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Posted: June 21, 2022 by Zouz in All the rest...
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Aye, June 21st, the annual reminder of how fast time flies (when you’re getting old actually, before 18 and while yearning to become an adult for some reason passes excruciatingly slow 😆). It’s another turn for the cogwheels of life, another nail in the Scum coffin, it’s our bloody birthday, yes, today we’re 11 years old 😎🤘🏾🎂🍻🥃🏴‍☠️


Screw the retrospective, you have already read that stuff here before, after all, people who visit this blog throughout the years have remained more or less the same, most of them we know them in person by now, let’s see where the day is finding us:

This day last year we were discussing our inability to have a proper birthday due to the COVID situation and that we were going to atone for this next year at our 11th birthday. As anyone knowing us well can easily guess, of course we didn’t, in fact we didn’t even discuss about it and this actually makes perfect sense under the circumstances. Which are they? That we are slowly but surely becoming a joke/excuse of a club 😅 The last time that all of us got together to discuss issues of the club is located somewhere towards the end of the past decade, everything is going in auto-pilot mode, nowadays gathering more than three of us at the same time can be considered an achievement and of course when it happens nobody will be arsed to discuss about it, however all of us will underline the fact that we need to gather and have a talk 😇 The only thing that we’re able to arrange is dates for a trip, we’re out of bloody stickers for over a year (let alone anything else) and we’re fine with that. We have a venue that others would kill for and we’re not taking proper advantage of it, there can be (a few) tough midweek or Friday matchdays where the only thing reminding you that FCSP is playing is the big projector playing the match, in case we have a Scum guy on duty there and has been bothered to open it to “watch” the game while working. There are good reasons for all of that of course but, at the end of the day, while we are looking really active in the virtual world of social media, there are really very few things happening in the background, sometimes it feels like a telemarketing fraud, a big impressive packaging containing some 2nd class imitation shit, it makes you wonder sometimes if it’s worth of going on…


The answer? (🥁🥁🥁) Aye, sure it does, at least for the time being. Regardless of all impediments (location, obligations, etc, etc), the feeling is still there for most of us, we may be unable to do the essentials as a club but we’re still passionate and motivated at personal level. We may cease to exist on the internet at some point (NOT this season, don’t get any funny ideas 🤣), we may even cancel the Sky subscription and “shut down” the facility (same here) but we won’t cease to exist as a club, at least as long as the passion is still here, after all this “miserable” reality is more than we were bargaining for when a few of us were discussing about non-establishing the Scum back in the spring of 2011. All we wanted was a way to get tickets for the games and, even in our current out-of-shape form, we’re doing better than that. Regarding all the “extra luxuries”? Good thing with technology is that you can “gather” more than three Scum people, even if it comes down only to message exchange. We say we go on for now and we finally find a way to meet as many of us as possible (we’re not a huge number anyway, Hamburg could be the best option 😆) and take it from there by doing some essential stuff maybe.

So, it’s back to (Scum) life as usual, happy birthday South End Scum, whatever that’s worth, now curious to find out how many of us remember the anniversary (ohaha!), speak again this time next year about the outcome, FORZA SANKT PAULI 😎🤘🏾🏴‍☠️

Scum Cake

You may see this elsewhere, nevertheless this is a genuine South End Scum cake ☝️🏾😆🏴‍☠️

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