Matchday 31: FC Sankt Pauli vs SV Darmstadt 98 1-2

Posted: April 25, 2022 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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Fuck our luck….

When you have managed to let all the “easy” games slip from your hands, for different reasons each time, you end up chasing the big ones having no choice other than victory. Having our backs against the wall and with an opponent like Darmstadt we knew we had to give 101% of us in the game to earn those 3 points. Our bad luck came after us here and despite the fact that we were the better team, we ended up with no points in our pockets. Oh well…


Game started and things didn’t unfold as usual. First moment belonged to SVD. A bad call from Ziereis on 9’. Thinks Tietz is offside and stops chasing after the ball. That leaves our box exposed and Kempe and Pfeiffer waiting for their moment. Ball ends with Pfeiffer who shoots and scores. Vasilj was a bit slow on his reaction there too since he could’ve blocked the ball had he been a bit faster. Anyway…Game proceeds and we gain control of the midline easily and start hammering on Darmstadt’s box. On 14’ an awesome pass from Paqarada to Kyereh. Daniel shoots exquisitely but his shot ends a couple of metres to the right from  Schuhen’s right post. On 24’ Amenyido sends to Becker and then Becker sends back… Amenyido is left alone before Schuhen but his shot is terribly weak. Easy job for the keeper from Darmstadt to block. On 29’ Burgstaller flanks and sends a splendid diagonal pass to Amenyido. Etienne shoots but Bader makes it to block it a couple of seconds before it becomes dangerous. We kept the pressure fixed to SVD’s box without results though. Then out of the blue, in what looked like a totally controlled moment and after a corner from SVD, the ball ends with Bader. Bader sends a pass to where Holland was standing unguarded. Holland shoots on the spot and doubles the goals for Darmstadt .

Second half underway and early enough, on 49’, Hartel sends a pass to Burgstaller. Guido on the shot, sends the ball a bit higher than he should. Great shot but bad aim. Darmstadt couldn’t catch a breath. On 54’ Paqarada sends a pass from the side, finding Daschner. Daschner’s header ends to Schuhen’s left outer net area. Then on 63’ Schuhen has to jump and stretch to repel another shot from Daschner who seemed relentless in this game. On 69’ Darmstadt almost makes it to score a third. Tietz in our box sends a pass to Mehlem who shoots on the spot but Vasilj jumps on the right time and saves our nets. We saw our efforts bear fruit on 81’. Buchtmann sends a distant pass to SVD’s box. Burgstaller sends a header to where Daschner stands. Lukas extends his foot sending the ball to the nets for the first time for us in the game. All the pressure on earth was applied in Darmstadt’s box. Not able to cut it though. Last moment in the game was the distant shot from Buchtmann, on 90’+3. Well aimed hard shot but Schuhen blocks it.

We were the better team man. No doubt about that. Ball possession was 66% for us against 34% for Darmstadt and 23 shots on target against 10 for SVD. Nothing more to say here. Sometimes you just won’t score no matter what. We played great football and run the midline battles but once it got before SVD’s box, it seemed we lacked aim and luck. Darmstadt on the other hand was precise enough to take advantage of two of the opportunities given and leave with the 3 points of victory from Millerntor. If we had won the games we were supposed to, now we’d be talking about a great game from Sankt Pauli but on the same time terribly unlucky. Now that this matchday’s games have finished we are left 4th in the ranks, one point behind Darmstadt, three from Schalke and four from Werder. Nothing is over. Three more games in which everything is possible starting this Friday against Nürnberg out. Needless to say that only victory is accepted. Positive vibes man. FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!☠☠☠

P.S A big FUCK OFF goes to the (few) idiots in Süd who started booing our players after the game. If you want results and points and great games and exceptional performances you can choose another club you morons. Being FSCP is way beyond that. Don’t you know that already?

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