DFB Pokal, Round 2: Dynamo Dresden vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-3

Posted: October 28, 2021 by Zouz in 2021-22
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Turning simple to complex

We may made our lives difficult on our own but we eventually completed the job. Extra time away victory over Dynamo (🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾) and qualification to the last 16 of the DFB Pokal for the first time since 2005-6 season. Not sure if we’re going as far as we went back then (semi finals) but now all bets related to our outrageous recent Pokal tradition are off. This squad, having shown a remarkable consistency overall and having punished all the bad guys so far, has earned the right to think a little bigger 😎


We entered the match as the theoretical favorites and Dynamo seemed to go along with that. Game looked already from its early stages like a match being played in Millerntor, FCSP had the initiative and Dynamo was mostly waiting back and waiting for the chance to hit, they didn’t had any. Problem is that they also did a good job at the back, being quite tight, blocking corridors and scrapping the game every time they had the chance. We didn’t have an answer for that and, as result of it, our first opportunity came on 42′, with a Burgstaller shot (just out of the box, slightly to the left) which gave the chance to Broll for a spectacular block. Overall, a first have that may had to offer a lot when come to tactics but in terms of spectacle offered almost nothing (except maybe a small brawl in the pitch after half time whistle 😎).

Second half underway and this time we made our presence felt quite early. Hartel corner from the left on 49′, four Dynamo guys fucked up and ball eventually ended up to Dittgen who didn’t find the ball as he wanted and missed the chance (repelled to some Dynamo leg) to open the score from quite close. Everybody up for a few seconds on 56′ for Burgstaller‘s goal which unfortunately never counted, goal was called off by the ref for handball before the goal (decision looks legit). However, pressure was slowly building up in the 2nd and this paid off soon enough. Ball inside Dynamo‘s box, not the best clearance by Dynamo defense, ball to Kyereh with back to the net and nice assist with the head to incoming Paqarada, who finished the job, 0-1 and now everybody up for real! And now the unreal stuff begins… Dynamo moved really forward for the first time and, in their first serious visit , they got the equalizer thanks to a lovely finish (fair is fair) from a quite difficult angle by Daferner, the bad news here was our slightly panicked defensive behavior that preceded the goal. 1-1 on 66′ and again back to zero… Nevertheless, FCSP was looking really determined, initiative was immediately taken back and the 2nd goal didn’t take long. 71′ in the game, distant free kick from the left by Paqarada, ball to Dittgen and a fantastic header for the 1-2!!! Yesssss, what they could now do? Think so Greg? The answer came again immediately, this time with a little help from Ziereis, who helped a little by scoring on their behalf (😅). Such shit happens of course, the news here is Dynamo scoring 2 goals with 2 visits and our neglective defensive behavior which preceded both goals. Game became scary towards the end of regular time, terror experienced on 89′ when again chaos occurred in our box but Kade‘s (2nd shot) ended up just by Smarsch‘s right post, however the last big moment belonged to us – Broll saved Dynamo on 90+3′ with a brilliant save, responding to a Dzwigala shot. 2-2 eventually, off to overtime…


1-2 on 72′ but still not enough (source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️Witters)

Overtime underway and things were looking concerning at the beginning, Dynamo looked initially like the most active squad in the pitch, a change comparing to regular time, when we completely controlled the game. We managed however to bring balance to the game and on 101′ we punished them for being such cheeky bastards and bringing the game to this stage 😎 FCSP pinball in the Dynamo box and execution from 6m by last recipient, Buchtmann


2-3 for FCSP and the biggest concern now what’s going to happen in the next 2′ 😅 Well, nothing happened, not only in the remaining half but during the entire extra time as well. No further big danger, just a half chance on 115′ (Smarsch blocking a ball deflected on Schröter), on the contrary we had the chance to lock the game on 107′ with an Amenyido (looking good already) shot that smashed Broll‘s right post. We blocked all paths and made the 2nd half of ET looking less frightening than the end of regular time. Dynamo could do nothing more, they actually didn’t do much earlier either, full extra time 2-3, we are through to the 16 and 4 games away from Europe 🤘🏾😎🏴‍☠️


2-3!!! (source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️Witters)

Bloody football 😅 Full domination almost for the entire regular time, two moments for Dynamo and evening almost became a nightmare. There’s no doubt about who deserved to go through, we were clearly the superior team, they were nowhere to be found for most of the game. We managed not to lose it during overtime when things became really tricky, with fatigue playing its role as well, got a deserved win and made the noble crowd shoving their “Scheiß St. Pauli” chants up their arse 😇

What now? Now forget the Pokal for the moment, we have to pay a visit at Weser-Stadion and play Werder on Saturday. It’s about regrouping and getting ready for a tough challenge, pale image of Werder so far shouldn’t mislead anybody, they’re able to do damage at any given point. We may also need a rest, we played 120′ yesterday, our opponent didn’t play at all. All this when it comes to the squad, regarding the rest of us is just about enjoying the unprecedented times we live, good times to be an FCSP fan 😎 ☠

Match data (people): https://www.kicker.de/dresden-gegen-st-pauli-2021-dfb-pokal-4750301/aufstellung

Match data (stats): https://www.kicker.de/dresden-gegen-st-pauli-2021-dfb-pokal-4750301/spieldaten

Highlights: https://tv.dfb.de/video/dfb-cup-men-dynamo-dresden-vs-fc-st-pauli/31677/

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