Matchday 14: SV Darmstadt 98 vs FC Sankt Pauli 4-0!!!

Posted: November 22, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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All wrong!

Six games undefeated, undoubted first in the table and now this. No no…this is all wrong man. It is not that we underestimated the opponent. Not at all! Darmstadt is a totally fierce team (31 goals so far) claiming the best of them in each game. Knows how to take results and knows exactly what they are capable of. It is just that we are better… 4-0 is a result, not fitting for us at this point.


Early enough on 3’ the moment for us with the usual suspect. Guido Burgstaller sending a pass to Amenyido, blocked by SVD defense. The rebound from Paqarada is sent to Guido again who shoots an exquisite shot but Schuhen blocks it on his upper left corner. On 6’ and after a collision with Medic, Tietz earns a foul. Executed by Pfeiffer who catches OUR DEFENCE SLEEPING allowing Tietz to shoot behind their backs and open the score for Darmstadt. We tried to fight back but SVD was unstoppable. On 29’ a distant pass from SVD midline to our box. Medic loses the battle against Tietz and the ball is left for Manu who shoots and doubles the goals for Darmstadt. The worst outcome so far. On 32’ we try to answer with a counter attack and Kyereh who sends a high pass to Amenyido who tries to achieve a backflip shot but fails, kicking Bader on the head. No intentions there and no yellow cards given. On 35’ after a nice pass from Hartel, Kyereh shoots splendidly but still the ball just won’t go in. Ends couple of cm away from Schuhen’s right post. Ball brought from the side for SVD on 39’. Two headers in a row sending the ball deeper in our box. Pfeiffer simply spreads his leg, untroubled, sending the ball to our nets for the third time. The same player on 41’ turns the score to a disgraceful 4-0. Kempe on a distant shot, Vasilj repels but Pfeiffer is in front of our defensives and untroubled sends the ball in for the fourth time

Second half underway and Timo doesn’t wait ’til 70’ for substitutions. Lawrence , Benatelli, Smith and Ohlsson take the place of Medic, Hartel, Aremu and Zander. After a block on Pfeiffer’s high pass to Tietz from Vasilj on 50’ and a lousy shot, sent over our crossbar from Patric Pfeiffer, Sankt Pauli kind of took over. On 61’ Guido Burgstaller receives the ball and shoots a really sneaky shot but Schuhen falls to the right side once again and blocks it. On 65’ Ohlsson tries a 20 meter shot but sends it directly in Schuhen’s arms. We kept pushing and gaining meters in the midline. SVD though was well barricaded and stopped our attacks mostly by double-teaming our sharp players. Burgstaller, Kyereh and Irvine were always having four sets of eyes on them the whole time. On 75’ Paqarada sends a pass in front of Schuhen. Irvine tries to shoot but barely makes it. Guido tries to send the ball back to Irvine but this time with the aid of his defense, Schuhen secures the ball. Pressure in SVD box carried on without baring any fruit though. On 79’ Kyereh again on a shot after a pass from Paqarada…His shot though is sent way above SVD’s upper crossbar. On 88’ another great moment from us with Irvine. Foul kick executed by Paqarada and Irvine gets the header. Sent way more left than it should though. Darmstadt’s answer to that was an almost 5-0 moment on 90’+3 when Ronstadt was left alone with the ball in front of Vasilj. Vasilj repelled it this time, leaving the score as it was

Yeah ok…Tough pill to swallow, right? It is not about the loss of the three points. No one gives a fuck about that. It is not even bout Darmstadt leaving us behind and getting first on the table (same points though). We still got one game less so probably this Wednesday we’ll take the lead again when we break Sandhausen’s neck. But man… 4-0 is not what we are worth. Darmstadt was way better in every aspect. Always a step ahead and especially from Medic’s (less talking-more working Jakov…. u’re better than this) side they were throwing the big parties. They took full advantage of the jam on our defense in the first half and were relentless. The second half was more on our side but we didn’t make much of it. We had our chances alright but sometimes…well, things just don’t work the way you expect them to. It’s all good. Leaving it behind and looking forward. Sandhausen on Wednesday inside Millerntor. FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!!☠☠☠

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