Matchday 30: Fortuna Düsseldorf vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-0

Posted: April 22, 2021 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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March or Die!

No, this is not a rallying call, this is the title from a 1992 Motörhead album. Why mentioned here? Because overall the album is total crap! What this has to do with us? Well, if Uncle Lem, God of Rock’N’Roll, was allowed such a monstrosity once, of course we’re allowed to have every now and then a crappy evening like yesterday. No damage done, not even our pride should be hurt (2-0 is a flattering score for yesterday 😄), let’s go over this as fast as we can and get on with our lives 😅


In full contrast with the way it eventually evolved, match started in a good way for FCSP. We had a relative control of the game, offensive pressing was there and eventually we had the first chance of the game (14’) with Marmoush entering the box (slightly to the right) and firing the shot for the kill but Kastenmeier saving the day with his right leg. Problem is that…that was it, this was probably the last time (until 86′) we made our presence really felt on the pitch. Good times where violently interrupted on 26’ by Fortuna’s opening goal. Peterson made an impressive onslaught converging into the box from the left and fired – Stojanovic repelled the first shot but couldn’t do much about the rebound decisive push from Klaus, what was frustrating here was the way we conceded the goal, our elusive defending in both phases of the goal brought back memories from the first round. This was the turning point of the much, from then and onwards there was only Fortuna. Klaus goal disallowed for offside on 29’, Klaus (again, ffs) free kick, JUST wide of Stojanovic’s right post on 31’ and a big Stojanovic save with the left leg in front of Peterson on 32’ (brrrrrrr…). One way or another we survived all this, we even managed to restore balance a little and finally made it to the dressing rooms, to adjust the battle plan and sort them out in the 2nd half ‘😎


1-0 (source:, ©️Witters)

BIG start in the 2nd half but…not for us 😅) Corner by Prib, bouncing header by Danso and 2-0 just like that on 48’. Slight detail here, the corner from which the goal came actually never existed, something that resulted to the wrath of Mathias Hain and a yellow card awarded by the ref, whatever, play on. A good free kick opportunity was wasted to the sky by Marmoush on 54’ and from this point onwards and until the end of the game it was all about us trying in vain and Fortuna creating terror at will. Lots of chances for them, let’s go fast through the highlights. Peterson shot on 55’ parried by Stojanovic, Sobottka shot from the right side of the box just wide Stojanovic’s right post junction (actually licked it, that was close) on 58′, Zalazar 20m shot blocked by Kastenmeier on 63’ (that was ours 🙂), onslaught and unsuccessful finish by Peterson 72’, Kownacki shot from the right and an acute angle and save to a corner by Stojanovic on 75’, BIG ONE with Appelkamp trying for the kill and eventually sidenetting the ball on 78’. GOAL by Sobottka on 82’ and actually one of the cheapest we have conceded this year (ffs 🤣) but both ref and VAR agreed and disallowed it for handball, the only way I can comprehend this is as a factual gesture of remorse regarding the corner that resulted to 2-0 😎 Still hurts seen Rouwen Hennings playing against us, regardless of the years gone by, nevertheless yesterday he sweetened the pill a little with the incredible chance he wasted in front of Stojanovic on 85’. After all this merciless beating, last chance of the match was for FCSP, a Burgstaller header and an excellent Kastenmeier save on 86’.

ΟΚ, 2nd half was a fuckin’ nightmare, 2-0 instead of 5-0 and an absolute beating by Fortuna on the pitch. Nevertheless, none of these was able to spoil the Scum bliss. As said in the beginning, this squad is fully entitled to have a bad evening, considering the incredible stuff that they have achieved throughout the 2nd round. Add a really serious opponent, in desperate need of the points at home and there you have it. It’s true that the image of the team on the pitch was sad for the entire 2nd half, you can find more tactical details in Millernton as usual, thing is that…it’s alright 🙂 No practical damage either, a careful view at the table will reveal that 6th place is the maximum we can get anyway, as wisely mentioned in Seven, greed is a sin 😎 Let’s just concentrate, check what went wrong and use it for further improvement.
Something that could be proven quite useful, as the next opponent is an equally (if not more) difficult case. Fürth, in full promotion mood, is coming to Millerntor on Sunday and of course they are not coming for tourism. Showing a similar face will just result in disaster, we need to do much much better than yesterday in order to get something out of it. Expecting some good football from the Boys in Brown regardless of the result, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Benatelli for Aremu (56′)

Wieckhoff for Becker (65’)

Dittgen for Marmoush (73’)

Daschner for Kyereh (73’)

Match goals:

1-0 Klaus (26′, Right foot shot, Kownacki)

2-0 Danso (48′, Header, Prib)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Kyereh (4), Lawrence (4), Hain (🤘🏾), Reginiussen (2), Paqarada (4)

Match highlights here

Further reading:

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