Matchday 10: FC Heidenheim vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-4!!!

Posted: October 17, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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Guido…You cold-blooded killer you!!!

A mediocre first half and an absolutely devastating second half in which Sankt Pauli brought down the heavens in poor Heidenheim’s shoulders is what this 10th matchday was all about. No words can describe the beating poor Heidenheim received in that second half man. Ravagers in Braun-White, the Sankt Pauli squad with Guido Burgstaller being the sharpest knife, dragged them in a road of shame and kept breaking their bones for 90 minutes. Coach Schmidt will remember the day for sure…Just look at the agony on his face after our fourth goal…..


Not much action on our behalf in the first half. Early enough Ziereis and Vasilj manage to arrange a major fuck up, giving Heidenheim the opportunity to open the score. On 4’ Vasilj sends to his left on Paqarada. Leart loses the ball from Sessa who sends the ball down town. Vasilj gets confused with Ziereis and decides to fall and send the ball away. All he achieves is to send the ball to Schimmer who immediately passes to Mohr. Mohr  slides the ball into an empty net area, opening the score for Heidenheim . They even tried to double their goals on 7’ when Schimmer shoots again on a counter attack but Vasilj saves our nets this time, blocking Schimmer’s shot. We looked kind of wobbly in these first minutes. Heidenheim took advantage of that and kept pushing. On 20’ we lose the ball in the midline and it ends with Schimmer. He sends a 13 meter shot directly to our nets. Vasilj is there blocking the ball though. The dangerous rebound shot from Kühlwetter gets repelled from Zander and the game carries on. The first serious shot from Sankt Pauli came on 22’ from Guido Burgstaller. Pass directly to him and he catches a shot on air. Too weak though and predictable ending directly on Müller’s hands. Although we seem to gain confidence in the midline, Heidenheim still remained dangerous. On 35’ Vasilj blocks another shot from Kühlwetter. On 41’ Irvine goes for a sneaky pass directly to Burgstaller but Müller blocks it. First half ends with the last big moment belonging to Heidenheim. 44’ and we lose possession in the midline. The ball ends with Mohr who shoots but Vasilj is there blocking the ball and then Medic sends it deeper into safety.

Second half underway and the tables turn. On 53’ Burgstaller sends a nice pass to Kyereh whose shot goes a bit more right than it should leaving Heidenheim’s nets intact. Guido though, took it personally. On 55’ Irvine sends a distant pass to where Burgstaller pointed. Guido controls it, dribbles to his left, getting himself enough room for shot. He unleashes a dynamite leaving Müller with no options other than accept his fate. 1-1 and the party had just begun. On 56’ Irvine sends to Guido who is now at Heidenheim’s left flank. Opens a nice high pass to Dittgen. Maximilian spreads his foot sending the ball in Heidenheim’s nets for the second time. Heidenheim players could not believe how the three points of victory seemed to fade away so easily. Sankt Pauli was furious hammering poor Heidenheim who started to fall back to their box. On 60’ Irvine attempts a shot but it is blocked. Rebound goes to Guido who doesn’t even bother to go for dribbling. Goes directly for the kill. Distant shot that ends in Heidenheim’s nets for the third time shaking the ground and shutting Heidenheim fans up who simply couldn’t believe their eyes. On 64’ Kleindienst goes for a header, out of target though. No worries for Vasilj. Sankt Pauli clearly dominated the game in the second half. Heidenheim stood no chance. Midline was ours and even when Heidenheim players found their way to our box, our defense blocked their attempts easily. On 81’ came their tombstone. Kyereh runs like the wind in front of everyone with the ball at his feet. Dittgen following beside him. Kyereh slides the ball to Dittgen passing it behind Müller. Dittgen simply slides it in Heidenheim’s nets for the fourth time. Heidenheim looked hopeless. They actually managed to score a second goal on 85’ with Kleindienst who shot the ball in an empty net area after Leipertz cleverly passed behind our defense line but still…We owned this game. We even got close to score a fifth goal on 88’ when Dittgen shoots exquisitely going for Müller’s right post, making Heidenheim’s keeper explode and send the ball to a corner.

Sankt Pauli is first in the ranks and it is there to stay. Sankt Pauli is for real man. You take away the clumsy moment early in the start, you get a first half where of course we did not have the first say , but definitely defended our nets successfully and a second half where we crushed Heidenheim in pieces. A relentless Guido Burgstaller once again proved why he is considered to be the deadliest weapon in our arsenal. Along with Irvine , Kyereh and Dittgen , they played with Heidenheim like cat and mouse. Guess who the mouse was…Hahaha. Next Sunday we welcome the fascist scum called Hansa Rostock in Millerntor. I don’t see any universe where they can actually get any point out of this game. Fists tightened and awaiting for these scum to break their faces in, exactly  like we did with H$V and Dresden. Come get some fuckers…. BOSS in Hamburg and the undisputed BOSS in DIE ZWEITE LIGA!  FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠☠☠

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