Matchday 33: FC Schalke 04 vs FC Sankt Pauli 3-2

Posted: May 10, 2022 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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It’s all over! Who cares? FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!

It’s done. Officially the pursuit of Αufstieg is over for us. One game before the end of the second round, we made sure we wouldn’t be promoted in the first league. A bitter after taste, if you consider the fact that with almost half of our roaster (lots of key players were out due to Covid) we gave Schalke all sorts of hell….Yeah I’d say we stood up pretty well. In the end…the better team won.


Early enough, on 1’, our defense manages to fuck up. Beifus loses the ball in a really secure position from Terrode. Terrode shoots from a close distance. Luckily Smarsch is in place blocking the ball. Sankt Pauli did not leave this first moment interfere with the game plan. Won the midline and this led to 9’ when after a ball exchange from Kyereh, to Paqarada, to Hartel and then to Irvine, the ball ends with Matanovic. Igor dances around Schalke’s defense, finds his space and shoots, opening the score for us. On 12’ a really dangerous corner kick from Schalke. Bülter with a header sends the ball deep into our box.  Terrode ’s foot slightly misses the ball that passes through everyone and eventually ends out of bounds. Action from both teams. Both wanted the three points and you could tell that in the field. On 17’ Schalke’s keeper decides to come out of the box and push his team forward. His pass is stolen though by Irvine and ends to Matanovic who once again plays like a pro freeing himself, finding the proper space. Shoots and doubles the goals for Sankt Pauli. The response came from Schalke some minutes later. On 23’ another corner for Schalke and this time Itakura sends the ball to the nets. Ref cancels it though as Itakura brought the ball down using his hand. Sweat swept away from our forehead but it was obvious that our defense was nowhere around. After 30’ Schalke kind of found their way to our box easier than before. Our defense looked kinda hopeless. On 33’ Schalke hammering down our box. This time Bülter sends a pass to Drexler whose header is blocked by Smarsch. The rebound shot from Terrode is blocked by Medic as Smarsch was way to the other side in the nets. First half ends with Kyereh’s shot on 38’. Downhill and he dribbles around Schalke’s defensives. He shoots but the ball finds Itakura’s heel and is led to a corner. 

Second half underway and our defense made sure we’d see our laughter frozen on our faces. 46’ and Medic brings down Terrode illegally in our box. A rightfully earned penalty executed by Terrode on 47’, sent to our nets. Smarsch’s inexperience against Terrode’s experience. Terrode steps heavy before the shot and Smarsch starts to fall to the right. Terrode sees that and sends the ball to the right. We had lost the midline battle and Schalke kept hammering. On 58’ Bülter receives after Paqarada loses the ball close to our nets. Dribbles around Medic and shoots. Smarsch luckily blocks it .and then it all went down. On 70’ a glooorious fuck up from our defense. Two defensives team up against Churlinov, trying to steal the ball in the air. They fail and Terrode is left with the ball against a defenseless net area. Takes his time, shoots and evens the score sending the ball under Smarsch’s legs. Among the ruins, we had our moments despite Schalke having the first say. On 76’ a corner kick for us and an awesome shoot from Beifus. The ball unfortunately is sent directly to Fraisl’s hands. Two minutes later, on78’, our defense positioned wrong once again, fucking up biiiig time. All four defensives are to the right chasing after Bülter, when Zalazar is left alone to the left. The ball is sent to him and Zalazar executes us with an awesome shot, Smarsch stood no chance at. On 81’, the frustration kicks in. Beifus tries to steal the ball and crushes onto Flick’s leg. Straight red card for Beifus rightfully earned. And yet another red (second yellow) on 90’+4 for Matanovic for an illegal tackle against Aydin. Last moment in the game belonged to Schalke. On 90’+7 Schalke almost scoring a fourth when again all our defense is moves to the left and Terrode alone with the ball on the right, shoots. Smarsch blocks it.

Thinking how this game started makes it even more bitter. It really is not about Αufstieg or no Αufstieg. Fuck that…It is the fact that we were able to be in the first position in the ranks and in the second round we literally fucked everything up. This year no one took Αufstieg from us. We simply gave it away. No long face bout that though. It is not time about season summary cos there’s typically one more game this Sunday against Fortuna (no result changes anything). What a great year our beloved Sankt Pauli gave us man? Great games and many victories that made everyone in the league tremble. Our defense still remains a black spot to the window. There where games where they played exquisitely but there where others that they played as if they had already survived a car crash. This matchday against Schalke was one of these occasions. Everyone did their best but the defense kept fucking up and fucking up. All three goals where hilarious defensive mistakes that not even a five year old would do. I mean…..All four players dragged into one side of the box leaving the other one exposed? Never seen that anywhere in the world. Anyway. Last game in the season this Sunday against Fortuna in Millerntor. Nothing to win or lose so we’ll just hope for a nice game. FORZA SANKT PAULI!!! ☠☠☠

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…and for anyone thinking that losing promotion is a big loss, here is how a really big loss looks like… No words from us aside our deepest condolences to her family and everyone else affected (LOTS), a proper tribute has been already paid by Millernton, read more here, Rest In Peace Melli… 😥🖤🏴‍☠️ 

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