Blind Football: Match weekend #4 at Borgweg

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Penultimate blind football Bundesliga weekend at home. It was spotted a long time ago and after some (not really much 😄) thought it was booked. Was smelling also excitement from very far and after eventually having been there, I can easily say that expectations were fulfilled to the max 😎🏴‍☠️



Our top game with Margburg was scheduled for 5pm, so it was first about watching FCSP at Heidenheim (more about that in the match report by AndyChristos, a train/match ticket for that became actually available on Thursday evening but, with deep pain in the heart, had to say no, this was supposed to be about Blind Football) and then off to the Educational Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired for the match. Criticality of the match extremely high, it was one of the two matches to decide the title this season and it was certainly a match that we couldn’t afford to lose.

In terms of quality, this was one of the best matches that I have watched in recent years, two top teams at the pitch (for anyone not aware, actually two of the best teams in Europe) with a shot for the title as victory prize (especially for the guests, more towards the end). FCSP got into the game with style in the 1st half, managed to take the lead with Rasmus Narjes and lost a couple of really good chances to lock the game. This didn’t happen and, always dangerous, Margburg managed the equalizer shortly before the end of the half. 2nd half was more balanced and towards the end became really wild, a fuckin’ rodeo game as both were going for the decisive blow. There were moments that things became really stressful, another goal by them would probably mean disaster and would make our life very very difficult (actually it could be the end) on the quest for the title. Fortunately, this didn’t happen (we weren’t lucky either) and eventually match ended 1-1 in big applause for both teams by everyone that made it there and was lucky enough to witness this. A small detail which says a lot about what Blind Football is about, at the festive exchange between the squad and support, there was even a Margburg player (Taime) together with our squad (no, he’s not coming to us next season 😎). 



Sunday match vs Hertha BSC could be considered just as process, considering both our superiority over the opponent and the fact the Hertha had been extremely unlucky, having serious absences before the game, something that forced them to play outnumbered (postponement was not an option). The way FCSP handled this was playing “properly” in the first half in order to match the number of goals that the other two championship rivals achieved (this is actually clearly a race for three) and putting a more “experimental” squad in the 2nd half, including players that usually not get a lot of playtime. It became really exciting towards the end when the entire squad was trying to find Thoya Küster at the front (she didn’t have the pleasure to achieve a goal so far in the season) who actually fought for it, had 3 or 4 big chances to do it but the Hertha keeper (fair play to him) was in an excellent day and didn’t allow it to happen. There were actually even screams from the terraces in a few occasions (it’s football, there’s passion 😇), something of course that is NOT allowed in Blind Football (players NEED to hear both the guides and what’s happening in the pitch), forcing actually the ref in one occasion to kindly suggest to the audience (OK, it was us 🤣) to be a little more quiet if possible 😅 Final score 8-0 (6-0), 5 more by Jonathan Tönsing (possessed this season, 30 goals in 6 matches already!), 2 for Paul Ruge (back after a long time due to injury, in the new role of the central defender, something that didn’t stop him from scoring a couple) and 1 more for Rasmus Narjes.

Last matchday at Bonn

Already before this weekend FCSP had already managed to built a much bigger goal difference comparing to our two rivals (Margburg and Stuttgart, more about the latter follows below), a difference that was maintained (we could make it even bigger but we didn’t go for it, read above). How things stand now? First of all Margburg appears to be out for two reasons: a) they have by far the worst goal difference of the three and furthermore b) the play their last game against Dortmund, something that will not really help them. You could say that there are two main levels in this season’s league, the usual three title challengers and all the others who are clearly inferior. Dortmund stands alone in between with a playing quality which is much closer to the Top 3 than to all the others, they could even challenge the game. So it’s between us and Stuttgart, it’s the last game of the last matchday and it’s a bloody final. We’re going for two results, they need to win. We won’t go there to preserve our advantage, we’ll go there to beat them, simple as that and, aside the obvious ones, we have also a couple of extra reasons for wanting to do so.

All rules have their exceptions and Stuttgart appears to be such a case. There may be lots of respect and sportsmanship (much bigger comparing to “regular” football) between everybody but street says that no one likes these guys. Why? First of all they are really arrogant and furthermore they are a dirty squad, unlike everybody else, they have no problem to aim for the legs if required. They don’t inspire respect and they don’t get some. We have also lost last year’s title to them, no more need to be explained. Plan is going Bonn on 30/10, kicking their ass, getting the Bundesliga trophy in the bus and taking it back to Hamburg to be put next to the one we won on 2017 and maybe deployed, along with all the other trophies (department currently does not have the ability of a public space for them), in a place like our Museum in the future 😊

A few words about Blind Football

It’s more spectacular than probably someone would expect and these words are not just support talk, a couple of “new comers” that we went together on Saturday can verify that. It’s skillful, it can be physical and it can be really fast, at a level that you wouldn’t probably expect from players that are not able to see and, at the end of the day, it’s football, football with all the excitement it can offer. Ah, not to forget, as Kleiner Tod wisely observed, these guys don’t dive and fall down less easier than their “regular” football colleagues 😎 Considering the fact that our squad is one of the top ones around, going Borgweg next time that squad will be in town is a really strong suggestion, next year listen to the South End Scum and get your ass over there 😎

…and a few words about the trip

There have been almost two years since my last trip to HH, this is a really long time for someone used to be over there every now and then. A lot of things have changed (it can be directly observed right when you arrive at the neighborhood and take a walk around) but some others haven’t. I could start writing pages about these few days (actually not done yet, one evening left) but sometimes too much blah blah can dilute the essence. Let’s just say this: coming back and feeling home is a strong sentiment but not as strong as coming back and being welcomed home. No words for the friends (old and new) that these past days have been spent with, only “THANK YOU” and “bis bald” 😊☠

Bli Fu Action Galore

…aaaaand in case you ‘re interested in more, the entire weekend action can be watched below, both days we’re the last match of the day 😎

Saturday Part I

Saturday Part II


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