Matchday 03: FC Sankt Pauli vs Hamburger SV 3-2

Posted: August 14, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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Since when does Hamburg stand a chance against Sankt Pauli? Since when did those idiots think they’d leave with the three points of victory and since fucking when do they march against us with such arrogance? Kittel kicking at the fence furious and their fans actually screaming their lungs out on their first goal? You actually thought you would win didn’t you? Did you see your faces after the relentless battering you received? Hahahahahahahaha…. Let that be a lesson to you and…let us put it in the most polite way we can here so each and every one of you H$V prime-apes gets it. When you go at your BOSS’s place you will lower your eyes…lower your chin and say you are sorry you showed up or else….bad things will happen. Just like the way you ended up getting fucked tonight.  😎😎 


First half underway and despite the fact that we looked feistier, the first big moment belongs to H$V. It is 14’ and H$V attacks from our left with Jatta. Paqarada blocks him correctly. His pass sent to Kinsombi is not good with the second sending the ball way above our nets. Our defense reminded nothing of the one we had in the Pokal game against Magdeburg. Disciplined and tight. Looked like they had everything under control. On 21’ Hartel passes to Kyereh. Daniel takes it back to Hartel who sends a splendid pass to Burgstaller. Guido shoots but his shot hits the outer side of Fernandes’s right post and goes out of bounds. One minute later, on 22’,  Kyereh sends to Makienok who fails to control properly leading in his shot getting blocked by Fernandes this time. The mini siege of H$V box, carried on and this was a result of us pushing really high, giving them no room to unfold any offense. On 23’ after a corner from us, the ball being brought to H$V box and Medic goes for a header. A really nice attempt that literally shaves Fernandes’s left post. The clock was ticking though and time was against H$V. On 27’, Burgstaller sends to Kyereh and Daniel sends back to Burgstaller. Guido sends a nice through ball to the heart of H$V where Becker extends his foot and opens the score for Sankt Pauli. A nice shot from Becker and a nicely timed offense from the boys in brown. We didn’t back up after the goal and the pressure high, carried on, leaving H$V without many options. One of the few attempts they did came on 33’ when Jatta marched from our left flank quicker than Paqarada. His shot was dangerous but Vasilj was there reacting great, blocking the ball. On 42’ another big moment from us when Burgstaller receives the ball and shoots nicely from a distance of 17 meters but Fernandes blocks it and sends the ball to a corner. The first half was totally ours. Total Sankt Pauli domination. One moment of sloppiness though was enough to put H$V back in the game. 43’ and Kinsombi sends to Jatta who breaks to Kittel shooting behind Vasilj, making the score even.

Second half underway and 53’ is a moment poor H$V will be speaking about the entire season. Medic brings Jatta down illegally in an attempt to stop him. Although Jatta was on the margin of the line, he was on the inner side so this is a clear penalty not given to H$V. (Boo-hoo , Cry me a river and so on. Live with it you cry-babies). On 57’ it was time for Makienok to speak. And he did in the most awesome way. Takes the ball and controls nicely. Passes through everyone and shoots with his left foot sending the ball in Fernandes’s nets. Yep…You can believe it. We saw it happen!!! As if this was not enough, on 58’ Medic steals the ball from Glatzel and sends a pass to Makienok who shoots and doubles his personal goals in the game, dribbling our overall harvest! Before H$V where able to nag bout the penalty, Simon found a way to shut them up! Sankt Pauli kind of held back here and it looked like H$V found the way to gain a bit more meters in the mid line. On 73’ a distant shot from Gyamerah ends way past our left post. No problem for Vasilj who seemed to have everything under control. All their attempts where laying on distant shots as they could not find their way inside our box. On 77’ H$V with the ball in their feet.  Schonlau passes to Glatzel who shoots a dynamite against Vasilj. Our keeper reacts well but the shot is strong, with Vasilj’s hand not being able to change the course of the ball endin inside our nets. 3-2 for us and this is where we start to push back again sending the pressure high to H$V box. Clearly though not attempting much. Simply keeping H$V busy disorganizing them. On 88’ Jatta’s desperate header ending above our upper post and on 90’+2 Leibold’s attempt on goal sent in our outer net area, where the last moments in this game where Sankt Pauli was dominant till the end rightfully winning another Stadtderby!

What a GLORIOUS battering did we witness tonight man? H$V learnt their place the hard way. Timo was another chess grand master, placing his players in key positions, doin the damage required to Walter’s sad excuse of a squad. Patience and team work led to the results needed. First half was all bout Sankt Pauli. Hammering at them wave after wave, breaking their midline and scoring an awesome goal. All they did was take advantage of one faulty moment of us. We actually gave them that one goal in the first half to be honest but besides that, they were nowhere to be found. The second half though is where Timo proved his brilliance. Started pressing high at first until Simon Makienok scored two awesome goals. Then pulls the team a bit back where H$V finds the space to score another goal (we practically gave them somehow both chances) and just when they thought they’d turn the game, starts pushing high again until the end. They could do nothing to improve their game and we were god-like in all our moves in the field. Maybe we’re a bit drunk now from such a victory and some parts might sound a bit exaggerative but who cares? All we needed to see was the change of emotions on the guest block. From excited to realizing they’re fucked, to weeping between their hands in the end of the game….What Sankt Pauli proved in with this game was that Hamburg is Brown-White and this is non-negotiable. Next Saturday we visit Paderborn. We cannot wait anything less than we saw against H$V. Find any H$V fan  and ask what is Hamburg’s color….Hahahaha!!!FORZA SANKT PAULI!!! ☠☠☠

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