Matchday 02: Hannover 96 vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-2

Posted: July 24, 2022 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2022-23
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Mediocre but fair

source:, ©️Witters

Matchday two and all the attendees, proceeded in keeping silent for one minute in the memory of Uwe Seeler. A legend of Hamburg and of the national German team. Although he was a figure for H$V, he was a really inspirational guy visiting Millerntor very often and having pictures of him among others, holding the Übersteiger and openly being against Mundial and so on. Game-wise now….Hmm…Mixed feelings…Could definitely be worse. A tie against Hannover, especially the way things were going is a really good result. What bothers us here though is the lack of creativity in the front line. If it wasn’t for the last minute goal we would be probably talking bout the most boring game of the last two years. Add to it that we had to endure Klaus Meine of Scorpions, before the game , talking bout him being a proud Hannover born douche and supporter…..whatever…who gives a fuck?….Oh well… You get the point!

The tradition that wants us having an early moment attempt, stayed true in this matchday as well. Clock shows 4’ and Hartel passes to Matanovic who sends it deeper in Hannover’s box where Eggestein stood. Eggestein controls nicely and turns around with a nice shot, opening the score for Sankt Pauli! Two minutes later, on 6’, Daschner almost doubles the score but he is a bit too hasty and lets Paqarada’s pass go to waste. Hannover’s first attempt to threaten came on 10’ when the ref whistled for an indirect free kick from 14 meters, when Smarsch grabbed the ball with his hands after Paqarada passed it over by foot. Foul executed by Schaub on 12’ but his shot is sent above our upper post. Action continues kind of split between the two teams with us having the most crucial moments though. On 23’ Paqarada sends a high pass in Hannover’s box, from the side. Irvine receives the header but sends it far from Zieler’s right post. On 30’ a flank from Kerk is stopped by Medic with the chest but before that, Dzwigala accidentally finds the ball with his arm. After consulting with the VAR, the ref points at the penalty dot. Kerk executes the penalty on 33’ and evens the score. Last moment in this first half came from Sankt Pauli. On 36’ a shot from Daschner. Distant and heavy shot but unfortunately it ends in Zieler’s hands.

0-1 ☠️ (source:, ©️Witters)

Second half underway and on 52’ a foul executed by Smith ends with Daschner only having to stretch his leg to send it to the nets. Börner is a lot faster sending the ball to a corner. Executed by Hartel but bared no fruit. On 55’ Hannover almost makes it to score when after a distant shot from Köhn, the ball finds Nielsen’s foot and changes its course going straight to our nets. Smarsch is there though, blocking it. Our answer comes on 60’ with Paqarada on a distant free kick. Nice shot but a bit higher from Zieler’s upper left corner.  71’ is a copy-paste of 55’ without anyone interfering. Köhn shoots heavily and simply leaves no room for Smarsch to react. Excellent shot that ends in our nets turning the score to 2-1! On 86’ a distant pass from Paqarada to Zander. Zander shoots on the spot really close to Hannover’s nets but Zieler repels it. Then on 90’+1 Köhn on a free kick from 22 meters, finds Smarsch’s upper left post. Salvation came on 90’+5. Free kick from Paqarada and Irvine goes for a header, sending the ball in Hannover’s nets.

2-2 ☠️ (source:, ©️Witters)

Ok…Second game in the league and the team’s problems are obvious. Defensively we have major gaps and at moments our line is completely disorganized. On most of the game we could hold but there were plenty of moments where we looked hopeless. Not being able to send the ball away while in our box and keep feeding the opponent front line again and again is something we saw happening many times. Besides that…It looks like we have a big problem in creating a proper attack plan and sticking to it. Our front line looks kind of terrible. Although the midline always found its way to send the ball there, one way or another, the front line seemed unable to do something with it. And this means problems!  Means that we need to work on them a.s.a.p. Timo knows. Next Saturday we travel to play SV Straelen for the DFB Pokal (anyone interested can have look at a small piece we published about them here, of course we know more about us since then) . All we want to see is our Boys in Brown improved in those aspects, doing the job!  Forza Sankt Pauli!☠☠☠

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P.S. A message to the ones analyzing the historical value of Klaus Meine and how Scorpions affected music and so on…FUCK SCORPIONS!!! Uncle Zouzounos couldn’t have placed it better on twitter. These rock star douches are not welcome (only Mikkey Dee is allowed, ON HIS OWN) in the South suburbs of Athens…..FUCK BLACK SABBATH too!!!

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