DFB Pokal 2021-22 Rnd 1 draw: impossible is possible!

Posted: July 4, 2021 by Zouz in 2020-21
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According to the odds we’re already dead. The fact that we’re facing a Liga 3 squad means certain death on its own, our success percentage vs Liga 3 squads at this stage is an absolute zero. Add the fact that we’re not talking about a club that just went down, we’re talking about a proper Liga 3 Club and you get a picture of total doom. So, is this the end of the road? Are we going to be again the laughing stock of August? Let them hug each other emotionally and shed tears of happiness, South End Scum says that we’re not dead yet 😎☠️

First of all, we don’t like these bastards. Reason is quite simple, the bad far-right reputation of their dedicated fanbase which precedes their football name. Nevertheless and to be fair here, they have provided German football in the past with one of the best terrace classics ever, those not aware of what exactly better have a look below 😆

Otherwise, they could be described as a quite typical Liga 3 Club at the moment, meaning extremely dangerous. Of course, 3 years ago when we played them in Liga 2, we had absolutely no problem with them but now things are different, the dark tradition of the FCSP DFB Pokal August joke floats like a black cloud heavy over our heads 😎 These are not the only games we have played against them, there are two more back in season 2006-07, a 2-0 victory on December 2006 and an away 1-1 draw on June 2007 which signified our return to Liga 2 after some really hard times 🙂

Their home is MDCC-Arena, for anyone not remembering it, a typical contemporary German stadium, with a capacity of 27.000, something that of course is not of any special interest at this stage, even if fans are allowed, a limited number is expected. To further travel info, city appears to be (haven’t been there) full of history, after all it goes back to 8th century AD, has been destroyed twice at a certain degree (1631, 1945) but there are a lots of things still to see here. Aye, not to forget, it’s the 2nd largest city of  Saxony-Anhalt, with structures, universities, etc, etc.

Let’s leave aside all that (we’re going nowhere anyway) and concentrate to the 1910 euro question: can we make the absolute transcendence, exceed ourselves and make the impossible? Can we put an end to this humiliating tradition? An inner voice (and St. John who said in our chat room that we’re going to have their heads) says, YES, WE CAN 😄 This joke has to end at some point and Timo, having the team one year in his hands (last year doesn’t count, he was quite fresh 😇) is the man to do it. Of course there’s no doubt that, even if we have started the Liga 2 season by destroying Kiel and Aue (ohaha!), this game is going to feel like going Allianz Arena, however there’s a feeling that things have changed here a little, at least at an extend that we don’t consider ourselves dead in advance. It won’t be easy but hopefully, it won’t be shameful either. It’s simply about mentality here, we are getting constantly humiliated by squads that we have more than the required quality to beat, even in bloody August .

More in one month from now, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

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