Matchday 11: FC Sankt Pauli vs Hansa Rostock 4-0!!!

Posted: October 26, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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Fascist-Vikings to the bottom of the Sea!!!

This is how you treat scum. Who the fuck is Hansa Rostock? Some lowlife fan based idiots thinking they’d have fun in die zweite liga. How do you feel now you fascist pigs? Go crawl back to your holes and wait for us to beat the shit out of you in the second round. The pirate ship sails proudly against the next opponent and this time, Viking sculls are decorating its prow!


First minutes in the first half and although Sankt Pauli is dominant, Hansa thinks they can score. It is 10’ and Verhoek (yes ….our former striker…money talks right?) is left alone in the back of our defense trying to be dangerous. Vasilj goes first to the ball though repelling the danger. The moment though ends with a serious backfire for Hansa  as the ball is sent up front to where Dittgen is. Maximilian goes for a heavy, distant shot but it ends directly in the hands of Kolke. Hansa turned rude and they had to be punished. Their punishment didn’t take long to come. On 12’ Burgstaller is with the ball at his feet. Dribbles around Hansa  defensives and sends it to Kyereh. Daniel sees Zander. Sends a high pass there and Zander does the same sending the ball downtown to where Irvine goes for a splendid header. 1-0 for Sankt Pauli and the party had just begun. Six minutes later comes a second punch in the face. Clock shows 18’ and Paqarada sees Kyereh alone in the heart of  Hansa’s defense. Sends the pass and Daniel goes for the header sending the ball in Hansa’s nets for the second time. All bout Sankt Pauli in this first half. Hansa tried to hold back the more they could but it was so hard since Sankt Pauli had no intention to back off. On 23’ Kolke saved Hansa from a third goal after Dittgen‘s 13 meter dynamite. Vasilj had no heat in his box and the very few times he had to sweat was just to save futile attempts Rostock went with…Like on 38’ when he just blocked a predictable and weak shot from Schumacher. Kolke on the other side had all the heat of the world, brought to his box. On 42’, after a high pass from Paqarada, Zander goes for a backward header sending the ball directly to Hansa’s nets. Kolke explodes in the last moment though and manages to save their nets from that third goal. And again on 44’ when he has to jump really high and save his nets from a distant shot from Hartel this time. The sound of the ref’s whistle two minutes later sending the players to the lockers must have sounded so liberating to his ears.

Second half underway and the Sankt Pauli players where itching to get their hands on Hansa. On 50’ after a great pass from Irvine , Guido-Ice Cold Killer-Burgstaller, sends a great shot in Hansa’s nets. Awesome shot from Guido but got cancelled as Irvine was caught offside. Pressure carried on and on 53’ Guido dribbles through every Hansa defensive, leaving the ball for Kyereh. Daniel shoots a really heavy shot against Kolke but is unlucky as his shot hits Kolke’s right post. Their doom though was upon them. Guido had just smelled blood on 50’. His eye was fixed upon it like a shark on his prey. Clock shows 61’ and after an exquisite ball circulation in the midline from Sankt Pauli, Hartel is left with the ball at his feet. Burgstaller sees him and just requests the ball. Hartel passes over and Guido doesn’t even bother to dribble. Shoots on the spot and executes Kolke who seemed more desperate than ever. Sankt Pauli was relentless. Hansa was jammed in their entire gameplay. Everyone stood back, barricading their box trying not to suffer another goal. On 67’ Kyereh messes around with the ball leaving every Hansa defensive he found behind him, shooting a great shot. Unlucky though as it goes a bit above Kolke’s upper post. Substitutions a bit later and on 77’ Makienok takes the place of Burgstaller. On 78’ a corner for Sankt Pauli executed. Lawrence sends to Makienok and Simon originally looks like he has trouble controlling the ball. Two Hansa Rostock defensives upon him. Makienok finally finds his way with the ball. Flips his body and shoots with his left foot a heavy shot, leaving no option to Kolke. 4-0 and the beating carried on until the final whistle.

Again…WHO THE FUCK IS HANSA ROSTOCK? Really now…We seriously doubt there was even one Hansa fan with an existing brain ( yes I know… How can this be??), thinking they could get even one point out of this. Total and sheer beating against the so called “Vikings” from Rostock. Sankt Pauli dictated the pace from the first moment and never left the rudder until the end of the game. The agony and pain was drawn on the faces of Hansa players. What were you thinking you idiots? Want some stats? This year so far we have the best front line, having scored 27 goals in 11 games and the second best defense having suffered only 10. 6/6 victories in Millerntor and FIRST IN DIE ZWEITE LIGA! Want more? This Wednesday Dynamo Dresden is being put to the test for the DFB Pokal. We expect nothing more than a dominant performance like the once we’re used to…Undoubted kings in the second league and THE BOSS IN HAMBURG! FORZA SANKT PAULI☠☠☠

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