Matchday 02: Erzgebirge Aue vs FC Sankt Pauli 0-0

Posted: August 2, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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Had we been any luckier!!!

Watching the game in the Lion’s Den (Uncle Zouzounos’s place), makes obstacles like a power outage look so tiny. Exactly. Power Outage couple of minutes before the game due to the heavy heat waves beatin’ on Greece this week. Yeah so? Problem solved easily and we were probably the only house in the South of Athens watching the game. Thug Life mofos!!! 😎😎 HAha… Game-wise now…We did great. A big smile on our faces after the game ended watching Sankt Pauli dominating most of the game and despite the fact that we didn’t leave with the three points of victory in our pockets, we proved that all you mofos out there thinkin that even a draw against us is possible……THINK AGAIN!!!😊


Action early enough on our behalf. On 3’, Benatelli passes to Burgstaller who shoots nicely but Gonther blocks it and sends it to a corner on Männel’s right side! Sankt Pauli looked feistier and more decisive in these first moments with Aue mostly trying to block our attacks, clearly having lost the midline battle! On 15’ Vasilj almost fucks up, losing the ball from inside his grasp but thankfully he finds his way easily, securing it! On 16’ Burgstaller receives the ball and shoots exquisitely sending the ball to Aue’s nets. The all Seeing Eye though (VAR) catches him slightly offside and his goal is cancelled. On 20’ the ball is send from Kyereh’s outstanding dribbling, to Burgstaller who passes cleverly to Dittgen. Maximilian fails to make it in time letting the opportunity slip before his feet. Time for Aue to threaten on 28’. Sijaric passes through everyone and shoots from close distance but Vasilj is there saving the day for us. With Aue taking a bit over in the midline but not being able to threaten, the last moment in this first half came from them with Zolinski going for a great shot and Vasilj saying no once again exploding to the right side and sending Zolinski’s shot away.

Second half underway and after Kyereh colliding and losing the ball in midfield, Becker takes it and dribbles through every Aue defensive, shooting nicely but slightly more left than he should. Good shot from Fin who proves game by game that he has a lot more to give. On 59’ Daschner takes his first shot in the game, testing his foot from 20 meters but Männel blocks it. The game is kind of split in this second half. Maybe a liiiiitle to our side but still. On 69’ our former defensive, Gonther, is left alone with the ball before Vasilj. He shoots really hard but luckily for us, his shot is sent way above our nets. Midline struggle for the rest of the second half with Daschner’s shot on 84’ breaking the silence. Great shot from Lukas who seems to fail to aim properly, sending it to Männel’s right. The curtain falls with us making a statement without though leaving with the three points of victory. Last moment belongs to Daniel-Kofi Kyereh. Clock shows 90’+1 and Kyereh receives the ball and dribbles around Aue defensives ending up, firing a nice dynamite against Aue’s nets but Männel is there securing the ball, saving the day for Aue.

We played great man. Had we been any luckier, we’d leave with the three points of victory but even without them, today we’re happy. Defense stood strong in most of the occasions and the very few times players of Aue found their way through, Vasilj proved to be the one to do what needed to be done. Our frontline is fierce with Guido proving that nothing was done by luck the previous season, firing off lots of shots against Männel but still…Even without Burgstaller, it looks like there are many players up for the task. No exaggerations here but it looks like the team is solid and Timo knows exactly what he’s doin here. With a win and a draw in the first two games, we can only hope for the best in our next game, which is the Pokal game against Magdeburg this Saturday. Bad demons hover above our Pokal games but this time we’re gona nail it. Go Boys in Brown. FORZA SANKT PAULI!!! ☠☠☠

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