Blind football: FC Sankt Pauli Bundesligameister 2022!!!

Posted: September 18, 2022 by Zouz in Blind Football
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“Que sera, sera,

whatever will be will be,

the champions of Germany,

FC St. Pauli!”

Wait… does the above sound a copy of last year’s post? Yeah, of course it is, we left it exactly as it was and changed just the picture. And you know what? We’re going to do it again next year, and again on 2024, and so on and so forth. We’re building a dynasty here and, unless we shoot our feet, we’re going do the threepeat next season and there are certainly more to come. In case anyone’s has any doubts about it, keep reading…


Life’s funny sometimes, until last year we had a system with the top 2 teams playing in the final. This year system changed…only to bring the top 2 teams playing the very last game of the season for the title, with only difference being the fact that, due to the point system and better goal difference, we were the team that was to be favored in case of the draw. Anyone familiar with this squad knows that this is something of almost zero significance, there was no snowball in Hell chance that this squad will go to the final to play safe and put a bus in front of our posts, no sir! So, it came down to getting there and giving MTV Stuttgart another lesson on who the boss is and finally, after a 30′ delay due to heavy rain which completely flooded the place, we aligned ourselves in the center of the pitch and within an imposing scenery (next to the Cologne Cathedral) to claim our Bundesligameister rights

No, there wasn’t any excitement (to be honest, we don’t really care 😇), Jonathan Tönsing, after a long absence due to injury, made sure that there won’t be any with two goals (one of them quite early) that decided the match even before half time. This sounds a little cocky, doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t, watching this squad for some time, have seen them losing matches in the details but have never seen them “giving away” an “owned” match. Furthermore, picture of the game was suggesting the same, it was about total brown white domination with our keeper, Matthias Gutzmann, having a really easy first half with a wall of safety being built in front of him, allowing nothing to pass. They never had any chance, by the end of the first half it was just about waiting the time to pass before celebrating.

2nd half was simply the half where the cherry on the pie was put. Two more goals for FCSP, this time by Rasmus Narjes, something that eventually earned him the title of the Season Top Scorer and (probably) the title of Season MVP. MTV was unable to do anything and at some point after 4-0 they simply accepted the defeat. Actually, towards the end Coach Wolf Schmidt made a lot of substitutions giving a chance to almost everybody except the reserve keepers (in case we didn’t miss anything) to participate in the final. Full time within brown white celebrations after a game that turned out to be easier than anyone could imagine 😎☠️


Rasmus, holding both trophies in hand (source:, ©️Stefan Groenveld)

2nd consecutive title for the Brown White Armada, purely in style, leaving absolutely no doubts about who the best squad is and this has an even bigger value when considering that this was the most competitive season of the past years. It was always us, Stuttgart and Marburg, this dramatically changed this season with almost every squad (with the exception of SG Fortuna 95 Düsseldorf / PSV Köln) being able to do damage, we actually managed to put the most boring end to the most exciting season that we can recall! Hats off to EVERYONE involved in the department, we are in a position to know that this is result of HARD collective work. And talking about work, this title wasn’t the only achievement this season, let’s not forget that also a Women team has been formed and, like this wasn’t enough, they managed to represent Germany (most of the squad and crew was FCSP) and win the first ever European Championships with Thoya Küster doing orgies in Italy ✊🏾☠️ This title is simply a reminder of the big work taking place at Borgweg and, talking about reminders, the following paragraph has been left as it was last year, we will be leaving it here every year until this is resolved.

Alright, everybody knows that we’re not in this for the titles but this is a 2nd national title and Blind Football is the 2nd most successful department in our history, second only to Rugby. These trophies need to be exposed and I’d like to hope that soon enough we’ll be able to proudly observe them in public view, in some area of Millerntor, a space is needed to be found, as mentioned in an older post, hopefully something will happen with the Museum or any space accessible to public via tours, etc 😎

Somewhere at this point there were supposed to be the highlights of the match. Unfortunately equipment wasn’t really helpful, there was a streaming coverage (thanks as always Michael!) but there were a lot of issues and there are serious doubts on whether the video will eventually make it, in case anything changes, we’ll put a link here as well.

Update 19/9/22: Highlights of the Final, here they are!

So eventually it’s another big “THANK YOU” to the department for another great season, you can be sure that we’ll never become bored doing this again and again, looking already forward to the next one, FORZA FCSP BLI-FU, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

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