Matchday 12: Werder Bremen vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-1

Posted: November 1, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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Fair and Square

120 minutes of game time mid-week and Saturday a high tempo game against Bremen. Our boys did more than good man. Stood better than ever and almost took the game in the end. Great atmosphere and great game from both teams.


An intense first half with Werder having the first say although we broke the cherry first. Becker finds himself with the ball at his feet 20 meters away from Pavlenka. Takes the shot but sends it terribly off target. Way above Pavlenka’s upper-right post.  On 9’ Bremen on a free kick with Ducksch. Lawrence kind of misses Füllkrug who extends his foot, shooting the ball but causes no trouble as his shot is send way far from our right post. Werder was more into the game than us who looked kind of wobbly at that point. On 11’ Ducksch on a free kick tries to find Rapp’s head but the second, sends the ball out of bounds. On 23’ Schmid earns a corner with his distant shot.  Corner executed on 24’ with Friedl sending the ball to our nets, using his hand though, volley-style. Ref of course shows yellow to Friedl and cancels the goal. An answer from us came on 30’ when after a free kick, Lawrence jumps higher than anyone around him and sends a nice header slightly higher than Pavlenka’s upper post. On 31’ Füllkrug misses a close shot after claiming the ball from Ducksch. Same player on 38’ brings the ball down using his chest before Lawrence. He goes for an instant shot. Clever idea but lousy execution, sending the ball 2 meters away from our right post. Last chance on this first half belonged to Werder once again. 45’+1 and Agu on the run leaves Aremu behind him and sends to Ducksch who shoots but sends the ball above our upper post.

Early on the second half, on 46’ a distant pass from Mbom to Ducksch is saved by Lawrence although Ducksch was in an offside position. Werder may have had the first moment but the beast called Sankt Pauli was already awake. On 53’, Becker sends to Makienok who fails to control properly, losing the ball. Zander takes the rebound but shoots out of balance sending the ball couple of meters away from Pavlenka’s left post. On 54’, our first big chance. Ball sent to Bremen’s box. Makienok tries to control and sends it deeper to where Burgstaller stands. Guido goes for the shot but Agu places his foot first, sending the ball away. Although Guido claimed a corner there, the ref thought different so the match carried on. On 59’ Makienok tests his foot. Shoots from close distance but sends the ball bit more left than he should. Werder was left unattended for a sec and they drew first blood. On 62’ Füllkrug sends the ball to Ducksch who kicks it cleverly avoiding Vasilj, sending it to our nets. Cheering like an idiot (Ducksch…what a lowlife, pathetic bitch you are) after the goal, mocking Sankt Pauli fans but no one actually cared about it. Almost an instant answer from Burgstaller on 65’. Kyereh sends the ball to Makienok. From Makienok it goes further deep to where Guido stands. Guido flips and shoots but with a terrible aim sending the ball far more right than he should. We kept the pressure though fixed to Bremen’s box. On 67’, our ball from the side. Makienok tries to pass but loses it from FüllkrugAremu steals again and leaves it for Paqarada who tries to find Makienok downtown. Makienok trips and falls but Becker is there claiming the ball, shooting exquisitely, sending the ball to Werder’s nets. On 80’ Paqarada sends the ball to Kyereh who cleverly sneaks it in for Makienok. Simon fails to claim a nice position with Friedl claiming it, sending it out of bounds, to a corner. On 81’, Paqarada once again sends a nice pass to Kyereh. Daniel all alone in front of Pavlenka, goes for an instant shot but he does not catch the ball properly sending it terribly off target. Clock shows 88’ and we’re more than happy to see Igor Matanovic come back from a big period of not playing due to injury, taking Burgstaller’s place. Welcome back kid! Last big moment in the game and our chance to win on 90’+3 with Makienok. Paqarada sends an exquisite pass to where Makienok stands. Simon originally controls with the chest. Brings it down but not properly. Bremen defensives try to shoot it away but on a first attempt the ball bounces on Makienok’s shoulder and on a second it bounces on his arm, going in the nets. Ref sees it and after consulting the VAR, cancels the goal.

There are many things that unite us with Werder  fans. The atmosphere in Weserstadion was more than exquisite (…ah yes…How does it feel now Ducksch you idiot?) with both sides giving their best in the field and on the bleachers. Rivals for only 90 minutes with an ultimate highlight none other than Werder  and FCSP fans singing together “Scheiß H$V”. On the first half we might have been kind of weak but on the second we proved why we are considered among others, the best in the league! Almost got the three points but given the fact that the team was tired from the mid-week game and of course that Werder  is always dangerous, the tie is really more than we could wish for! Next Sunday we play against Sandhausen. Millerntor awaits. A good question is if they’ll show up cos man oh man! The nightmares that they’ll have to endure until then… Sankt Pauli is the boogie man in your closet waiting for you to fall asleep…Hahaha…FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!☠☠☠

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