Matchday 06: Hannover 96 vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-0

Posted: September 12, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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One of these days! 

How could we fuck this up? I mean…this was supposed to be a walk in the park. A simple in and out. How could this go wrong? Obviously we are Sankt Pauli and anything is possible. Capable of winning the best and losing from the worst. Oh well…Sometimes, things happen and others, they just don’t!


Early enough, on 2’, Paqarada tries to flank with a high pass to where Kyereh stands. Kyereh doesn’t follow but the ball takes a dangerous twist heading for the nets. Zieler is there though securing the ball on the last minute. A nice start but the big chance belonged to Hannover on 10’. A high pass to our box with the ball ending to Beier. He jumps higher than anyone sending a header directly to our nets. Vasilj is there though and repels the header. Great save from our keeper who proves matchday after matchday that he is the best we’ve had in a long time for this position. Midline battles mostly and despite the fact that we had ball possession, Hannover are the ones with the quality in this first half. On 22’ Kerk goes for a heavy shot from 18 meters. Way off target though causing no threat! Time passes with no action until 38’ where the ball ends with Hult who attempts a high pass to our box. Medic repels the ball but the rebound ends with Hult again. Second high pass and Hinterseer shoots. Vasilj repels but the rebound ends with Kerk who simply slides the ball inside our nets, opening the score for Hannover.  2 minutes later, the first big chance for us. On 40’, Wieckhoff on the downhill sends a nice pass to Burgstaller. Excellent shooting, on the spot for Guido but his shot is repelled by Franke. The rebound goes to Makienok who tries to control but while under pressure, shoots a really lousy shot sending it way higher than Zieler’s upper post. Last big moment in this first half belonged to Hannover. 43’ and Hult is with the ball at his feet 10 meters away from our nets. Shoots heavy but Vasilj is there once again blocking the shot!

Second half underway and all we hoped was for us to see Sankt Pauli turn this. On 61’, there’s the corner kick from Paqarada . Ball goes to Burgstaller and then to Medic who sends a header a bit higher than he should. Nice moment but Medic’s aim proved him wrong there. On 63’ Buchtmann tests his foot from 19 meters. Shoots and is originally blocked but the rebound is with him again. Dribbles a bit, finds his opening and shoots for a second time. This time his shot breaks through everyone forcing Zieler to explode and barely make it to block the ball. On 69’ and while we started to create tension in Hannover’s box, they decide to fight back. Kerk almost makes it for the 2-0 when he sends a really sneaky pass making it to cross in front of everyone in front of our nets. So sneaky that even the Hannover players didn’t make it to simply send it in our nets. Beier was the only one who tried to tackle but he was too late to reach in time, leaving the score as it was! On 79’ Vasilj says no to Maina’s shot once again. On 83’ Wieckhoff sends a nice pass to Kyereh , five meters away from Hannover’s nets. Kyereh shoots but Stolze is there and repels the shot. Closer to the 1-1 on 84’ when after a corner kick from Hartel the ball goes from Irvine to Medic. The second goes for a header again but still the ball won’t go in. Medic’s header finds Hannover’s upper post and shakes it really heavy but stays out of their nets.

Nope…That didn’t go well right from the start. Bad decisions and lousy efforts led to no creativity in the mid line and a vague idea of a “plan” in the team in general! It is not that we were extremely bad in something but we were overall mediocre. Hannover took advantage of the space given and scored this one goal that gave ’em the three points of victory! Nothing more to it! We are the ones that dug our own grave here but hey…In the end, it was just a lousy game. Get over it! This year’s tradition wants us to beat the shit out of the team that follows after a defeat. This time it is Ingolstadt in Millerntor on Sunday. Let’s give them an eye-soothing, ass-whoopin’, shall we?   FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠☠☠

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