Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli vs Hertha BSC 2-2

Posted: July 19, 2021 by AndyChristos in 2021, News
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Fair enough!

Final pre-season warm up game against Hertha BSC and the result found us more than happy, watching Sankt Pauli winning the first half and ending in a tie after Hertha being better in the second half but us making it to keep them in this 2-2 result. Many mistakes in the second half and one in the first led us in letting the game slip through our hands.

First half underway and the 2500 fans make the ground shake once again (ok I am exaggerating, leave me alone 😎 😎). Sankt Pauli started with a 4-4-2 having Makienok and Burgstaller up front. First one to threaten is Hertha with Serdar on 14’ on a shot from distance. Burgstaller a little later shoots nicely after a nice pass from Makienok but his shot is sent to a corner. Executed by Paqarada and Kyereh with a header sends the ball to the nets but his goal was cancelled for offside. Later on Paqarada  executes a corner and Makienok goes for the header which is blocked from  Schwolow. Hertha’s keeper found it easy in blocking Becker’s shot a little later but got lucky a little after that when Burgstaller misses terribly after receiving a nice pass from Kyereh with only Schwolow in front of him. Schwolow’s luck though ended on 44’ when after a pass from Burgstaller, Kyereh fires off a nice shot behind Hertha’s keeper opening the score for Sankt Pauli. Our smile didn’t last long though as one minute later, Stark has no one on him scoring from six metres turning the score to a 1-1 tie. Makienok though made sure we’d be the winners in this first half. Just before the extra time was over and after Paqarada’s corner kick, on 45’+2, Makienok jumps and shoots the ball in Hertha’s nets.

Buchtmann and Dittgen taking the place of  Becker and Makienok for the second half. Serdar makes his move early enough, on 49’. Shoots and leaves Smarsch unable to react although his reaction was all wrong to start with. The visitors came in all guns blazing trying to turn the score in their favor. Midfield battles mostly and actually with Hertha winning most of them in this second half. On 85’ they almost succeed in scoring another one when Werthmüller takes advantage of Medić’s mistake, but this time  Smarsch diverts the dangerous shot into a corner. Nothing interesting in this second half. Werthmüller’s shot was the last big moment leaving the score settle to this 2-2 draw for our last warm up game.

“With every substitution we made the team lost in solidness and structure”. Timo Schultz’s words in his post-game statements. First half was all bout us in the field but the second was only Hertha. No precision and unable to communicate with each other in the second and this was what gave them the proper space to take advantage and claim a win although they didn’t make it. It is obvious now which players can be trusted for the basic eleven and we believe that this year we will manage to start from where we left in in the previous (hopefully). Happy to see players that didn’t shine in the previous season, looking like they’re bout to do it this year (Makienok yo…). No more warm up games and Sunday the 25th is our first official game of the season against Holstein Kiel in Millerntor. What we wanna see is our beloved Boys in Brown crush Kiel and set on the right foot in this new season. FORZA SANKT PAULI!!😎

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