Matchday 09: FC Sankt Pauli vs Dynamo Dresden 3-0

Posted: October 4, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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Scheiß Dynamo!!!

Fifth home game and fifth win in a row, in Millerntor, for Sankt Pauli. New record and of course what’s best is that we hit this record against the scum called Dynamo Dresden.  Beat the hell of those bastards, hit a new record and standing first in the ranks. What more is there to ask?


First minute in the first half and Christopher Buchtmann delivers the first punch. Dynamo loses the ball and it ends with Kyereh. Kyereh slides it back to Buchtmann. Buchti shoots a really precise and heavy shot, aiming for Broll’s upper right corner. 1-0 for Sankt Pauli and the party had just started. We are dominant in every inch of the field. Dynamo was forced to lay behind trying to preserve this 1-0 so far and maybe try to react later. Like on 12’ when Königsdörffer ends with the ball at his feet and shoots, really lousy though, with the ball ending way above Vasilj. No worries at all for our goalkeeper. Sankt Pauli attacks at waves, with Dynamo players barricading in their box trying to save their nets. On 22’ Guido Burgstaller is left alone with the ball. Shoots exquisitely but Broll barely makes it to extend his arm just in time to lead the ball to a corner. Actually, Dynamo owes a lot to Broll for not being humiliated more. On 35’ a great shot from Kyereh is blocked by Stark and a little later a distant shot from Aremu ends a bit more left than he probably was aiming leaving Dynamo’s nets intact. On 40’, Irvine on a really classy pass, leaves Buchtmann with the ball. Buchti reaches before Broll and goes for shot (Maaaaaybe he could pass to his right where Guido was all alone…). Out of balance and weak though. Easy job for Broll to block it. First half ends with Burgstaller passing the ball to Aremu on 43’. Aremu attempts a 20 meter shot. Well balanced and heavy but a bit higher than it should, leaving Dynamo‘s nets unharmed for yet another time in this first half.

Second half underway and things don’t look they’re bout to change at all. Sankt Pauli looks feistier although Dynamo is the first to make a move. 49’ and Löwe attempts a backflip shot (everything else worked right for this one to go as well, is that it???) ending on our upper outer net area. Sankt Pauli had ball possession and dictated the flow. Even when Dynamo found the way to our box our defense was tight leading them to proceed in lousy shots. Like the one on 61’ from Schröter. Vasilj fell to the side just in case but all he did was simply watch the ball go out. On 65’ Hartel sends to Zander and Zander passes the ball to Burgstaller . Guido shoots but his shot goes a bit higher than he wanted to. The pressure in Dynamo’s box leads their players in making mistakes. On 72’, Sollbauer brings down Hartel illegally. After VAR consultation, the ref points at the white dot. Guido executes on 73’ and turns the score into a rightfully earned 2-0. On 78’ Paqarada’s 25 meter free kick almost turns it into 3-0 but Broll is well placed and blocks the ball. On 80’ a distant side pass into Dynamo’s box and Irvine sees Guido. Leaves the ball for him but Guido is off balance. Takes the shot but yet again, the ball is sent higher than it should. Everything looks like Sankt Pauli would leave the score as it was. On 90’+3 though, Medic sees Beifus alone. Sends the lobe and Beifus comes behind Dynamo’s defense line. No offside so all the kid has to do is send the ball in their nets. Witch he does! 3-0 for Sankt Pauli. Seconds after that the ref whistled for the last time, sending the players to the lockers.

The best way to end the week man I tell you… Sankt Pauli delivered a furious bashing to those Nazi-friendly scum.  Wave after wave we made sure that our dominance in the field was undoubted. Had we had more luck on couple shots during the game, we would be talking bout a whole different kind of humiliation. This is how Sankt Pauli should be man. This is what Millerntor should look like. Taking the heart of the opponent just before he enters. Great defense. Rock solid and on one-two occasions that Dynamo players found their way in, they made it to block their attempt before they got dangerous. Medic and Ziereis created a granite wall along with Vasilj that really seemed impenetrable. I mean…think about it. Vasilj probably got bored in this game having nothing to do…haha. Our midline was breathing fire.  Irvine, Hartel, Aremu and Buchtmann did as they pleased feeding the frontline constantly with direct passes giving headaches to Dynamo defensives. Kyereh simply danced around their box making them look ridiculous every time they tried to take the ball from him. With the aid of Paqarada and Zander rising up to the flanks and the terror up front called Guido Burgstaller (although his shots didn’t find target today…), I personally caught myself feeling sorry for Dynamo players who at some point definitely wished for an early stoppage….On second though…Naaah….fuck them …Hahahahahaha….This week is national team bullshit so it is a break for us. Next Saturday though, on the 16th we face Heidenheim. I can hear them tremble already. FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠☠☠


PS: Before the game with Dresden scum, in our ad-board you could read:  “Sankt Pauli sends greetings to the “Hahn flyer service”.  Making a long story short…Upon elections, AFD (far-right, nazi friendly political party) trusted “Hahn flyer service” for promoting their fascist flyers, finding the offer the boys from Hahn flyers gave em , really cheap. What they didn’t know was that “Hahn flyer service”  was made-up by artist collective politicalbeauty. Needless to say that millions of flyers sent for promotion, never saw daylight. Bahahahaha… Now AFD wants to press charges and politicalbeauty is asking for donation for legal cost. what Sankt Pauli did, besides the obvious, was, call people to stand for the far right and donate to politicalbeauty… Read more information below:

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