Matchday 26: Dynamo Dresden vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-1

Posted: March 14, 2022 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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Fuck our Luck!!!

Sometimes the fucking ball just won’t go in. It just won’t go in man! 4 times our players hit the post in the second half. Sankt Pauli dominated the terrain in Dresden but we were unable to send the ball in the nets more than once, leaving those bastards practically unharmed. Oh well…No reason for a long face here…Dresden scum should consider this to be their luckiest day of the season. Their legs are still shaking!!!


Early on 3’, Broll sends the ball deep for Dresden. Big mistake though as the ball is stolen by Sankt Pauli players and sent to Burgstaller. Guido controls and shoots from close distance but Broll repels it to a corner. One moment later, on 4’, Vasilj saves our nets from a dangerous shot from Königsdörffer. Early midline battles there and mistakes from both teams with Sankt Pauli looking more confident though. On 7’ a heavy shot from Hartel. Frees himself and goes for a distant one but sends the ball way above Broll’s upper post. Sankt Pauli kept pushing forward and after a corner, on 18’, Medic goes for a header. Well executed but the ball ends a bit past Broll’s right post. On 20’ a foul executed by Dresden close to our box. Three unguarded players of Dresden  before Vasilj and the ball ends with Daferner who shoots and opens the score for Dresden . On 28’ the same player goes for a header but this time he sends close to our nets but still way of target. On 35’ Vasilj saves us one more time when after Schröter’s dribbling and pass, Daferner shoots almost a breath away from the line. Vasilj is quick and blocks the shot. The rebound goes to Meier who shoots again but his shot is blocked by our defense. On 42’ though, Makienok sets things right. Paqarada on the corner and Simon with a nice header sends the ball in Dresden’s nets. Although we were mostly in Dresden’s box, our defense looked kind of wobbly and out of nowhere gave chances to Dresden’s front line. Like on 44’ when Königsdörffer found the space to shoot in front of Vasilj untroubled. Vasilj  once again said no, maintaining the balance. Last moment in this first half on 45’+2 when Medic sends another header way far from Broll’s post.

Second half underway and early enough Sankt Pauli tries to set things in order. It is 54’ and after a corner and a header from Medic, the ball goes to Kyereh who tries to sneak-shoot but the ball is repelled by Broll. Then follow up header from Irvine goes above Broll’s post. Sankt Pauli is dead furious on this second half. On 57’ Guido Burgstaller sends a nice pass to Dzwigala. Our defensive goes for a great shot but Dresden is lucky. Dzwigala’s shot finds Broll’s upper post. On 63’ Kyereh leaves the ball for Paqarada . Leart sends a nice pass to where only Burgstaller could pull something off. Guido places his foot in a really weird angle and changes the course of the ball, sending it to the nets. Unluckily though he sends it to the outer net area. Sankt Pauli dictates the pace here. Everything takes place from the midline to Dresden’s box. All of Dresden are barricaded before Broll trying to preserve this tie. On 84’ Eric Smith shakes the ground. Distant and heavy shot that unfortunately finds Broll’s upper post. Dresden is hopeless. Sankt Pauli keeps hammering their box and all they could wish for would be an early stoppage. On 89’ it is time for Matanovic to find the upper post with a splendid header. Unlucky second half for Sankt Pauli. 3 minutes after 90’ the ref ends Dresden’s nightmare.

Well…When it doesn’t want to go in, it just won’t. The numbers speak for themselves. 62% ball possession on us and 21 shots on target against 14 for Dresden. We literally dominated the field. Ok maybe in the first half Vasilj’s reflexes saved us from a second goal on two major occasions but c’mon. Especially in the second half…All of Dresden was barricaded in their box trying to maintain the score as it was. We kept hammering the bastards in waves and every time we found an opening we took a shot. Luck though, wasn’t on our side. 21 shots on target and only one found its way in man. Thing is…Darmstadt had a tie as well and Werder lost so here we are on the second place in the ranks, sharing points with Darmstadt. Next game is against Heidenheim this Friday in Millerntor. Let’s go beast mode and show them what it feels like to play against Sankt Pauli in Millerntor shall we? FORZA SANKT PAULI!☠☠☠

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