Matchday 22: Jahn Regensburg vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-3

Posted: February 15, 2022 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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Back on track…

Remember the previous match report? Remember how it ended? “Just wait and see”…This is what we told ya. Just wait and see. Sankt Pauli made a crushing start against poor Regensburg. It could have easily ended in the first half had we been any luckier. It took another 45 minutes though and us making our job harder than it actually was until the game ended with us having the three points of victory in our pockets and being first in the table once again. Damn it feels good…


First half underway and early enough as usual, Sankt Pauli shows teeth.  3’ and Guido decides to test his foot. Distant, heavy shot but Meyer manages to block it by sending the ball to a corner. Can’t do much though 4 minutes later. On 7’ Dittgen sends the ball to the other side where Paqarada stands. Amenyido sees himself offside and steps back. Paqarada controls and sends to Amenyido. Etienne brings the ball down with his chest, shoots and sends the ball in the nets. 0-1 for us and Regensburg would not catch a break after that. On 10’ Dittgen passes to  Amenyido. Amenyido is fast enough and Meyer brings him down illegally. Ref points at the penalty dot. On 11’ Burgstaller  executes the penalty and doubles the goals for Sankt Pauli. No chance there for Meyer to do much. On 14’ we should have turned the score into a 0-3 when Dittgen breaks through everyone and passes to Burgstaller  who is left alone before Regensburg’s nets. Bad timing though as Guido tried to catch the ball while trying to set himself up for shot. Bad shooting with the ball going way above Meyer’s upper post.  All Regensburg did so far was a lousy shot from Besuschkow on 30’. Really bad attempt from distance causing us no trouble. On 32’ a new chance for the third goal when Amenyido breaks through everyone and gets blocked by Meyer. The ball ends with Irvine who shoots. Breitkreuz tries to repel the shot but fails terribly, letting the ball slide under his foot. Burgstaller tries to place his foot in order to simply pinch the ball, sending it in Regensburg’s nets but fails, leaving the score as it is. It is 38’ and after a BurgstallerHartel one two action, Hartel sends the high pass and Guido goes for a razor sharp header but once again…Meyer is placed right and saves Regensburg’s nets yet again. Last moment in the game on 45’ and the shot from Singh repelled from Vasilj.

Second half underway and Regensburg tried for an early goal. On 55’ Faber goes for a sneaky pass-shot but Vasilj is there repelling the danger, sending the ball to a corner. Corner gets executed on 56’. Singh sends to Besuschkow. Looks like that pass is an easy one for our defense to repel.  Then Albers sneaks his head there and sends the ball to our nets. Just like that. The answer came 10 minutes later from Kyereh. Clock shows  66’ and Kyereh exchanges passes with Burgstaller. Guido takes a couple of defensives on him and frees space for Daniel, sending him the ball. Kyereh pushes the ball in Regensburg’s nets for the third time. 1-3 for Sankt Pauli and it looked like the game was over. Not at all though. We had to make it difficult. On 73’ a fatal mistake from Dzwigala first and then Medic, leaving the ball to Otto who shoots and doubles the goals for Regensburg. Burgstaller tries to answer one minute later. It is 74’ and he shoots against Meyer. Great shot but Meyer saves Regensburg’s nets for the 100th time. On 90’+1 Albers tries to shoot the ball against Vasilj using his knee but with no luck at all. Last moment for the game and another great chance for a fourth goal from us on 90’+5. Three against one. Three Sankt Pauli players against Meyer with Matanovic being the one with the ball at his feet. Fails to forward it though properly and gets blocked by Meyer

We could’ve easily scored two-three more goals man. Easily… Regensburg owes a lot to their goalkeeper who managed to keep it as descent as he could. Sankt Pauli is definitely a beast out of this world. Can’t be tamed. Burgstaller and Amenyido have created a razor sharp edge in our frontline. Able to penetrate any type of defense. This, combined with our skillful midline is translated in goals. If our defense manages to keep up, we will be talking about the best Sankt Pauli squad of the last 10 years. Timo knows the game and knows how to get to victory. First one for the new season and of course this is just the start. We are once again first in the table and we wanna keep it this way. Next game is against Hannover this Sunday in Millerntor. We all know how this is going to end right? ….FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠☠☠

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