DFB Pokal, Round 3: FC Sankt Pauli vs Borussia Dortmund 2-1!

Posted: January 19, 2022 by Zouz in 2021-22
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Winning it instead of stealing it

Yeah, yeah, of course we were full of the usual Scum bollockology before the match (“6 goals” and similar stuff) but the truth is that I’m still trying to digest what we all saw yesterday evening, FCSP disqualifying BVB fair and square, after a game in which agony towards the end was actually more a result of the opponent’s name than actual pressure by them. Where does this stop? Don’t ask us, ask Timo and the rest of the bunch 😎


Game on in front of 2.000 people, the loudest 2.000 crowd we ever had at Millerntor (HARDCORE Haupttribune 😆) and this isn’t completely irrelevant with the early lead on 4′ which got every brown white freak up to their feet up to the ceiling! Fast play forward for FCSP, clever pass from Irvine to Hartel to the right of BVB box, a perfect cross from the latter to incoming Amenyido, who almost got in the net together with the ball, continuing exactly where he stopped on Saturday and driving everybody NUTS! Of course, BVB got directly to work, almost the equalizer on 7′ but Smarsch was there to prevent the unpreventable in front of Hazard who was marching all alone and furious towards 1-1 (there was also a rebound shot, blocked by Medic (I believe)) and this wasn’t the only time he did that, without his reflexes during the 3′ of terror (18′-20′) the outcome of the match would be probably different. He did again in front of Reus (again all alone but let’s not blame our defense for this, in both cases there was some dream passing by BVB) on 18′, and again seconds afterwards, deflecting a Hazard shot (just into the box, to the right) to corner. More pressure, more terror in the form of a Haaland shot from within the box on 19′ (just over the crossbar) and another occasion on 20′ when Haaland managed to pass from Smarsch but lost precious time to do this and his shot was eventually blocked by Paqarada. We got out of all this intact and, instead of pathetically awaiting our fate, we started unfolding, something that was translated in decrease of pressure by BVB…and an ambitious shot by Hartel on 27′ which unfortunately ended up really wide. Game continued in the same manner, making us feeling finally a little more comfortable, clock reached 40′ at some point (“seems that we will be able to finish the half”) and then CHAOS! A quick FCSP counter attack, with ball on Burgstaller‘s feet, on the exact same spot as in the opening goal. Burgstaller did exactly the same pass to the exact same spot where Amenyido was coming again for the very same kill, only this time Witsel was there. He got there first, depriving Amenyido of the goal and…taking the honors to score it on his own!!!! 2-0, madness in Millerntor, madness in Hamburg, madness in Athens, madness in Sofia, madness in Leeds, JUST MADNESS EVERYWHERE!!! HT whistle and off to the dressing rooms with the crazy feeling that we actually can do this 🙂


1-0! (source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️Witters)

Game on in the 2nd half, with the first good chance belonging to us. 54′ in the game, deep diagonal Smith free kick from the left into the heart of the box where Burgstaller jumped first on the ball, Kobel had to perform a spectacular dive down to his left post in order to save this. We were looking like we got into this to control the game, there was another good one a Burgstaller shot which ended up side netting on 55′. And while everything was looking alright, a silly handball by Medic (in fact, it looked more like an accident, a body control failure) on 56′ changed temporarily the flow of the game. Penalty awarded by VAR and executed successfully by Haaland on 58′ for the 2-1. The way I see it, our behavior in the pitch during the time period right after 2-1 decided the game. I was expecting something like a retreat (even involuntary), BVB playing all an increasing the pressure and eventually having 30 nightmarish minutes until the full time whistle. Well, this didn’t happen, and you know why? Because of the winning attitude we have developed under Timo, we’re not stealing games anymore, we’re attempting to win them, no matter the opponent and this is exactly what we did, depriving BVB from the luxury to camp around our box. The very first thing that happened after their goal was us in the heart of their box attempting the 3rd, Akanji had to intervene at the very last moment and win the ball from Hartel, right in front of Kobel on 59′. A Meunier shot represented no danger for us on 61′ and a similar situation on the other end on 66′ with Hartel reaching first to the ball after Ohlsson‘s cross but ball ending up wide. Another good chance for BVB on 67′ with Guerreiro sending the ball to the Hamburg skies almost from the penalty spot, among a big crowd and another good one on 70′ with Paqarada tackling to a corner a very dangerous Reus cross from short distance. BVB kept trying, they had their moments (they are a very creative squad after all) but we got at no point the asphyxiating feeling of pressure that was probably expected. A not so dangerous Hummels header on 75′, a more dangerous shot (under pressure by Zander, ended up side netting) by Meunier on 78′ and…that was it. We were in full control of the game during the closing stages, no matter what BVB was trying, if this was a league game, we would probably watch the closing minutes without really being arsed, the only reason we were on our feet was the name and the reputation of the opponent, the only sad thing here is that this full time whistle didn’t take place in front of a packed Millerntor 😎


Sorry about that boy 😎 (source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️Witters)

No further words needed, most of you probably watched what happened and, for everybody interested in more match details, there are also the usual links at the bottom.

Let’s have a look at yesterday’s gains:

  • Path to Pokal/Europe glory, we can live without it but it won’t bother us in any way 😇
  • A solid proof of squad’s winning attitude, no fear!
  • Some extra cash, hate talking about it but makes things running

Unfortunately, there’s no time to relax now, we have the derby at Volksparkstadion on Friday. Dino had a quite rough night yesterday, they made it to the quarter finals as well (hmmm…😎) but it took 120+ minutes and a penalty shootout to do it. Let’s go over there, do what we need to do and then let ’em kill each other (Darmstadt vs Dino afterwards). Do that and then we have the entire weekend to burn things and drink like animals, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠☠☠

Match data (people): https://www.kicker.de/st-pauli-gegen-dortmund-2022-dfb-pokal-4754546/aufstellung

Match data (stats): https://www.kicker.de/st-pauli-gegen-dortmund-2022-dfb-pokal-4754546/spieldaten

Highlights: https://ourmatch.me/18-01-2022-st-pauli-vs-borussia-dortmund/

Further reading:

  1. Harro Julius Petersen says:

    What magic night! You are absolutely correct: We controlled Dortmund. Fantastic game and deserved win! See you in Berlin for the final!

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