Matchday 04: FC Sankt Pauli vs 1.FC Magdeburg 3-0

Posted: August 15, 2022 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2022-23
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With 23 shots on target against 7 from Magdeburg, it is clear that this matchday rightfully belonged to us. A whole new face from the Boys in Brown having total control over the field and of course the first say in all the actions. Tight midline, an improved aim and less mistakes on the defence.

Early enough in the first half, Sankt Pauli proves their will to set things right. It is 3’ and Saliakas passes on to Daschner. Daschner passes nicely to Paqarada who cleverly sends a through ball to Eggestein right behind Magdeburg’s defence line. Eggestein shoots and opens the score for Sankt Pauli. An early shock for Magdeburg. Before they even realised what happened, Sankt Pauli gave them another one. 14’ and Saliakas sees Eggestein open. Nice pass from Saliakas and Eggestein jumps for the header, sending the ball to Magdeburg’s nets for the second time. Magdeburg tries to answer on 17’ with a shot from Krempicki after a pass from Brünker inside our box. Krempicki is slow though and Irvine manages to scratch the ball upon Krempicki’s shot slowing down its momentum, making it an easy job for Smarsch to secure it. On 30’ Eggestein (was haunting down the hat-trick like a rabid dog) sends a nice pass from Paqarada on Reimann’s upper post. Heavy shot from Eggestein but unfortunately the ball needed to go couple of centimeters lower. Same moment again on 33’ with Irvine passing on to Eggestein this time. Clever pass deep inside the heart of Magdeburg’s box where Eggestein seemed to be finding it easy to isolate himself. Eggestein though barely misses to hit the ball between his feet, allowing the score to stay as it was. Nothing major for the rest of the first half and after two minutes of xtra time the ref whistled sending the players to the locker rooms.

source:, ©️Witters

Second half underway and it looked like Magdeburg got in furious, trying to turn this bad first half. 46’ and Condé shoots a dynamite against our nets. Luckily for us his shot finds the aluminium. The rebound from Ceka goes a bit above our upper post. Bad luck for Magdeburg there as their bad aim proved them wrong against a sleeping Sankt Pauli defense line. Magdeburg wouldn’t back up easily though. On 48’, Kwarteng goes for another distant, heavy shot against our nets. This time Smarsch extends his fingers, sending the ball to his left post. That was all from Magdeburg though. Sankt Pauli took over right after that. On 56’ Otto goes for a splendid shot ending terribly off target though. Pressure from us to Magdeburg’s box ends with Paqarada on 65’ shooting nicely but Reimann sending it to a corner. Reimann tried his best to save Magdeburg from a third goal but Sankt Pauli was simply furious. On 77’ Saliakas passes the ball to Daschner. Daschner sees Hartel on his left and sends a through ball. Hartel dribbles and shoots, adding another goal to our card. Magdeburg was hopeless. They had ball possession and yet they were nowhere to be found. Sankt Pauli had one more bright moment on 88’ when Otto passed to Daschner who shot against Magdeburg’s nets for one more time. Reimann saved his nets from a fourth goal. No extra time kept from the ref. Once the 90’ where complete he sent the players to the lockers.

source:, ©️Witters

Sankt Pauli was dominant. DOMINANT man!!! Don’t get swiped out by the fact that Magdeburg had ball possession. It really meant nothing. Just seven shots on target and two of them where actually some sort of trouble. Can you imagine having ball possession and being nowhere near to threaten? Sankt Pauli delivered dead accurate Muhammad Ali punches straight to Magdeburg’s jaw leaving them bloody and all messed up to the floor. The ref didn’t even bother keeping extra time in the second half. Now…the question of the day…Was our defence line improved? Hmmm…We strongly believe that if we had to face a more solid front line from the opponent team, we would have shit-loads of trouble on the back. Our defence line looked kind of improved simply because Magdeburg’s front line was nowhere to be found. We could still spot moments where our defensives didn’t know their place and seemed to be lost and this can easily be seen on the beginning of the second half where Magdeburg took couple of shots at us effortlessly. The defence matter needs urgent attention and care. Timo…heads up!!! Next Sunday we are visiting the bastards in Rostock. Those low-life nazi loving pigs deserve a nice ass-woopin and Sankt Pauli will do nothing less than deliver. Wait and see! FORZA SANKT PAULI!!! ☠☠☠

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