Matchday 13 (postponed): FC Sankt Pauli vs SV Sandhausen 3-1

Posted: November 25, 2021 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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Order restored

Yeah! The Boys in Brown had an (overall) easy evening, took care of SVS, made an impressive 7/7 at home and reclaimed the top and the 3 pts gap from the chasing group. A clear declaration that Sunday was just an unlucky intermission and we’re still on top of things here, the Brown White Runaway Train has speeded up again. However, highlight of the game happened at half time 😎☠️


Took just 2′ to this cold-blooded creature from Austria to open the path to victory. A Becker ball to Kyereh, ball back with the heel before it goes out of bounds and there you have Burgstaller lifting the head, aiming, scoring from an extremely acute angle (some 40 degrees, edge of the box from the right) and finally turning towards the Süd like nothing has happened 😆 The best thing? This wasn’t about making an early lucky punch, there was a constant Hell in the SVS box for the entire opening quarter. 7′ in the game, new chance for Burgstaller, this time a diagonal shot from the left side of the box which forced Drewes to a corner save. Incredible Kyereh chance on 10′, he found himself all alone in front of Drewes (a little to the left) and instead of finishing him, he made a parallel cross to nowhere that not even himself could not believe. No worries, next time he got the ball (14′) in the box things went different – lovely Hartel pass from the left, Daniel in the heart of the box without pressure and 2-0 for the Boys in Brown! Absolute FCSP dominance, 80% possession at some point, consecutive situations and SVS nowhere to be found…until 29′ when a Testroet header close to the penalty spot ended up just a few cm from Vasilj‘s left post, brrrrrr… Immediate response by Burgstaller (30′) with a shot from a position similar to the situation of 7′, which forced Drewes to another good save and there was more… Last minute save by Drewes in front of Kyereh, following a Lawrence header (31′), another Drewes save after a Kyereh attempt (34′) and ANOTHER ONE (big one) on 45′, winning again Kyereh in an 1-1 duel! An absolutely stunning first half for the Boys in Brown which (with the slight exception of 29′) gave no right to the opponent to even think that they can get anything out of this game.


Guess who? 😎 (source:, ©️Witters)

Second half was not up to par with the first, at least the first half of it. A much more conservative game by FCSP, being mostly interested in keeping things as they were (can recall only a Paqarada long shot, high in the sky on 63′), without really pressing for more and we paid the price for it on 67′, when a Höhn header brought suddenly SVS back in business. FCSP got immediately in front, claimed a penalty (Matanovic 71′) denied by VAR (marginal decision) but the following 10′ were somehow agonizing, with SVS gaining space and creating a couple of situations – a long Testroet shot on 76′, a couple of meters by Vasilj‘s left post and a situation with Conteh (still trying to understand why he and his brother left) who lost control at the most critical stage, in front of Vasilj on 79′ (phew!). Thankfully, an end to this small thriller was put immediately afterwards by Kyereh (79′) who got the ball all alone, thanks to a Matanovic (in from 65′) brilliant pass and executed helpless Drewes for the 3-1. Thing here is that VAR required some 4′ until the goal is verified, playing with millimeters, hey people, if every time we have a marginal VAR decision we need 4′, maybe we should consider abolishing half time 😅 One way or another 3-1 for FCSP and that was the decisive blow, SVS “surrendered” in way, however there were a couple of good moments for both towards the end of the game (6′ extra time). Take-it-and-score pass from Matanovic to both Hartel and Kyereh on 91′, both of them ended up in the goal (Kyereh had to take some action to disengage himself from the net 😆), ball didn’t 😅 Another crazy Matanovic solo (and a similar to Conteh question) in the box, encircled by the entire SVS defence, ball eventually to Dittgen (in on 90′), shot licked Drewes‘ left junction. Last notable moment, a brilliant Vasilj save, response to a Conteh 25m shot on 97′ and full time in a general bliss 😎


3-1, Matanovic looks stoned but these are the games of the lens 😆 (source:, ©️Witters)

This is exactly what we needed after Sunday’s shock, a clear win and a persuasive performance. All even in games now, 3 pts clear from the chasing group and with a tough challenge coming up at Nuremberg vs the local FCN on Sunday. Personally speaking, FCN is not Darmstadt, however they are still a really dangerous bunch. Lessons from last week must have been learnt by now, expecting a good game (hopefully we won’t have any boxing week fatigue issues) and a good result, FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!!☠☠☠

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We’re not done yet. There was a mention to a half time highlight at the beginning. This.

Trophy can’t be spotted here, it heads the parade 😎 This is our Blind Football department, Blind Football Bundesliga Champions 2021. They got their lap of honor during half time yesterday, being applauded by the entire stadium, including the guest block (👍🏾) We have already said enough on the subject, we don’t need to start all over again, once more congrats from the South End Scum crew, in case you belong to the group of inexcusable people, dealing with FCSP and still not knowing what this is about, please refer here 😇🏴‍☠️

Alright, if you still need to see how the trophy looks like (it’s nice), here it is 😊🤎🤍❤️🏴‍☠️

Scum Trophy

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