10 Years South End Scum

Posted: June 21, 2021 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in All the rest...
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10 years SES

Summer solstice makes it actually easy to remember otherwise is uncertain if even ourselves would remember it. It was 21/6/2011 when we received our acceptance letter as an official FCSP Fan Club, no idea how it happened, nevertheless today we’re 10 years old 😇


Some 5-6 of us at the very beginning (we’re more now but we can’t count officially anyway, never had a registry, a subscription or a treasurer 😅), all from the same neighborhood at the South of Athens, no venue, no idea what to do, just about being able to get tickets and “doing something” together, united not only by the same passion but also by personal friendships which already existed, some having been already involved with the FCSP scene, some others really new in this and amazed.

10 years after, lots and nothing have changed at the same time (yes, it’s a fucking oxymoron but that’s how we feel). What changed?

A few not inolved anymore but more jumped on board and are now an integral part of the crew. This used to be a neighborhood thing, it’s a little more than that nowadays. Not all of us are at the neighborhood anymore, we have been scattered around in different areas, cities, even countries but we have now something that we didn’t have back then: a kick-ass collective-managed venue that we’re proud to be hosted at (Soridon) which came along with some people who are now more Scum than the Scum (😆), a tribute here to our first venue, Cargo, which was closed because of the recession back in 2015 and will never be forgotten… 

Cargo Millerntor

Made friendships all around the globe that can’t be broken, lived experiences that can’t be forgotten, been in places that we would otherwise never be (Dresden 😆) and maybe we did a couple of good things along the way. We’re also older (some have families, a few toddlers/youngsters wear the FCSP colors with pride (😆), we even have a female AFM 4 years old on board 😊🤎), wiser (?) and maybe a little less “naive” when dealing with issues about the Club, which has also changed a lot since then. We also take some things less seriously and maybe we care a little less about our “reputation” or being “politically correct” 😎

Bloody hell, is there anything that HASN’T changed? Aye, there are a few. Our love and passion for the Club is still there, stronger than ever, having passed the test of time, along with our bonds as a fanclub. We’re as committed to the cause as we were 10 years ago and this is not about to change. We don’t need anything more, these are the only things that we really cared all along to stay the same.


Plans? Not really in the immediate future, except maybe some sweet things that make life nicer, like all of us meeting again on Summer and, of course, a trip to Hamburg as soon as possible. Aye, doing something to handle the issue of the projector (hasn’t been anyway used for some time thanks to COVID) with the sun is also considered a priority 😆 Talking now a little more long term, normally we should have a bloody party or something, having with us our friends from the Athens Club, drink/smoke some, share outrageous stuff from the past years, etc but of course, due to the situation, there wasn’t even a talk about it. No worries, hopefully we’ll do it next year, using the “these go to eleven” concept 😇

Happy birthday to our club, thanks to all of our friends (old and new) and everyone that supported/helped along the way, to the next 10 and lots of other thousand-times-already-told stuff 😎🤘🏾🎂🍻🥃🏴‍☠️

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