving a yellow card. On 62’ Dittgen again after dribbling around Würzburg defensives, shoots but his shots goes a bit more left than he wanted. Nothing was over for us. 4-0 on our behalf and we still had Würzburg on the hunt. Closer than ever to this 5-0 comes Daschner with a header after Paqarada’s exquisite distant high pass. The ball actually shaves Giefer’s right crossbar ending in the outer net area. It was the right time and momentum for Timo to try players that usually don’t have this much game time.  Wieckhoff and Makienok in, Becker and Kyereh out. By this time Würzburg just begged for the ref to whistle for the last time.  Nice downhill from Wieckhoff on 77’ , going in from Giefer’s left side. His pass is blocked by Würzburg defensives though. More or less this was all the action in the second half with us having the first say. The ref didn’t even bother to go for extra time. Final whistle must have sounded so liberating for Würzburg!!!

Millerntor hell man. Würzburg felt it to their bones today. Although this phrase belongs to a full house Millerntor with fans of Sankt Pauli screaming their lungs out, Würzburg kind of felt the vibes even under these conditions! You could see it in their eyes during the first 30 minutes. You could feel their anxiety after a while once they saw Rodrigo Zalazar with the ball at his feet marching downhill against them. Or every time they saw Marmoush dribbling around their box. I cannot even begin to imagine what would’ve happened if Burgstaller (personal last minute issues) was in the game too. Würzburg kind of gave out the feeling that they wouldn’t say no to an early stoppage in the game. Let their humiliation become a lesson for the others! You don’t fuck around here. Period! Total and utter Sankt Pauli domination of the field. Dittgen and Marmoush in the frontline did whatever they wanted with Würzburg’s defense. 3 goals in the first half, 1 in the second, at least three big chances for one more and only one time Würzburg actually threatened, tells a lot for this game. Our midline was exquisite. The ball was pushed from the midline to the opponent box in a tremendous pace, Würzburg could not keep up with. With our defense being once again impenetrable, Sankt Pauli was a beast ravaging its opponent voraciously and with no mercy. Another victory that brings us even closer to the top. 7th at the ranks for now. Of course we have to see how Karlsruhe will perform (in case they win we are 8th but still…) but even so… some months ago we were touching relegation and now we’re one of the best in the league.  Next to the test is Fortuna Düsseldorf this Wednesday. C’mon you Boys in Brown. You know what to do! FORZA SANKT PAULI! HAMBURG IS BRAUN WHITE!☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Daschner for Marmoush (56’)

Viet (1st appeareance, well done!) for Zalazar (56’)

Reginiussen for Lawrence (56’)

Wieckhoff for Becker (72’)

Makienok for Kyereh (77’)

Match goals: 

1-0 Marmoush (4′, Right Foot Shot, Becker)

2-0 Benatelli (18′, Right Foot Shot, Ziereis)

3-0 Paqarada (22’, Left Foot Shot, Becker)

4-0 Kyereh (50’, Right Foot Shot, Paqarada)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Dittgen (3)

Match highlights N/A (damn!)

Further reading:

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