Matchday 32: FC Sankt Pauli vs FC Nürnberg 1-1…

Posted: April 30, 2022 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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<Cliche: insert Thees Uhlmann title here>

There are times where the crap we post here takes a little more as we try to find the proper words to describe the facts but there are also some (very rare, don’t remember last time exactly) occasions when we first need to find the courage to start looking for them. This is one of these days, let’s go…


There was a lot of background before the match, as date started with the devastating news regarding the injury of the birthday boy Guido Burgstaller, news that Club tried to cover in a really awkward way in the social media with “we expect you to score a birthday goal tonight” bullshit that nobody bought. Nevertheless, spirits started getting really high with the chaotic reception of the team 2 hours before the game and, by the time starting XI without Burgstaller (and Ziereis – COVID, get well both) was announced, we were (as fans) already ready to deal with it.


Bus reception! (source: Millernton on Twitter)

Game on under a flaming atmosphere and almost the “shock” (peanuts compared to the actual shock at the end) on 3′ with an Aremu mega fuck-up which triggered an FCN fast counter attack that created chaos in our box as we had to save our ass twice (Medic, Aremu) in front of the goal line, all good eventually. Having escaped the early fiasco, FCSP responded immediately with a Buchtmann blocked shot on 4′ and started subsequently taking control of the game, there was a good Dittgen shot over the crossbar on 13′ and the BIG ONE on 17′ with Daschner arriving just a little too late to tackle in Dittgen‘s take-it-and-just-push-it-in cross from the left, ARGH! However our slight supremacy in the pitch wasn’t really translating into chances, no real way to penetrate, just shots, like the Paqarada one on 37′, again over the crossbar. Nothing more in the 1st half except the premature substitution (Aremu out, Benatelli in) on 41′ by Timo, in order to protect Aremu (already a yellow from 26′ and was playing really risky) from a red before HT. Afeez initially left the pitch furious but a few quick explanations by the staff took care of things.

Second half resumed exactly where the first stopped, FCSP dominance but no ways through, all that until 57′ when a Becker shot, just out of the box directly facing the net, drove everybody nuts!!! Fuckin’ ball banged on Mathenia‘s inner left post before escaping to safety, 3cm to the left this would be a fuckin’ goal… Game on, with us always in the primary role but FCN always dangerous, a good chance for them on 63′, a quick counter attack from the right flank, following a mistake of ours near the center, Fischer marched into the box from the left but his final shot (not from the best angle) ended up far from Vasilj‘s rear post. A really good chance for FCSP on 71’ with a Buchtmann shot, outside the box to the left, which forced Mathenia to a spectacular corner save. (Temporary) redemption came on 72′, thanks to a silly FCN penalty (Sörensen on Zander), penalty verified by VAR on 73′ and converted to goal by Kyereh on 74′ to the absolute delight of the 30 thousand inside Millerntor and every white brown junkie around the globe. First thing that came to my mind after the goal (I have a solid belief that I wasn’t the only one) was the Sandhausen affair but I felt really good watching the squad keeping control of the game after 1-0 and minimizing the risks. I felt so good that I didn’t even see it (again) coming on 86′ when FCN lost their biggest chance of the game with Nürnberger (fit name to the squad) neutralizing half the FCSP defense before trying an extremely dangerous shot that fortunately went well over the crossbar. Things were actually looking OK at the beginning of stoppage time, then… I don’t want to describe any further, help yourselves, there are highlights available towards the end of the post…

Unfortunately, that’s the way it is and we have absolutely no one to blame here. We will hunt for our few left chances until the very end, football is a crazy thing, especially when played in Liga Zwei, however failing to promote, we should have absolutely no complaints from anybody. Losing TWICE the way we did the 4 points that will probably make the difference between direct promotion and 4th or 5th place make us ineligible to do so. Of course, you can’t win anything, we lost lots of others and others did too but these two were the definition of suicide attempt, well…at some point we got what we asked for… Aaand, having a little colder look from distance at the big picture, our overall 2nd round reminds a lot Dino’s previous seasons’ 2nd rounds, would you expect promotion with something like that?

OK, what now? We have nothing to lose anymore, we go Gelsenkirchen next week, play all in and, in case we win these bastards, we do it again last matchday at Millerntor, waiting for some morbid twist of fate 😅 Fanwise? Full support, no matter how hard it seems, if we should take with us one thing from yesterday, it’s the support towards the squad, as expressed after the shocking outcome and result yesterday (well done). A few of us are booked for matchday 34, even if we end up 5th at the end of the day, we will be there for a “thank you” to the squad. “Thank you” for an exciting season that made us think big for the first time after lots of years where, regardless of the ambitions, was eventually mostly about survival, FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!☠☠☠

Match data (people):

Match data (stats):

Highlights: (scenes from bus arrival included)

Further reading:


Post-publishing update, it gets better and better…


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