Matchday 24: FC Ingolstadt 04 vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-3

Posted: February 28, 2022 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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Bring it on baby!!!

This is Sankt Pauli man. This is what we expect to see every time we watch the Boys in Brown play. A dominant performance, leaving no room for resistance to the opponent. Ingolstadt had no chance against Timo Schultz’s furious demons. Two goals in the first half and one in the second where more than enough for us to leave their field with the three points of victory…


Wearing our whites and having a black banner in our arms for the victims of the Russian invasion to Ukraine, Sankt Pauli starts hammering Ingolstadt’s box. On 7’ Irvine takes the rebound after Hartel’s failed attempt. He shoots but his shot goes way higher than it should. Ingolstadt felt the pressure early enough and kind of barricaded in the back keeping tight lines, trying to prevent an early goal. That didn’t stop Kyereh from opening the score. Splendid free kick on 22’, above the wall and into Stojanovic’s upper right corner. Nothing our former keeper could do there. On 31’ Pick comes in with the best chance for Ingolstadt so far…Distant free kick and a heavy shot going slightly more left than our left post. Vasilj is there although he doesn’t need to interfere. Despite we looked incredibly tight, our defense could not help it but fuck up at some point. 34’ and instead of us sending an easy one away, Medic simply passes it to Ayensa who shoots and evens the score. His laughter wouldn’t last long though. Guido ”The Executioner” Burgstaller  takes over. 37’ and he receives the pass from Hartel. He dribbles around Antonitsch, freeing himself and shoots. Excellent shot that goes in Stojanovic’s left corner. 1-2 for Sankt Pauli.

Second half underway and on 48’ Medic saves a really sneaky ball heading for Ayensa. First he cuts the pass off before it reached its target and then on second time he sends it away to a corner. Great play there from Medic who kind of found himself in the end of the first half. It is 55’ and while Ingolstadt tries to find a way to enter our box, Hartel who was really active on their right side, finds a way and sends a splendid pass on Makienok’s head. Simon had to do nothing more than stand still and point the ball in the right direction. Which he did, sending the ball to Ingolstadt’s nets for the third time. Great timing between the two of them and it could be even better on 61’. Almost the 1-4 when Guido sends a nice pass again for Makienok. Simon goes for the header again but this time he finds Stojanovic’s left post. Mostly midline battles till the end of the second half with us having the first say. On 86’ Dittgen made it for a quick counter attack against Ingolstadt’s box but was left alone in this pursuit. 4 minutes after 90’ the ref whistled for the last time sending both teams to the lockers.

With H$V losing from Werder and Darmstadt winning over Dresden we are left third in the ranks, sharing points with Darmstadt and only one point away from Bremen. Nothing is won here and there’s a long way til the season is over. It just looks like we’re finding our way back to victory, earning points and scoring goals. Ingolstadt might be the lowest in the table but they have given a hard time to many big teams lately. Us dominating their field was a proof of power to those who thought different. Sankt Pauli is a beast out of this world this season… Karlsruhe will feel it to their bones this Saturday when they will step foot in Millerntor. Time to start a new NO LOSS record in home games don’t you think? FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠☠☠

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