Matchday 05: Hansa Rostock vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-0

Posted: August 22, 2022 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2022-23
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BOYS IN BROWN…Wake the fuck UP!!!

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Who gives a fuck about a defeat? Noone. It is not about losing the three points that makes this unbearable. Losing from these pigs is what makes this defeat a damn hard pill to swallow. The fact that we lost without actually giving a fight makes it even harder. What can we write about such a machday? Those Hansa pigs where far better if we’re honest. Read below for details… 

Early in the game we realise that this is not gonna be pleasant. 4’ and after a sneaky pass from Dressel, Pröger is on the back of our defence. Shoots and opens the score for Hansa. We try to react but on 9’, Malone with a shot hits the outer side of Smarsch’s post. Our gameplay looked terrible. While we typically have ball possession, it is Hansa who is the one in control. On 16’ Matanovic’s header goes way off target after Hartel’s corner. We looked terrible and our defence seemed to be in it’s worse day ever. Something Verhoek took advantage of, on 18’ when after a high pass from Pröger, he proceeds in a backflip shot, sending the ball to our nets for the second time(probably the highlight of the 5th matchday). Hansa knew our weakness and seemed to be hammering on it. On 31’ Pröger with the ball on his feet. Nemeth stumbles and Pröger is left alone to shoot. Luckily, he sends it way off target. Sankt Pauli’s response came on 36’ when after a distant foul kick from Paqarada, Daschner tries to shoot. Hansa’s defensives are faster, clearing the ball to a corner. Last big moment in this terrible first half belonged of course to Hansa. 43’ and Pröger on an attempt to shoot. Saliakas is faster though sending the ball away. Irvine shoots it even further securing our box. 

source:, ©️Witters

Second half underway and Sankt Pauli takes initiative. 46’ and Irvine with a high pass finds Eggestein. Eggestein tries to sneak it on his right where Amenyido was coming but Malone is fast and sends the ball to a corner. On 54’ Paqarada from the side almost makes it to score but Dressel is there changing the course of the ball sending it to a corner. We seem more awake than the first one but Hansa was more game-aware and looked like the where a step ahead of us every time. They even got close to a third goal on 69’ with Schröter when after a quick, sneaky pass, is sent to the top of our box. Smarsch is faster though this time blocking the ball and on a second attempt securing it. Minutes pass in the dullest manner with Sankt Pauli having no inspiration at all on the gameplay and Hansa resting behind, blocking all the ways that led to their box. On 90’+5 came the first and only time Hansa’s keeper had to jump to secure his nets. Daschner on a distant shot that almost goes in the nets but on the last minute, Kolke sends it away to a corner.  

source:, ©️Witters

Terrible….simply terrible performance by our beloved Sankt Pauli. We didn’t see that coming for sure. Where to start and where to finish? Our defence was clearly on its worse day ever. Nemeth and Medic could not work together leaving huge gaps in the centre which Hansa Rostock, clearly took advantage off. Our front line was left without inspiration. No game plan worked and nothing major than futile attempts against Hansa’s keeper who looked really bored. I mean…the only time he had to jump and sweat was on 90’+5 man. C’mon…this is not Sankt Pauli. And especially against those pigs from Rostock we should be throwing thunderballs and chewing steel for gum. What’s done is done. All we can do now is leave this disgraceful day aside and focus on the next game. Saturday it is Paderborn in Millerntor. Difficult game as Paderborn has proven to be a tough one this year. It is Millerntor though. Everybody weeps when visiting Millerntor. Trust me on this one. Paderborn will weep too. Go Boys in Brown. FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!  ☠☠☠

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P.S Oh you want a good reason why these fucks in Rostock are simply the worst pigs out there? One week after the 30 year anniversary for the pogroms against immigrants on Lichtenhagen, those nazi loving goons decided to come up with the following banner. Still supporting those pigs? Pick a side amigo!!! 


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