Friendly: Hannover 96 vs FC Sankt Pauli 0-2

Posted: June 27, 2021 by Zouz in 2021, News
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First preview


…and of course not really offered for fan conclusions, Too early for anything, squad will start tomorrow Summer preparation, this post is more about signifying the start of the new season (✊🏾) than commenting on a game that not even Millernton would “dare” to do a technical analysis for 😁

To paint a brief picture of the game, first of all, we should probably talk about two 45′ games, as we started (with the exception of Wieckhoff) with two completely different starting line ups in each half. First half was the most interesting of two in the sense that it seemed to me, that we participated more actively in the game, claiming and eventually having the initiative for the biggest part of it. There were also chances for both, more of them for us, who we were actually the ones that managed to score the only goal of the have, a nice cooperation attempt with final recipient Becker, who took advantage of Daschner‘s take-it-and-score assist for the 0-1 on 36’ 😎

2nd half had Hannover more on the spotlight and FCSP thinking more about the counter strike, something that worked really well, paying up with another one by Makienok on 75′. A goal from the ones that you don’t even have to push the ball in, you just wait for the Burgstaller (who had a goal of his own called off 2′ earlier) pass to bounce on you before ending up inside the net 😄

As said, a game not for conclusions for us, insane at this stage, just notes in Timo‘s notebook, with as many as possible people having their feet wet. Otherwise, a quite entertaining afternoon and a nice fix for any FCSP junkies around. For anyone really interested in more…no worries, you can find the entire match below, courtesy of Hannover 😎

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