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Farewell 2021

“One week after the end of the regular season and 25% of the squad have already said their goodbyes”. Beginning is copy paste from last year, nevertheless story behind is quite different, different season, different actors, different environment, different circumstances. The only thing that is probably common is the bitterness of the moments, regardless of who and why, is (usually, don’t forget Sahin) difficult to say goodbye…


Seven have been announced to leave so far (a few more expected along the way), all of them all the same time, meaning probably that decisions had been already taken. Considering that some of them were really tough calls, this suggests that work on next season had already started some time ago (something that became easier of course thanks to the fact that our ass got safe early enough) but this is the only positive here. Farewells are always tough and there’s an additional thing that makes them even more difficult – due to the lockdown, not only we weren’t able to say goodbye in a proper manner (in the stadium), we weren’t even capable to see them even once playing for the FCSP color. Considering that some of them came this season, this actually makes them somehow virtual, nevertheless the moments they gave us are quite real. Club stated that they will be properly honored when time allows it, this should certainly happen, they all deserve a massive applause, even for once. OK, let’s go through the list…

(All photos in this post are coming from the Club’s Twitter Acount)



Svend Brodersen

This one is really tough and complex at the same time. Svend for us is a really special case. On the one hand, football-wise he divided us as South End Scum this season, there were some strong voices (majority actually) arguing that this guy is simply not good enough for FCSP***. If you ask me (minority representative), I will tell you that the guy was all along really unlucky, for a long time he wasn’t allowed to show what he can do for “other reasons” and when his time finally came he stumbled probably in the most fucked up period of the last years. Having he survived Xmas, I believe that he could eventually earn his place. Anyway you see it, his season was really controversial.

On the other hand the thing that made it difficult for everybody is that the boy is a genuine Paulianer, having lived his entire life with FCSP. At the conclusion of the discussions mentioned above we were agreed on one thing: nobody wanted him out, not even the guy who was considering him Kreisliga (OK, fuck off 😄) level… This Club is in desperate need of such people. Aside being a really nice multicultural bunch, this squad doesn’t feel really like the FCSP we got to know years ago, most of these guys are pros without any special link with Club and neighborhood, you can’t really relate with that. For us having Svend occupying for life the 3rd keeper position would be just fine, unfortunately modern football doesn’t work this way and I have a suspicion that not even Svend would be fine with it…

In this sense, it’s incredibly sad seeing him go. He will be really missed, the only thing that can be said at this point is that we hope that our paths will cross again at some point in the future, either via some role in the Club or at the terraces of Millerntor. All the best Svend, you will never walk alone, Hamburg or Athens 🖤🏴‍☠️

*** (😅 and he’s not the only one, chaos in our chat during some games, of course you never read something like that here and you will never read something similar in the future, for us (until proven otherwise and not for sporting reasons ^ ^), everyone is a Boy in Brown, we’re just fans, FCSP fans from abroad in particular, for us what this Club is about is much significant than how good we are, up to a certain extend of course (No Liga 3!))



Daniel Buballa

People dealing more seriously with the football part, may have seen that coming, we didn’t. Seven years with FCSP, he came as one of many and managed to earn trust, respect and eventually the Captain’s armband. Also developed as an adult with us, I believe that Buballa who leaves FCSP is a not the same Buballa who joined the club back in 2014.

Always a soldier, always loyal and, from this point of view, his departure hurts almost as much as Svend‘s. We didn’t “connect” with him from day one, we initially got used to him but progressively he became an integral part and, from the point of getting used to him, we ended up asking “wtf is Buballa” on matchdays that he wasn’t in the starting XI. 

He has secured his place, not only in the South End Scum, but in the entire FCSP fanbase collective memory, he won’t be forgotten. I don’t believe that he will have any trouble finding his next career stop, we wish him all the best, he will be always welcome at the Millerntor, he has rightfully earned it, YNWA Daniel 😊✊🏾🏴‍☠️



Ryo Miyaichi

Awwwwwwww Ryoooooo, what can anybody say here? 🥲 Someone one Twitter (searched a little, couldn’t find it) referred to him as the “promise that was never kept”, I think he was quite right but there was a good reason for that.

I don’t even dare to think what this boy could do with us, hadn’t he been hit by luck so much… The list above tells the whole story, Ryo never stood a chance. We don’t even have to mention the impact of his departure, Ryo was amongst everybody’s favorites. Always with the smile, even when he had every right not to be, a guy with tremendous fighting spirit, a guy that loved the Club the same way everyone of us loved him. Just like we Svend, we would love it if there could be a position for life for him inside the squad but we already went through that, right?

Not sure what the future holds for Ryo. He will continuing playing football for some years but unfortunately he will never become the player that he could and deserved to be. However, in case it’s of any worth to him (I say it is), he has earned another honor, entering the FCSP Hall of Fame as one of the people’s favorites. In 30 years from now, if Ryo decides to come over and spend a Sunday at the Millerntor, the entire fuckin’ house will shiver and shake at his entrance. Farewell Ryo, you will always be one of us, all the best in the future and we hope that you will keep in you from us as much as we’ll keep from you ❤️🥋⚽️🇯🇵🏴‍☠️



Omar Marmoush

The Football Pharaoh, the Egyptian Magician, we could go for some time writing superlatives for this guy! Personal opinion (which I know is shared by lots inside the Scum): without this guy, now we would already feel the fire of the Hell of Liga 3. Incredible skill, massive talent, huge guts, replacing him will probably be the biggest riddle that Timo will have to solve at personnel level. It would be lovely to be able to keep him for even one more year but it doesn’t appear feasible and furthermore, even if we were able to do it, it’s not good to build on players on loan and we want to build for the future here…

Thank you Omar for an unbelievable season, thank you for keeping (along with some others) our ass safe while gathering flight miles 😄 Stay a good guy and, if luck (you would say God probably 😇) stays with you, there’s a bright future ahead, all the best!!! 🙂✊🏾🏴‍☠️



Rodrigo Zalazar

Like Omar, he came also on loan at the end of which he managed to skyrocket his market value. This is no accident, he was an integral part of the squad which did the mad counter-offensive that turned this season from a nightmare to a carefree ride within 3 months. There was some fuss when he arrived, apparently he had a little the head up his ass (due to his young age) back then. Nevertheless he totally integrated soon enough and evolved to a person that we’re really sad to miss, not only because of his contribution but of his fighting/team spirit as well. He leaves FCSP more “mature”, both as a footballer and as a person, I believe that this was quite a fair deal for both 😎

Thank you Rodrigo for an exciting season (we believe the feelings are mutual 😎), apply what you learnt, keep the feet on the ground, in touch with the Earth and we can see in the SCB (Scum Crystal Ball) a bright future ahead, all the best boy!!! 🙂✊🏾🏴‍☠️



Dejan Stojanovic

He came at a time when everything seemed fucked up. He directly got his hands wet, immediately inspired trust and security and, before anybody knows, he became the obvious choice. Some of his performances were massively crucial on the hunt for survival, which soon enough turned, thanks also to his contribution, to a joyride at the park 😎

We could easily imagine him under the Brown White posts during next season, unfortunately he was on loan as well, as part of the huge moves that saved the day back on the “winter break”. As all of the above (no bastards to get rid of, this makes it somehow sad), he will be always welcome back, his contribution simply can’t be forgotten. Wishes to him for all the best, back at the island where football was born, thanks for everything Dejan! 😎✊🏾🏴‍☠️



Tore Reginiussen

The last of the moves that saved our ass this season. That guy was a completely different case, not an ambitious youngster wanting to gain pitch time and prove himself but a big and widely recognized professional with lots of titles in his country and honors in Europe, which came as a free transfer just to play some (serious) football in the twilight of his career. Well, he did that alright. His apparent class made the difference at the back (along with Smith and Lawrence but they’re not going anywhere 😇) and provided the solid foundations required to do what we did along the way.

A true gentleman and a Top Class footballer, it was a real pleasure and privilege for the club to have him on board, even for such a short time, we should consider an honor that he chose FCSP as the last station in a really fruitful career. Thanks for everything Tore, all the best for life after football, no worries, you will do just fine, you’re already the King of St. Pauli 😄👊🏾🥋🏴‍☠️

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