Blind Football: Season 2022, Matchday 3, FCSP 4 – BSV 1958 Wien 0

Posted: July 23, 2022 by Zouz in Blind Football
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Match weekend (it’s not matchday like in the header but yeah, whatever) 3 at Gelsenkirchen and the Brown White (OK, there was also grey involved) Pirate Armada did what was required and, thanks to other results (more below), has now already established a comfortable lead in the title race, Scum Crystal Ball foresees the trophy coming again in Hamburg on September 17th 😇🏴‍☠️

First of all, we were lucky enough to have a live coverage for this. The usual audio coverage was not available (lack of commentators, next match weekend all will be back to normal, there was a Schalke commentator onsite, not sure if audio worked only for our match) but Michael from the department managed to fill the gap by setting a last moment live stream, which actually worked perfectly – thanks mate for making this happen!

Date had already started in the best possible way, with Hertha BSC shocking (1-0) Marburg and probably leaving them out of the title race, if actually Hertha wins tomorrow as well, they could take Marburg‘s place in the championship race. Good news for us, more towards the end of this brief summary. Things started becoming a little more complicated when the starting V were revealed. No Jonathan “The Executioner” Tönsing (we were expecting that), no “Hippo” Versen, no “Paulinho” Ruge (was spotted at the bench end of the match in full uniform but was apparently unable to fill in), actually nobody else at the bench (Mike Preul has also a few health issues, get well soon mate!), something that could become really dangerous in case of an injury. There was actually a case towards the end of the match with Serdal Celebi collecting a powerful ball in the stomach (ouch!) but fortunately Serdal recovered in zero time (Iron Man!) and furthermore the score was already 4-0 with not much time on the clock. Gaps were covered by three ladies, all of them European Champions with Germany, Thoya Küster, Svenja Bartels (keeper, Sven Gronau served as coach in the absence of Wolf, currently on holidays, will be back in Berlin) and Alisa Rudi (Rasmus Narjes the 5th and of course our guide Jonas Dawid behind the opposite posts). No sweat for Thoya (already almost a veteran at the age of 16, her orgies in the Euro are well known by now – if not, check links at the end), however it was the very first appearance for the other two girls, could be maybe easier for Svenja as a keeper but I personally had concerns about how Alisa will handle the more physical game on the pitch – eventually all of them did perfectly fine!

Any concerns about the outcome of the game were evaporated soon enough. FCSP got directly control of the game, Rasmus and Serdal (what passion!) were strongly pressing as the first line of defense, not allowing Wien to find ways towards the backend, Thoya was sweeping anything passing, “protecting” a little Alisa (last one in defense, was there when required) and, in case anything was passing all the way through, Svenja inspired confidence from the beginning until the very end of the game, there were a couple of times that she was forced to nice saves. Having successfully barricaded the back, it eventually became a matter of time to harvest results at the front, soon enough Rasmus‘ and Serdal‘s class started paying off, one goal by the former, two by the latter and FCSP reached half time leading with a comfortable 3-0 and having the match already locked.

2nd half wasn’t much different, a quite stable FCSP kept on rolling the drum on the same pace, leaving maybe just a little more space to the opponent, there were more chances for a higher score, only one was eventually converted to goal (Rasmus). Wien never gave up the game, tried their best but today simply wasn’t enough. Full time whistle, 4-0 for FCSP and wild celebrations in the pitch, knowing probably how important this was ✊🏾🏴‍☠️

Full time, now we go crazy, well deserved!

Today it was a gain in more than one ways. Leaving aside us doing the obvious, Marburg‘s 2nd defeat, combined with the one defeat Stuttgart already has (it’s from…Wien, this may help you better understand the importance of today’s 4-0), puts us directly in the driver’s seat. New thing this season is that there’s no final, Champion will be decided on points. We have 3 more games to play, two games vs the direct competition (Marburg and Stuttgart, the former may not being considered as such anymore but is still extremely dangerous) and another one vs SG Fortuna 95 Düsseldorf / PSV Köln (currently last on the table with two defeats, including an 11-0 by Marburg). In theory, all we have to do is win the “obvious” match and NOT lose any of the other two, this would suffice. Nevertheless, we’re not a squad that thinks this way, we will go all the way in, going for the max and, as todays result showed, we have the quality to do it.

So now, it’s two weeks patience until the Berlin weekend (6-7/8) where we’ll play Marburg on Saturday (15:00) and SG Fortuna 95 Düsseldorf / PSV Köln on Sunday (early bird, 9:00, both times CET). Playing our cards well here, in case something “unusual” happens to Stuttgart (plays Schalke and Hertha respectively, hmmmmmm…), we could even leave Berlin as Champions without even going Köln on September (of course we’ll go 😄). Well done once more Girls and Boys in Brown, looking already forward to it, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

Highlights available in the department’s YouTube channel.

PS: not to forget, today’s matches took place in front of friends and relatives, nothing to do with the (small) crowd recently attending Borgweg for the games. Looks like the sport has still a long way to go, looks also that all these years’ (since 2005) efforts by Wolf and the entire crew are starting paying back in terms of gaining recognition, keep in mind next time we play at home that place can hold even more people 🏴‍☠️

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