DFB Pokal round 1: SV Straelen vs FC Sankt Pauli 3-4

Posted: July 31, 2022 by AndyChristos in 2022-23
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Thank Luck for Medic’s back!!!

source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️Witters

We managed to make Straelen look important right? In a game where we clearly had ball possession and definitely were the superior ones in the field having 28 shots on target against 9 from Straelen, we managed to make things difficult. Straelen owes us for boosting up their image to their fans. I mean…They stood up against the team that in the previous season almost made it to Aufstieg. Our defense worked their magic once again making the easy ones look mountain high-hard. In the end a last minute goal from Medic’s back, saved the day…

Action early on 1’ for Sankt Pauli. A high pass from Hartel and Matanovic goes for the header, sending it way more left from Straelen’s upper left post. Sankt Pauli is all over the field freezing Straelen who probably thought of a more active start. On 7’, after a free kick from Paqarada, Irvine goes for a shot almost a breath away from Kratzsch. Sends the ball a bit more left than he originally planned though. Sankt Pauli keeps on pushing. On 13’, Irvine sends a high pass that finds Eggstein. The second shoots but Kratzsch sends the ball to a corner. Corner executed and this time it is Irvine who goes for the header but Straelen’s keeper sends it to a corner once again. 19’ and while we keep the pressure fixed to Straelen, they go for a counter attack. Harouz sends to Vicario who is completely forgotten behind our defense line. Vicario shoots untroubled and opens the score for Straelen.  On 22’ another counter attack finds our defense slow to respond. Mata runs up against Smarsch and just before he shoots, Medic tackles on the ball and saves the day. On 25’ Smith sets things in order. A free kick from the Swede that ends directly in Straelen’s nets. On 33’ Smith attempts to do the same. This time the ball is repelled originally from Kratzsch with the leg and then from Päffgen with the chest and sent away. Sankt Pauli was furious enough to hammer on to Straelen’s defense but not sharp enough to cut. On 40’ though, Smith on a free kick finds Medic. Jakov with a header, sends the ball to Straelen’s nets for the second time. The first half though wouldn’t end with us smiling. 42’ and Cirillo sends to Nshimirimana who was left in the back of our defense. Mistake from our defense and mistake from Smarsch who froze stiff instead of jumping at the ball. 2-2 and the players were sent to the lockers a little after 45’.

source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️Witters

Second half underway and this time Straelen makes it to threaten for the first time. 52’ and Cirillo sees Smarsch in a bad position. Takes the shot aiming at our left post. Luckily Daschner interferes and with a header sends the ball away. A nice wake up call for us leading in 62’, and Eggstein sending a nice pass to Otto who was in the field only 40 seconds taking Matanovic’s place. Otto goes for the header and sends the ball in Straelen’s nets turning the score into a 2-3. Straelen barricaded in their box once again, with Sankt Pauli taking shots against them. On 64’ Irvine on a header, saved by Kratzsch on the last minute. On 65’ Eggsteing takes an awesome shot that unfortunately ends to Straelen’s right outter net area. On 69’ Straelen answers with Mata and a 20 meter shot that finds Smarsch positioned well this time, blocking the ball. On 74’ Paqarada shakes the gound with his free kick. Aimed well and took the distant shot but missed the nets for couple of mm finding Kratzsh’s right post. Clock shows 75’ and despite our bad aim we are about to be left with 10 players. Ref shows the red card to Saliakas who tries to claim the ball and collides with Miyamoto. Finds Straelen’s defensive though with both his legs. A yellow card for sure but ref decided for a red. Kind of an exaggeration there but he makes the calls. On 80’ Vicario on a free kick, sees that Smarsch is way front from his line. Shoots and aims for our lower left corner. No way can Smarsch make it there and the score is even once again. Salvation for us comes on 90’ when after a free kick from Smith, the ball originally finds Straelen’s left post and then Medic’s back and ends up in the nets.

source: http://www.fcstpauli.com, ©️Witters

Oh well. We won I guess. 28 shots on target man. 28!!! And only 4 ended up in Straelen’s nets. Work on your aim Boys in Brown! The biggest problem here though, is not our aim. What is troubling us here is THAT DAMN DEFENSE. There are moments where they look like a granite wall and there are others where our defense line looks like the biggest circus in town. Anyone can score up against Sankt Pauli and this is unacceptable. Everyone in the defense line including the keeper shared the same amount of bad calls at moments, which of course costed three goals from a team that should not have been in the map at all. A constant bad positioning of the players in the defense line and especially from Smarsch who seemed to be having difficulties in finding his position in front of the nets.  Next Sunday we play against Kaiserslautern in Fritz-Walter-Stadion. We have spotted the problems so rest assured that Timo has spotted them as well and is currently working on them. C’mon Timo!!!! Work your magic and turn this mediocre mob into the rabid dogs you had the previous season. FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!☠☠☠

Match data (people): https://www.kicker.de/straelen-gegen-st-pauli-2022-dfb-pokal-4774104/aufstellung

Match data (stats): https://www.kicker.de/straelen-gegen-st-pauli-2022-dfb-pokal-4774104/spieldaten

Highlights: here (Adblocker deactivation required)

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