Blind Football: KEEP YOUR MIND WIDE OPEN #14

Posted: October 3, 2021 by Zouz in Blind Football
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The usual appointment at Borgweg which takes place around this time of the year with exquisite guests but the fact that there was live video coverage made it really accessible this time. So, for everyone who either visited the place or tuned in, these were two days full of high class blind football which ended earlier with the trophy sticking around, something not really unexpected 😎🏴‍☠️


6 squads from 6 countries this year: FCSP from Germany (this is us), Bursaspor from Turkey, Merseyside Blind FC from England, Cécifoot Charleroi from Belgium, the National U23 from France and AC Crema from Italy. For those not familiar with the place, we’re talking about the Educational Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, which is located 50m from the Borgweg station, some 7 U3 stops from St. Pauli. Lots of action there already from very early on Saturday as these 6 were supposed to played each other in 25′ games that would decide Sunday’s playoff fixtures (semi finals for the Top 4, just 5th place game for the remaining 2).

KYMWO14 Celebi 1-0 M1

Serdal Celebi (yeah, the one we accidentally retired a couple of years ago 😅) opening account for FCSP in the tournament

Competition was quite tight but it was obvious from the very beginning (in case you’re not aware, shame on you, we kick ass in Blind Football, more later) that FCSP is at least one gear above the competition. Squad started in a quite hesitant manner (1-0 over Charleroi) but, as the usual suspect lately, Jonathan Tönsing, started finding his steps, things became really easier. End of Saturday found us at the top of the table, having only wins and only one goal against us, by France U23 who finishing at 4th place overall, was to be our semi final opponent Sunday morning.

Less matches, hence an official game format (2×20′) for Sunday. Merseyside took the first semi final vs Bursaspor (two really even teams, they opened the tournament on Saturday with a 0-0 tie) and we completely dominated the other one with a 4-0 over France U23. In the final Merseyside appeared much stronger comparing to Saturday, they dominated part of the 1st half but eventually…no one wins at Borgweg, we took this (1-0) the same way we took anything we found on our way this weekend 😎

KYMWO14 Narjes 1-0 SF

Rasmus Narjes has just put it in, 1-0 in the semi final.

Let’s not forget that this was a good dress rehearsal in view of the penultimate Bundesliga weekend, taking place 16-17/10 in the same place, where we need to do the obvious (2 wins and one of these matches (SF Blau-Gelb Blista Marburg, 3rd competitor, have buried us in the past) is actually a death trap) to go for the final Do-or-Die game at Bonn (30/10). Were we good enough? Only the coach Wolf Schmidt can tell but if you ask me we looked fine. Issue of course is that for the past 3 seasons we were looking alright every single one of them, sweeping everyone along our way, only to lose in the final to someone we probably already won in regular season. There are no play offs this season but the way schedule has been arranged and how balance of power is distributed, last match of last matchday vs MTV Stuttgart is actually the season’s final 😅. We’ll leave it here at the moment, more at the match report following the upcoming matchday, my sorry ass can’t keep away, will be there too 😎☠

KYMWO14 in numbers

Tournament in numbers

Ah, not to forget! For anyone interested in more, here’s the entire tournament, courtesy of Blind Football Department 😎

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